43K Mile 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Low mile car tips keep showing up in the cyber mailbox here at One Barn Finds Tower, are there really that many of them still out there? I guess so because this 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme has a mere 43,000 miles on it according to the seller. They have it listed here on eBay in Streetsboro, Ohio and the bids are bringing the price up to almost $11,000 and there is no reserve. Let’s check out this incredible survivor.

The third-generation Cutlass was made for the 1968 through 1972 model years with body styles ranging from four-door sedans and hardtops to a two-door coupe and hardtop, a convertible, and a station wagon. I expected to see a vinyl top on this car, my parents had vinyl tops on the majority of their cars from the late-60s to mid-70s while we were growing up.

The seller says that this Cutlass is an original owner car which makes it pretty special, that’s 50 years of ownership, folks. They also say that it was never driven in the rain or snow and it has 43,000 miles on it! The underside looks supreme, no pun intended, but I noticed a spot inside the fender liner on the right front wheel that looks like a rust hole? They don’t mention any rust at all so maybe it’s something else?

Other than some dirty and/or faded carpet, the interior looks great. This interior looks somewhat similar to the Olds 98 that my dad had, that seat fabric doesn’t have a brocade pattern but its the same color as is everything else inside. There are no photos of the back seat or trunk and the photos are all over the board – big, small, horizontal, vertical – but one thing they have in common is that they show what looks like a very, very nice car.

The clean engine and engine compartment both look nice and this is Oldsmobile’s Rocket 350 V8. I’m assuming, given the somewhat base-level of the rest of this Cutlass, that it’s the 250 hp version. There is no AC and only an AM radio but everything is original on this car other than the muffler and battery. Have any of you owned a third-generation Cutlass?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    GM cars were good like this one for just another couple of years, then things got cheap. This is a great example before things went downhill.

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  2. Bmac777 Member

    The Ebay listing says its a 4bbl but that single exhaust is bottling up some power.
    It seems that Olds really liked the green on green cause I’ve seen 4 in the last month like this.
    I had a White 71 with this same Green interior and the bench
    I would put a set of SS2’s on it , add the dual exhaust and just drive it.
    Maybe a shift kit.

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  3. Poppy

    That’s a 4bbl air cleaner. If it’s factory, then it’s a 310hp high compression engine.
    No air and drum brakes (not even power brakes). Nice clean car.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks, Bmac777 and Poppy!

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    • Little_Cars

      And for that reason, as they say on Shark Tank, I’M OUT! Had too many Skylarks with drum brakes…at least they were power brakes. Nothing casual about stopping the car in an emergency situation! And seeing as down South we are increasing the number of humid +100 degree days ever year that passes, I’m less inclined to buy a non air conditioned car. If the top doesn’t go down, must have A/C. This car would benefit from a Vintage Aire kit to upgrade.

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  4. Bob C.

    And it’s a pre smog year. Not to mention pre SAE net horsepower rating.

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  5. Djbartu

    Seller claims,
    Yah, OK, right.
    43,000 Pennsylvania miles and never in the rain?
    Yah, OK, right.

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    • Poppy

      My buddy from Pittsburgh always talked about them using cinders from the steel mills on the roads in the winter

  6. Dusty Stalz

    Now THIS is the definition of a survivor. Nice car.

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  7. Patrick Curran

    Not many out there without a vinyl roof. I had a 1970 in Astro Blue with a dark blue vinyl roof. Great car but was somewhat rusty when I bought it. The base Olds 350 was a great engine. This was the last year for high compression so of the 70-72 years, I prefer the 1970. I really like this car.

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  8. bud lee

    Is that Big Smokes Sabre

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  9. Kyle Owen

    Oooh green on green ’70 CS – had the exact color combo, only convertible with a white top in H.S. Mine had A/C and dual exhaust (not sure if that was factory or added some time between ’70 and ’87 when I got it.) Got me through HS and most of college before selling to a friend of the family when I got an ’84 Mustang 5.0 4-speed convertible. Drove that Olds all over, surprised a lot of “muscle” of the day (including 5.0 mustangs – if you held that Turbo 400 tranny in first you could just glimpse 60!) Anyway love to have another some day – mine was totaled and then completely restored by the next owner – had a chance to buy it back, but he changed the colors to maroon over white = no longer “my” car… Glad to see another survivor!

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  10. James D Aldridge

    …and it has the sport mirrors!

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  11. jerry z

    No! Not green! Anything but green!

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  12. Cut1

    I had this exact Cutlass, only not in this kind of shape. Loved that Rocket tree fiddy!!!

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  13. ccrvtt

    I had a ’69 Cutlass S hardtop with the 250 2bbl. Power was adequate but certainly not breathtaking. The car to have from this era is the Pace Car edition convertible. Olds even made some “clones” with the 350 and the red and black striping on white. A friend’s mother had one that was a great car.

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  14. TimS Member

    Green on green gets me every time. Yes it’s my favorite color but we also haven’t been able to get green interiors in oh, a generation? My great grandmother had one of these, same color scheme. I loved it but couldn’t afford to buy it from my grandparents who could only see another kind of green.

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  15. Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice one, Scotty! Almost bought the a shiny white version of this car with the same roof line and black vinyl top and black vinyl interior. $1200 was the asking price as I recall. Years later I learned that ’70 was the hot year for that 350 Rocket. I was really looking for a manual transmission so I passed, but I always wonder what trouble I might have caused with that Cutlass. Thanks for the memories!

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  16. David

    Great pre smog car built when GM truly was “the mark of excellence”.

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  17. don

    And to think in the early 1980s we were picking these up for $50.00 to 100.00 and putting them in Enduro races . Everyone wanted those fuel efficient front drive cars back then. If we only had a place to store the ones we bought instead of racing them !

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  18. Steve P

    Is engine correct color? Seems yellow but may be gold

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    • M W

      Gold was correct engine color!

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  19. TimM

    What I really like about this car is the fact it looks so unmolested!! It’s pretty much stock like it came from the factory!! It could be made a lot faster with so easy mods that could always be reversed back to stock!! The price point is pretty good to for a car in this kind of shape!!

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  20. Johnny

    Nice Oldsmobile. When they had pride . If ONLY now the car manfactures would start reading these comments. Maybe they could learn what the people want and see how to make a real vehicle and the government stayed out of their business .Of how to make cars. To me-WITHOUT a vinlny top IS a bonus. All they cause is rust issues .

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  21. Bmac777 Member

    I was waiting to try and buy it near end of auction but yesterday the seller ended the auction early
    Maybe a local sale or with no reserve he realized it would sell for a lot less than he could actually get.
    Too bad . It was nice to see something reasonably priced lol

  22. James A. Weaver III

    I bought this car, put it on the trailer and took it home. Car is in amazing condition. The chrome and stainless are perfect. The interior cleaned up perfect.
    The car started on the first hit and ran perfectly on five year old gas. Most of the undercoating power washed off the frame. I wire wheeled and rust converted the rest. There is no pitting in the frame. I replaced the tank, pump, and rebuilt the Quadrajet. Just going through the suspension now. Shocks, springs and tie rods is all it needed. Lots of cleaning of heavily undercoated gook. Great car!

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  23. Steve P

    Congrats James!

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