428 V8 Four-Speed! 1966 Mercury S-55 Convertible

Mercury’s S-range cars were introduced in 1962, and its S-55 was a performance model related to the Maurader. They were similar to the Ford Galaxie 500XL and a perimeter frame allowed a lower height, and some would say better handling. The seller has this gorgeous 1966 Mercury S-55 posted here on craigslist in Whippany, New Jersey, and they’re asking a whopping $46,000. Here is the original listing, and thanks to Rocco B. for sending in this tip!

What a beautiful car! Merc came out with an S-55 model, made concurrently with its Marauder, for the 1962 and 1963 model years, and then it would go to sleep for a few years. In 1966, the S-55 came back as its own model, but at the end of 1967, it was gone again. So, two runs of two years each would be all there were of this model. The seller believes that it has 13,000 miles, not 113,000, but it’s hard to tell. It sure looks as if it could be an ultra-low-mile car. There were reportedly only 145 of this model made in 1966, so they’re rare.

Hagerty is at $44,900 for a #2 excellent condition car, so the seller may be right on the money with their asking price. That’s a lot of money, but maybe someone had this exact car and just has to have another one, no matter how much it costs. Sort of like any auction these days, when people pay sometimes double or triple the “value” of a certain vehicle just to have it.

It’s one nice-looking car, isn’t it? And yes, that’s a third pedal in the above photo! I never thought I’d see a four-speed factory manual in this car, but there it is. What’s more, this one has power windows, so the asking price and/or value is especially painful for me. I’m not spending $46k on a car no matter what it is, but I’d sure love to have this one. The interior looks great.

A four-speed manual is great, but a 428-cu.in. OHV V8 engine with 345 horsepower and a whopping 462 lb-ft of torque is even better. The combination of that engine and drivetrain, plus a convertible in a car that looks almost like new? Yes, please. Any thoughts on this S-55?


  1. Howard A Member

    No question on the low miles, a convertible doesn’t get used much, a neck jerking 4 speed, even less, and one that gets 10mpg, even less still, so 13K is believable. The seller obviously knows how unusual it is, what they are out of touch on, is who is going to want this car? Old men, reliving some younger, gear rowing, 428 memory, but in the real world today, a small block V8 and automatic is the cheese. Some old guy with money falling out of their pockets will scarf this up, pay the $46 grand, it will sit, he’ll die, and the car will be auctioned off for 1/8th the price he paid, net loss, $40grand. I don’t know, seems a better use could be found for that money.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      HoA- I’m waiting for the old guy to die!

      Of course I’m not the kind to spend that kind of money on a car but this one is “the cheese”.especially for those of of us on the Left Coast.

      Row your own, top down, grey hair flowing in the wind…………….

      Its an AARP commercial.

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  2. Bob Jordan

    Of the 1966 Mercury S-55 Convertible there were 669 assembled. For 1967 there were 145 assembled.

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  3. DRV

    I have never seen one as a convertible let alone an S. For 46k I’d have it over the “usual” group in this price range
    There is nothing like big iron with power and a clutch.

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  4. Tony Primo

    So you want us to believe that you paid less than $46,000 for your Porsche Cayenne Turbo Scotty?

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Used ones are relatively cheap, Tony! New ones, not so much, but a decade-old used one is definitely less than $46k.

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  5. Greg Gustafson

    There was a time when cars with 4spd transmissions were appealing to me. Then I grew up.
    If you were choosing a car with a 4spd transmission for performance, this would be a poor choice; and you’d have a tough time out shifting a C6 with a kit in it.

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    • BigBlocksRock

      …or a turbo 400.

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      • Greg Gustafson

        Can you marry a 400 Turbo-hydro to a big block Ford engine?

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    • Scooter

      Automatic transmissions are boring. I think you should say you have gotten old, not that you grew up!

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      • Greg Gustafson

        Stop! We’re both right. Can we still be friends?

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    • Mike kiser

      I could ..

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  6. Gary

    It’s a beauty for sure. A 428 and four speed, low mile convertible, what’s not to love.

