43k Original Miles: 1935 Chevrolet 3-Window Coupe

Google “1935 Chevrolet 3-Window Coupe,” click the Images tab, and about 90% of the photos fall into the cool, sleek hotrod category. Only 11,900 of these cozy coupes of the nearly 550,000 Chevrolets produced in 1935 rolled off the assembly line. That’s only about two percent and many that did manage to survive 20 years or so, were converted into hotrods in the 1950s and 1960s. With lines and styling like that (plus the low price they were going for at the time), you can see why these coupes were such favorites with the young hotrod crowd and continue to be today, nearly 90 years later. That’s why this 43,728 original mile unmodified 3-Window Coupe is considered so rare and desirable today. Currently located in an air-conditioned garage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the coupe has an opening bid of $28,000 here on eBay.

The current seller purchased the coupe a few years ago in New Mexico and states that it spent its life “on the high desert in California.” The previous owner restored the car at some point to its current look and vibe. The paint was stripped down to the metal and primed before the current paint job was applied, It was intentionally painted in a low-gloss black to “look like it had been drug out of a barn unpainted.” The black paint in the door jams, trunk, and cowl remains original. An interesting approach, but to each its own as the old saying goes.

The seller states there is no rust on the body and all the original wood is in excellent condition. The underside of the coupe is original and not refinished although no photos were supplied, and the running boards were sent out and new mats installed. Other refurbishings listed include rebuilt brakes and cables, and a rebuilt front end.

The seller also shares that the original serial number is stamped on the engine and the cowl tag is present along with the trim tag on the floor.  The 35’s were the last Chevys to have exterior radiator caps. This one is a sleek, winged work of art. Combine it with that vertical grill and other styling touches of the era and this coupe still looks good to this day.

The exterior might be “low luster,” but the interior looks near showroom new with its $5,000 authentic reproduction LeBaron Bonney interior. (It’s at least three years old since LeBaron Bonney closed its doors in 2019.) The seller claims the Delco radio was rebuilt and the lights, dome light and gauges work, although the gas gauge is sometimes inaccurate and the rebuilt vacuum wipers can be slow at times.

The seller states there is documentation for the claimed original mileage of 43, 728 and that the original inline six-cylinder engine, transmission and differential were disassembled and “anything that had excessive wear was replaced.”  The three-speed manual transmission was rebuilt, a new water pump, NOS generator, and exhaust system were added, and it also had an $1,100 custom core built for the radiator so it wouldn’t overheat while being driven in 100-degree parades in toasty New Mexico.

This car just has a cool, unshiny, blackwall tire vibe to it that appeals to me. I can’t remember seeing one in this kind of stock condition before at any car shows. Hopefully, the next series of caretakers will keep this ’35 Chevy 3-Window Coupe true and driving like new for another 90 or so years.




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  1. Jerry

    I see 🤓 4 windows. Someone needs glasses ❗👀👁️👓

    • egads

      2 Side windows- 1 rear window–1 windshield= 3 WINDOW Chebby !! Cool like it is.

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    • Mark

      The front “window” is called a windshield therefore there are only three windows

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  2. Mike

    We have the pitchforks and torches ready for anybody that wants to convert this gem into another metallic root beer, billet festooned, white face AutoMeter gauged, crate motored generic hot rod.

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    • Jon

      And you guys need to get off your high horses in respect to what anybody may do to this imperfect specimen
      I think we need to update this with big block. How about a 454 and a 4 speed. Get it to sit closer to the ground on either steel or aluminum window wheels, And then paint it a gloss black and maybe add some Ohio Flames. Yeah that should do it. The perfect recipe for fun

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      • Chris

        How many more “perfect” ones do you think still exist?

        Now compare that number to how many generic hot rods like you describe are around.

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      • Mark

        Anyone who desires to create such a street rod, let me know and I’ll swing by Brookville Roadster and pick them up a catalog…..lol.

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      • Bill McCoskey


        Based on the “like” numbers for your comment and Mike’s comment above [currently at 3 for you, 64 for Mike], I have a feeling that those who have the pitchforks and torches, may well be coming for you!

        As someone who had owned a restoration shop and restored cars to original specs, as well as custom cars, I have always felt that it’s best to start with something needing restoration if your plans are to make it a custom rod. Low mileage and mostly original cars are simply too hard to find, to cut up and change, while more deserving [and cheaper] unrestored cars are available. While pay a far higher price for a restored car, then remove all the restored bits during it’s customization?

        This reminds me of a guy in New England who bought a beautiful 1939 Rolls-Royce Phantom III town car by James Young. He pulled out all the original drive train [including the V-12 engine], suspension & steering, and converted it all to Jaguar XJ6. He actually sent the unneeded R-R parts to the scrapyard. Yep, a $15,000 engine*, scrapped because the scrapyard operator only saw a $500 scrap value. I don’t think he ever finished the car.

        *The value back in $1988, today probably twice that.

  3. Bakes

    What a sweet little ride! Just love this car. If I had garage space I would consider it. I hope whoever buys it keeps it as is or at the most repaints it to the factory original color. It would be a shame on an almost criminal level to hot rod this car.

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  4. Mark

    A real car…….to not leave it as is would be a shame.
    Slow down by taking a break from the crazed rat race and its mindless gadgetry and enjoy the ride.
    And along the way you just might put some smiles on the faces of folks who wished they were riding shotgun.

