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429 V8-Powered 1970 Ford LTD

It gets hot in Tucson, Arizona. Did any of you know that fun fact? We’re here at Barn Finds to teach and I’m nothing if not a teacher of useless trivia and weather information. I’d rather talk about vehicles like this 1970 Ford LTD two-door hardtop. The seller has this car posted here on craigslist in, yes, Tucson, Arizona. They have a $6,900 asking price listed. Here’s the original listing.

I only mention the temperature in Tucson because 1) I love Tucson. 2) I love hot weather. 3) I regret not moving to the desert southwest after high school forty-something years ago. Also, white vehicles are a good idea in a climate that regularly gets into the 90s, 100s, and 110s for several months a year. Although, I’m not sure how a dark brown vinyl top helps with the heat and this one appears to have taken a hit from the hot sun. Just think how the top of your head would look after 52 years there.

We recently saw a second-generation 1970 Ford LTD two-door hardtop here on Barn Finds in a classic 1970s green color scheme. I think they were and still are stylish cars in either two-door or four-door body styles. Those hidden headlights get to me, I think that’s a great feature, design-wise. Maybe not trouble-free-wise, but they look cool and that’s over half the battle for me. The seller doesn’t give any close-up photos of the vinyl top but you can see one issue in this enlargement.

The seller also mentions that there is some former rust repair in the trunk which isn’t shown at all, but they do show a spot with obvious bodywork here behind a quarter panel and some behind the vinyl top. They say that it was a one-family-owned car before they got it and you can see that the interior needs help, again from that hot sun.

A good portion of the vinyl seating surfaces look good but then again, others need work. Most of all, the top of the back seat vinyl is fried to a crisp and the top of the dash must be in bad shape as it has a cover on it that is faded from the hot sun. I would change the seat upholstery to a nice, year-correct fabric from SMS Auto Fabrics rather than the original vinyl. This car has power windows and a power front bench seat which is nice to see. More often than not, we don’t see those features on cars from this era unless it’s a top-trim-level.

As is often the case, there is not one engine photo and one could argue that the engine in this car is its biggest selling point so that’s more than disappointing. They say that it’s a “429 big block with dove heads, C6 automatic transmission and a 9 inch rear end.” It would have had 320 horsepower with a two-barrel carb and 460 lb-ft of torque. We don’t know whether this car has a two or four-barrel. This could be a fun car to own if the bodywork isn’t too bad and a person wouldn’t mind popping for some new seating material and a new vinyl top which I would. Most of you would leave the vinyl top off, I’m guessing. Any thoughts on this LTD?


  1. alphasud Member

    I’m torn! I like the green 70 LTD that appeared a few weeks ago but the white one has the 429:) the white with the tan is a little on the bland side. I think the price is very reasonable though so I might be inclined purchase this one.

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  2. Sam Shive

    I’m In Lust

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  3. Philip Lepel

    I had a green two door almost exactly like this. I wanted to tub the rear end to slide some big meaty tires in the back. But i was young and didnt have the funds. Always wish I’d finished it.

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  4. Troy s

    Nice big Ford, movin on down the highway in style. Quiet, comfortable, and room lots of room inside. The 429 brings it to criuising speed without effort, but shes no racer. Not supposed to be. Just a real nice car meant for driving long and far….before the oil crisis’ began at least.

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  5. Todd Zuercher

    Interior looks great for a 52 year old AZ desert car!

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    The true definition of land yacht. What a nice find. Would change the color though.

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  7. Vance

    Having lived in Tucson for 25 years, I can attest to the heat factor, but nothing can prepare a person for the depth of the heat. You can run, but you can’t hide from the intensity of it. Nice car and engine set up, you don’t see a ton of these so it has that going for it. You are going to have to replace all the rubber and plastic pieces, but the price is right. It will most likely hit 100 by the end of March first part of April. It’s a dry heat, but so is an oven.

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  8. Jerry p

    I still don’t know why most Fords back then were ordered with a 390, 428, and 429, but most Chevrolets were ordered
    with a 283, 307, or 327…

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  9. Jerry

    I still don’t know why most Fords back then were ordered with the 390, 428, or 429 motors, and most Chevrolets were ordered with the 283, 307, and 327 cu. in.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      Maybe guys who bought Fords had more money? 😂🤣

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    • Troy s

      Are we sure about that, Jerry? Lots of Fords came equipped with 289/302/351’s. Maybe those were scrapped early on and only the big inch versions survived? The small Chevy, like the 350, was a decent choice anyways, after all Chevrolet was the low man on the pole in GM, ha ha, the no frills model in the GM lineup. There were 396 and rarely a 427, which was a hot motor anyways, then of course the long stroke 454 later. The 327/350 was a good balance of power and economy, both fuel and maintenance wise, unless you really needed more pulling/towing ability.
      But I really believe Ford sold a boat load of smaller V8 powered cars than you realize. Six poppers too, especialy in the mid sized lineups. They werent all 428/429 police interceptors, neither is this one. I am I helping at all, lol.

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  10. Cadmanls Member

    Brings back memories of my days fresh out of highschool pumping gas a Shell station. State patrol detective was a customer and was proud of his new unmarked Ford with the hot 429 dog dish hubcaps pale green with a cream interior. Guy was grinning ear to ear telling me how smooth it was at speed and how quickly it got there. All I got to say.

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  11. William R Hall

    This would be a great road car, eating up miles in comfort. I had a 71 LTD just like this with a 400 and it more than enough power unless you are into street racing

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  12. Barney

    I had a 70 similar this one back in the day. Mine had a 390/4bbl. Absolutely the best highway car I’ve ever owned. Not only that but at eighty miles an hour with four adults in the car I got twenty two miles per gallon.

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  13. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Years ago, my brother had a ’70 Ford Custom 4-door sedan, an ex-Verginia State Police cruiser but it didn’t have a 429, it had a 428 PI. I’m a big fan of Ford’s full-size cars from 1968 to 1972 so I like this one here. Assuming it does indeed have a 429, I think the price is pretty attractive for what it is. It’s a good-looking car, especially with the hidden headlights. The lack of any engine or trunk photos is disappointing and a little more info about the cars condition would be nice. The LTD was the top trim level for full-size Fords in 1970 and this one seems nicely optioned though A/C isn’t mentioned. It probably does have A/C, but it would be nice to know for sure. Too bad it wasn’t closer, or I’d be tempted to take a shot at it.

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  14. Jerry

    Does anyone know why most Fords back then were ordered with the 390, 428, 429 cu. In. motors, but most Chevrolets were ordered with the 283, 307, 327 cu. in. motors ❓

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  15. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    A friend had one of these in the mid seventies. I used to obsess over the horizontal speedometer that took up half the dash.

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  16. Ward William

    What ??? No bull skull and horns hood ornament ?? No sale.

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  17. trav66

    The 33k mile (posted in the ad) 429 is THE biggest selling point. Why is there not ONE photo of the engine? Good grief! I guess if I lived close then it would be worth looking at in person. Nice looking Ford and good asking price.

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  18. Yooper Mike

    No a/c ? I had one of these in the mid 70’s. Rusted in half in 5 years. Sent it to the scrap yard.

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