440/4-Speed: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

The 1969 Dodge Charger R/T could never be considered some form of an automotive wimp. Even in its mildest form, it provided performance that didn’t ask for respect; It commanded it! Our feature Charger has fallen on hard times, but it appears it could prove a satisfying restoration project for the right person. The bidding history has been frantic since the seller listed it here on eBay in Camarillo, California. The intense action has pushed the price beyond the reserve to $28,300. Many people see the potential lurking below the surface, and it will be fascinating to see if you join the bidding war once you assess what is on offer.

This Charger’s history is unclear, but evidence suggests its Black paint represents a color change. Some spots reveal what appears to be Charger Red, which would have looked stunning when this classic was new. Returning it to that state is a significant undertaking, but it seems the dry Californian climate has limited the rust that often plagues vehicles of this vintage. The seller admits the R/T requires new floor pans, while there are issues with the right torsion support. The underside carries a heavy layer of surface corrosion, so I believe Job One will be to entirely dismantle the car and subject it to media blasting to expose any further shortcomings. The panels are a surprise packet because penetrating rust in areas like the rockers and lower rear quarter panels is seemingly non-existent. The shopping list of trim pieces and glass will be long, but the factory R/T grille with concealed headlamps looks like it would respond positively to a careful clean.

The Charger’s interior may consume a significant amount of money because upholstery for Mopar products tends to be slightly dearer than other classics from this era. Before tackling the subject of trim kits, the buyer needs to locate items like seat frames and missing dash components. However, if a faithful restoration is the goal, it should look stunning with its White vinyl trim reinstated. It is worth noting that while the company firmly focused on performance with the Charger R/T, this car’s original owner added some comfort touches. They selected bucket seats, a console, a three-speaker AM/FM radio, and a Rally gauge cluster with the Tic-Toc-Tach. The seats may be gone, but the remaining components are intact.

The 1969 Charger R/T was a stereotypical muscle car, and there was no genuinely slow offering within the range. Buyers chose between the legendary 426ci Hemi and a 440ci “Magnum” V8 producing 375hp. The original owner selected the second option, also equipping the car with a four-speed manual transmission and an 8¾” rear end. The R/T came into its own when pointed at a ¼-mile because the journey would take a mere 14 seconds. I would love to tell you this Charger is numbers-matching, but that is no longer the case. The seller purchased the car as-is and was informed by the previous owner that the 440 currently occupying the engine bay is a rebuilt powerplant. They never attempted coaxing it into life, so confirming the claim is difficult. The buyer may choose to inspect and “scope” the engine to ensure everything is okay before hitting the key for the first time.

It is always sad to see a formerly potent and desirable classic like this 1969 Charger R/T fall on hard times, but it seems all is not lost with this neglected muscle car. The new owner faces an automotive Mount Everest in their quest to return it to its former glory, but the bidding history suggests that some enthusiasts see its potential. Thirteen people have submitted fifty-seven bids, and plenty of time remains on the listing for that figure to climb higher. What price do you think it will reach when the hammer falls? More importantly, are you willing to join the war so you can return this neglected beast to its former glory?


  1. Bick Banter

    They’re walking into a tsunami that will hurt. I would feel bad but there are plenty of warning signs.

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  2. LandYacht

    The 68-70 Charger is my favorite car of all time. I cannot believe this will be over 30K when you easily have to spend another 50K+ to make it decent. I will admire from afar, they are out of my league now.

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  3. gaspumpchas

    Correctumundo, Bick. The 57 “bids” are mostly scam bids, as is the leading bid. With all the fraud, dialogue directly with the owner is the only way to go. If you have the parts might be doable but the underneath is the question. Know what you are buying and good luck.


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    • John

      No way I’d bid at that with 5***2 running it up like that.
      If I were the seller he’d be blocked, unless they’ve made contact. Even then the bidder is souring the auction.

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  4. Darryl J Birch CD

    California’s don’t know what rust is. I have seen this a lot, they look at a car with a couple of rust holes and some surface rust and say, “is this car ever rusty.” It’s not. I hope the buyer can do most or all of the work himself instead of farming it out. $50,000 is the cost of farming the work out. The Charger couldn’t handle turns etc, but it was king in a straight line. The 440 6 pack was a better street engine too. The 426 hemi was better on the track but it didn’t have a warranty worth having, and it couldn’t win on the street.

  5. George Mattar

    Suckered born every second. Compared to most 6o Chargers for sale, this looks pretty good. But why would anyone remove a fender tag? They were being stolen years ago at car shows. Maybe.

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  6. DonC

    Having had a 70 Challenger R/T, that is not a rally dash cluster of gauges. Unless it was a big change from 69 to 70. And why is there a tire under the rear bumper in that one photo?

  7. rod glaser

    70 Chally r/t and a Charger are 2 different cars. YES, that IS a rally dash cluster.

    • DonC

      The Challenger R/T Rally is 4 large dial gauges.
      What I see in this car is 2 large dials and 4 small individual gauges which doesn’t seem consistent as a Rally cluster. I can’t imagine Dodge had 2 different “Rally’s” for 2 different cars.

  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Scam bids or not, this one is going to cost you 30K to buy.
    It’s got the magic sauce that the “collectors” are looking for:68 – 70 Charger R/T 440.

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    • John

      And that sinister black paint (that will be repainted) is sure to inspire a few more thousand dollar bids. Hey, It’s Mopar money!

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    • Leslie Martin Member

      Not to mention a 4 speed. This is a dip and rotisserie restoration to be sure. You’d probably never make your money back, but what a great car you’d have when your done!

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  9. bone

    Charger Red ? No such color. In 69 it would either be one of two colors – Bright Red , or just Red , the same as you could get on any model Dodge .

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