440 Equipped: 1968 Dodge Charger

It isn’t unusual to find 1968 Charger project cars riddled with rust, but that isn’t the case with this car. Below that tired exterior is a structurally sound classic that could conceivably be restored in a home workshop. It has received an engine upgrade that has the potential to grab your attention the moment that you bury your right boot. It is no wonder that the Charger has generated its share of interest since it was placed on the market. It is located in Litchfield Park, Arizona, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $10,900, and the reserve has been met.

I’m not going to pretend that a quick buff and polish is going to return this Charger to its best, because you can all see that it needs a bit more than that. There is rust visible, but it is nowhere near as bad as we’ve seen on some Chargers that have crossed our desks here at Barn Finds. As usual, we’re talking about rust in the lower rear quarter panels and the rockers, but it is all repairable. It appears as though there might be a small amount appearing around the back glass. If this is right, then that is also pretty common. There are some small spots visible in the bottom corners of the doors, but those should be able to be fixed with some patches. The owner provides some clear photos of the floors, and these feature little more than some light surface corrosion. The trunk pan has some rust-through in a couple of spots. These areas could be addressed with patches, but I would be inclined to bite the bullet and replace the pan entirely. Some of the trim and chrome is also looking tired, but I think that the grille could successfully be restored. All of the glass is present, and it appears to be in good condition.

The Charger isn’t a numbers-matching car, because it originally rolled off the line in Hamtramck, Michigan, with a 318ci V8 under the hood. That has gone the way of the dodo, and in its place, we find a 440ci V8. The Charger also features a TorqueFlite transmission and power steering. The Dodge doesn’t run or drive, and given the fact that the brakes don’t work, it doesn’t stop either. However, it does roll freely. This means that loading it onto a trailer should be a doddle. The engine looks a bit on the corroded side, and the owner doesn’t indicate whether it turns freely. Another thing that isn’t apparent is the specifications of the 440. It does wear a set of headers and a dual exhaust, but that’s about all that we know. Still, if the engine can be returned to good health, it would be more than capable of delivering 375hp or more. That would make the Charger one fast beast in a straight line.

Given the external appearance, the interior of the Charger holds no real surprises. It is nicely equipped, but it will require some work to return it to its best. It does appear to be mostly complete, although there is a hole where the radio should be. The Rally gauges appear to be in good condition, while I think that the console could be restored. Beyond that, this is an interior that will need the works. This is not going to be a cheap proposition because it will need to include a dash pad. I think that it’s pretty safe to say that there will not be much change from $3,000, but the interior will present beautifully once the work is complete.

If you were to go out tomorrow with a cool $30,000 in your pocket in search of a tidy and roadworthy ’68 Charger, you would almost certainly be going home feeling disappointed. They are out there, but they are also a rarity. Add another $10,000 to your cash pile, and you might just get lucky. However, if you want something that will turn heads, then you’d better have at least $60,000 at your disposal. This one isn’t going to threaten those sorts of prices as it currently stands. However, there is no reason why it couldn’t if it received the attention of the right person. Could that person be you?

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  1. dave

    Funny, it has ’64 Galaxie XL bucket seats.

  2. Joey Machado

    Never was a rallye dash. Just a stock Charger dash. Plymouth is where you get the rallye thingy.
    Non air. 440, bet it’s some years newer. Maybe, 300 horsies or less.
    Bet it came from a rust belt state.
    Seats, what is that?

  3. dyno dan

    this one has the “flood water ” option code.

    • Steve R

      What makes you think it was in a flood?

      Steve R

    • DON

      Looks like years of Arizona dust blown through the open window to me

  4. Gaspumpchas

    Yea, Dan, the way the engine has so much rust on it, plus the gauges look like they have mud on them. Rugs look funky also. like they have been wet. Not that this would make a difference anyway if you were going to disassemble anyway. Forewarned is forearmed, good luck and stay safe.

  5. TimM

    We have seen much worse in this model here!!!

  6. Joey Machado

    The building the car is by, is new.
    Litchfield area was a massive agricultural area. In 1964-5, I used to deliver Sulfur to the Glendale location for farming.
    Interstate 10 was not a highway. U S 60 was the main highway from Phoenix to Blythe, Ca.
    Wickenberg was a nice stop for a trucker along with Desert Center, Chiriaco Summit.
    I remember a good stop in Blythe and that cafe changed hands, and I was there Sunday, it was closed.
    Desert Center is dead. The Ragsdale family passed and nothing was kept up.
    Salome, Ariz was a fun stop, “Where She Danced” was painted on the wall. Words on wall are gone.
    If this Charger came from the area, may have been a farm hand. Sat out in the flash floods, etc, heat.
    You could not see when one came thru. Then the rain turned everything to mud, even your lungs. You and the car were breathing the farms chemicals.
    Was a sign of the times.

    • Stevieg Member

      Joey, I have a legal issue I need to resolve, but when it is handled I plan on moving to Arizona, probably the Goodyear/Buckeye area. I would love to meet with you and get some history of the area from you. Give me a call some time. My phone number is in my ads for the cars I am selling on Barn Finds. I have the white 1965 Delta & a 2 tone 1993 Sedan Deville that I just listed.
      My number will be maintained while I am away on vacation (going to spend between 9 & 15 months in the graybar hotel starting September 3rd).
      I love the valley area & have friends -n- family scattered all over down there, but none have been there more than 20 years. Sounds like you’ve been there a while!

      • Joey Machado

        Stevieg: I am in Palm Desert, ca. About 250 miles from Phoenix. My daughter has a home in Surprise, besides Colorado, Florida and Calif. My number is this desert town. Then 61 Imperial engine c i. Then 96 02. I will be in Ona, West Virginia the 13-16 of August for a 50th anniversary race. Be back end of August after I pickup another car I got in N C.

  7. dyno dan

    I stand corrected. what i meant was a “flood” of well intended hopes and dreams, happy thoughts, memories, and more innocent times. A time when your hand shake was your word. Trust, honor and integrity were ideals and beliefs. your car was an extension of who we were or are. a time of reflection. i would imagine on some level this car has potential and restoring to a point where a single once in a life time memory was made. stay safe everyone.

  8. Steve Bush Member

    Stevieg; glad to hear your sentence will be somewhat less than the two years you previously thought. Two years seemed excessive for your mistakes as many people serve only two years for way worse stuff than you or I would even think of doing. Praying that you are healthy and can return to your life/family and Barn Finds as soon as possible.

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