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    • B0B

      Must have been the first year for the 4 28 I would want one of the big Mercury Motors

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  7. TorinoSCJ69

    Beautiful Mercury! To each his own here, and a classic that keeps both your feet and right arm engaged.
    Not a car you would race or beat on anyway (too big, parts, $46k!) – it is a cruiser so just enjoy.

    All cars face being out of date, even today’s look alike market where $40 grand is the going rate on many new cars.

    $46 grand might be high but it is half of the bottom on some classic Mopars, Fords and Chevys (imports) being sold.

    How many of these have we seen? Not enough!

    EVs, and look alikes with tiny v8’s are interesting to another group – and good for them. But classics like this one bring a different enthusiasm and driving enjoyment.

    This is a true classic Merc and for those that have driven a wonderful big block, 4 speed – it is one of life’s simple joys.

    Good Luck with the Sale on this S-55.

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    • Stan


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    • Rjc

      Well said.

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  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Money is not the issue here. It’s not going to be sold to some working class Youngster just trying to scrape together enough credit to buy a $46K old car. No sir, this will go to some wealthy dude with so much money their accountants have trouble keeping up with their spending habits. Forty six thousand is a drop in the bucket for those people and like someone said they just want it because no one else has one. They’ll likely never even drive it, it’ll just be a show case, bragging rights vehicle. But at least the car will be saved.

    God Bless America

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi John, obviously, I agree. I’m not sure what is a “drop in the bucket” anymore, but well said. I’ve ridden in R code Fords, and they aren’t some new Toyota Highlander, just about everyone has a warped flywheel from abuse, and will chatter, shifting the beast is another matter, and I’ve driven smoother semi trucks. I say a car like this certainly has appeal for what you describe, but we’re losing steam in that regard, and generally, people today couldn’t care less what’s under the hood, if they can even open it. I agree, the very folks that would enjoy a sedate version, can’t afford it. This too shall pass,,,

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    • Morley Brown Member

      I think you need to look around. Look at the crowds at Barrett Jackson, Mecum . etc. Some pretty ordinary folk there. America is a very rich country. +We live as thow everyone has a bigger peice of the pie, than we do. We complain about high prices yet we do not rejoice when some one else has more than us. The dream of America is that everyone has the opportunity to be rich. So do not whine about how much wealth others have. Think about how you screwed up and you can not aford your passion

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      • Mountainwoodie

        Well that’s a little harsh lol.

        I think the main point of most commenters is not bemoaning their own personal financial situation or jealousy of another’s “not screwing up”, but rather observing with some regret, some say, the natural evolution of a hobby most of us came to as kids buying cars and working on them for the fun of it.

        If you have any sense of inherent subjective value, you have to shake your head at what some people are willing to pay.

        My solution is to live longer :) Wait the bstards out I say!

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  9. tiger66

    BF: “Merc came out with an S-55 model, made concurrently with its Marauder, for the 1962 and 1963 model years”

    True for ’63 but there were no Marauders in ’62 — just the Monterey S-55.

    BF: “There were reportedly only 145 of this model made in 1966, so they’re rare.”

    Not quite that rare since 669 ’66 S-55 verts were built. The 145 number is for the ’67s, by then an optional performance package as opposed to a separate model.

    This car looks great in the one-year Emberglo color usually seen on ’66 Mustangs and it even has factory air. $46k is a lot of money, though, in what seems a shrinking market.

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  10. Dave

    That mechanical clutch is going to give an old man a workout. Certainly a rare and nice car.

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  11. Ozzie

    Check and you will see 1965 had S55. Had a convertible with buckets,console and factory tach on console. 390 with auto only 295 made

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  12. Robt

    4 spd on a big block full size boat! What’s not to like? Strap a tach onto the steering column and away we go!

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    • Greg Gustafson

      Don’t forget to install one of those big chrome foot on your throttle too.

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  13. Gary Garlock

    Definitely a lot of money.But what a beautiful machine, convertible big block & 4 speed.OH YEAH!!!

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  14. Connecticut mark

    Good car for Jay Leños Garage , when he gets back to work soon, poor guy.