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  5. Billy Mcloughlin

    Does it have a rumble seat

    • Master Deluxe

      Yes. Rumble Seat. And if it is Master Deluxe, with knee action front suspension, that adds value. Had one.

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      • Master Deluxe

        I guess it’s not master deluxe. Just has a trunk.

  6. Howard A Member

    These cars always remind me of The Untouchables, with Robert Stack as Elliot Ness. No machine guns?

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  7. Original Baby Please

    Nice 👍
    Needs a crate motor, T5 and flames 🔥 over black paint 🎨😮


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  8. Hommerstang

    I would leave it as is… except for a ford flathead V8

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  9. John C.

    no bids and 10 hours left, I’m surprised

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  10. Joe Haska

    Jerry, I n the old car world you don’t count the windshield. No such thing as a 4-window coupe.

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  11. Russ Ashley

    Anyone notice the EBay sellers name? It’s turdinthepool. That wouldn’t stop me from bidding on this car if I really wanted it but makes me wonder about him/her. IF I were to buy it I would get a decent shiney paint job put on it and a set of whitewalls and then take it for an occasional drive to refresh my spirit.

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  12. robert lewis

    cool car…i think overpriced but if i bought it i would change only the wheels and tires [bolt pattern is 6 bolt maybe] but keep the original brakes and drums.You could change back if you want.

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  13. Steve Weiman

    Funny thing is everyone wants to take a car like this and speed it up to everything else in 2022. Thinking about it, there is something very appealing to taking everything in my life and slow it down to the speed of this original ‘35.
    Imagine: running your errands and passing only a car two, 30/35 mph would be perfectly fine to get you quickly to your destination, Windows down and no radio-you are going slow enough to enjoy the scenery and thoughts in your own head. Even those old brakes are OK, everything else on the road is just the same and you’ve actually acquired and practiced the driving skill to be alert and DRIVE The automobile instead of today’s disconnected rolling blobs that are designed to save you from yourself…….

    Most of the time I could care less what happens to a vehicle once it falls into the hands of a new owner. It’s just a car, do what you want with it and enjoy. There are plenty more out there….. but with this one I have to go against that…….

    I’ll bet this car doesn’t get a single bid…..

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  14. GCS Member

    That is sweet, especially with the low miles. Hopefully it is left as stock.

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  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    He was just 13 years old in the summer of 1960. He had walked the country roads around the rural area he had grown up in. Many times he had seen the old blue Chevy parked in front of Mr. Bruce’s big house. The house had been a hotel at one time a long time ago when the Quartz Hill Gold mine was still in operation. But now it just stood forlorn and in need of paint and repairs. Mr. Bruce had lost hi left leg in a logging accident some years before and now had a wooden leg. He was a big man maybe 6’6”” tall with a large frame but not overweight.
    For some reason unbeknownst to young Johnny curiosity got to him, he built up the courage and walked up onto the large covered front porch that spread the full length of the front of the house. He stopped and almost turned away, but then he saw his knuckle’s knocking on the front door. A noise roared from inside the house. “ Hold on, I’m coming, a loud thunderous voice shouted out. Then suddenly, the door swung open towards the inside of the house. There stood the huge Mr. Bruce, “What do you want?” He roared toward the boy. “I was just wondering if you would sell me that car?” The boy spoke quite meagerly. “I know who you are,” Mr. Bruce said. “how old are you boy? I don’t think you’re old enough to have a car.” “I’m 13” the boy squeaked out. “Yeah I know who you are.” Mr. Bruce said, a little more softly. “I won’t sell you the car, but if you bring your dad or one of your older brothers down here I’ll sell them the car for $35.00 since its a 1935 Chevrolet.”’he said. “Okay, Johnny said as he excitedly ran the mile back to the farm where he lived. So that day with the help of my dad and older brother I got my first car. A 1935 Chevy Standard 4 door sedan.

    Like 12
    • Stevieg Member

      Great story “Johnny”.

      • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

        Thank you Stevie, the best part is it’s a true story. That’s how I got my first car. -John-

  16. Wayne from Oz

    What a waste of money on a matt paint job. Cost the same to do it properly, then chrome the bumpers. Love the car though, not sure about the price, probably would have been attainable with proper paint and chrome.

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  17. Kenn

    Doggone it, where are the “rich dudes” when you need them????

  18. srintimidator3

    I love the look of this car, the only thing I would even consider changing is a flathead V8. Cool car!

  19. John C.

    sold! $28000.00 1 bid!

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  20. Ron

    You guys and your flathead V8’s, you do realize this is a Chevy, right? Whatever…

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    • srintimidator3

      Ron I do realize this is a Chevy, I also know the Ford flathead V8 was the engine of choice for guys that wanted a hotrod back in those days! Milled heads, better intakes with Stromberg carbs were the hot ticket.

  21. Cappy

    Jerry may be new at the this car stuff….:-)

  22. ken koelle

    $28000.00??? my first car 1953 $60.00 running

  23. Kenn

    My first 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in an up-scale Michigan area was $11,000.
    It’s called inflation. Back to this car. Why in the world put a Ford engine in this beautiful Chevrolet? Why change anything? Hope the buyer is going to leave as is and enjoy Sunday drives, Memorial Day parades and cruise-ins.

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