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    • Howie

      Jay was released from the burn center today, Monday the 21st. We all wish him a speedy recovery!!

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  15. Heartbreaker AL

    I grew up reading Mercury sales brochures, seeing as my old man got a new Merc. every couple years thanx to where he worked as a salesman. I always tried talking him into one like this but practicality won out every year and we’d get a Monterey 2 door HT with the stock 390. We took the ten+ hour trip to Ely MN. every year for fishing and I’d curl up in the back seat of one of those big road hogs with my Irish Setter dog named Sandy. This rag top Merc brings back great memories!

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    • Karl

      Went fishing in Ely with my Dad, in the early sixties.
      Transportation was a ’55 Mercury 2dr. Good times!

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  16. Pete Phillips

    Don’t like the seller’s price? Go find another one. I’ll wait for you.

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  17. Scooter

    Beautiful ride! I love the large cars with large engines and 4 speed transmissions! Great for long cruises! Lucky guy who gets to enjoy this car! Price is asking, so maybe a little room for negotiation. Good luck with the sale of this fine automobile! Again, Love the 4 speed and shifter console!

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  18. RexFox Member

    I never cared much for Mercury cars in the 60s, mainly because they were almost all automatics, except for some early Cougars. Seeing 4 speed in the title prevented me from just scrolling past this car, and because of that, I learned some new (I had never heard of an S55 before). Thanks Scotty.

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  19. Howie

    This is crazy cool!! Look at the dirt-dust on the back seat, i guess nobody has sat there in a long time.

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  20. TheOldRanger

    I remember seeing this one new, and it reminded me of the 1963 T-bird. I like the looks, the 4-speed is fine with me, but the $46K ain’t. I do hope someone takes this home and takes care of it. They just don’t make cars like this any more, and I do miss these monsters.

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  21. C5 Corvette

    I’ve been looking for a 66 Ford Galaxie Conv. for a long time. wish I could find one in this condition. Red would be even better. Old guy, it was our Honeymoon car!

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  22. Grandpa

    Very nice…but not $46,000.00 nice.

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  23. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    I really never gave Mercury much thought, although I did have a ’74 Marquis for a short time. I don’t really care for FoMoCo, unless it’s a Thunderbird or Lincoln.
    Now that Mercury is defunct I’m seeing them in a different light. Really nice looking cars with some awesome power. This color looks great on this car. Don’t really remember seeing this color on cars until the 70s, though.

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  24. Freespirit

    I’m 68, and I still love rowing through the gears. I remember cougars, comets, and cyclones, but I don’t remember the s55. It’s a beautiful car the likes of which we’ll never see built again. I’d rather have a car like this, than any new car available

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  25. Chuck Dickinson

    Emberglow (Ford’s name) was a quite common color on 66 Fords and Mercs. A one year only color.

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  26. Big C

    Big boats with 4 speed’s are cool. A mid level luxury brand with a 4 speed is cooler. I grew up with this kind of car. Dad sold the ’56 Montclair and bought a ’66 Monterey fastback. It was going to be my first car, but the frame starting rotting in ’76. He sold it to a neighbor, right before I got my permit. But, I did manage to drive that bad boy, when mom was out, and dad was at work! Ran her out of gas, doing a burnout at the high school. You never saw a 15 year old run so fast, to the gas station and back. Toting a 2 gallon can of hi test!

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  27. scottymac

    And I thought my memory was going bad! Car appeared here September 29, listed on New Jersey craiglist for $36,000. tiger66 corrected many of the mistakes on production numbers, but unlike him (and others), I can’t stand emberglo. My 7 Litre is that color, if I ever get around to painting it, it’ll be a different color. Robt, I’d mimic you with the tach placement, but the factory installation was to the front of the console.

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  28. Matt steele

    We had a 66 when I was little. I’d love to have this..or many others.but not happening

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  29. George Birth

    Beautiful Car with a beautiful price tag. Hope seller gets it but won’t hold my breath waiting. I like the car but the price on these would choke a horse.

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