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Rusty Muscle: 1969 Plymouth GTX

Rusty 1969 Plymouth GTX

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what is happening to the paint on this GTX, but that’s just one of many questions I have for this Mopar. It looks like someone might have painted it in their garage at one point, but given all the rust I see, that is probably the least of this car’s issues. The seller claims it is a really GTX, not a clone, and currently has a 440 under the hood and a 4 speed in the cabin. I’d say the years in the barn weren’t kind, but I’m guessing this Mopar’s entire life has been a bit rough. You can have a look at this project here on eBay in Portland, Tennessee with a current bid of $6,100.

1969 Plymouth GTX 440

This car was originally optioned with a 440, as noted by the VIN, but the 440 that’s currently installed is date coded as a ’67. I’m sure there is a good story behind the engine, but it’s one I would want to look into before I bid. The seller states that the engine spins, but doesn’t mention if it runs. I would want to check the compression to make sure the engine is still good. The seller states this is the high compression 440 and I’ve heard of cars that actually left the factory with engines from a previous year installed. These cars were essentially dragsters built for the street, so I would guess the original was destroyed during a race and replaced with an engine of equivalent performance that just happened to be availabe.

1969 Plymouth GTX Project

And this brings me to my next question, was this car originally fitted with a 4 speed? The seller states that it currently has a New Process A833 4 speed installed, which isn’t the original. While I’m glad it has a new and hopefully working gearbox, I’m curious as to where the original went and why it’s gone. Was it just worn out, did it blow up while being raced, or was this car originally fitted with an automatic? Finding that answer could be difficult seeing as the fender tag is missing. The interior has been stripped of its carpets to reveal the floors, which look to be quite rusty. Given the desirability and fact that this GTX is a B-body car and shares its chassis with all the other Chrysler B-body cars of the era, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find replacement sheet metal, but there’s no denying that this is going to be a massive project to undertake.

1969 Plymouth GTX

I would absolutely love to have a GTX or a Road Runner, but I’m not sure this would be the one for me. Between the rust issues, missing fender tag and all the other questions, I think I would rather just find a Satellite or a Coronet that’s in a little better shape. But if you have to have a real GTX with a 4 speed, this one might be worth a closer look! Just be sure to ask lots of questions and be prepared for the worse when it arrives.


  1. Avatar photo Anastos

    Missing fender tag? Where do I sign up!

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  2. Avatar photo Marty Member

    There are companies that make new fender tags…

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    • Avatar photo steve

      Doesn’t do any good if you don’t know the options

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  3. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald


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  4. Avatar photo Sukey

    Missing fender tag ?

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  5. Avatar photo Mike D

    it looks to be the real deal, but, in sorry shape too bad it isn’t the original engine, or tranny console missing??? ( but, I wouldn’t stress about it) Looks to be an original plain Jane GTX ( tho they weren’t plain) I knew a friend of a friend who when new ordered a “plain” GTX in 68, he just wanted the 440, and it wasn’t available in the Road Runner that year , I never saw it, but supposedly he had it

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  6. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    These were fast cars back in the day, friend had a Road Runner 4 speed, and it was otherwise, just a so-so car. The paint is down to the primer ( pretty shoddy paint from the factory back then), the shifter appears to be correct. I’ve seen fancy GTX’s ( which this isn’t) with a console and with a center shifter and a long, bent shift handle( toward the driver) and plain one’s, like the RR, that had them off to the left, and a straight shifter, like this. Not sure how that worked. One thing is clear, someone doesn’t know what they are doing, as it appears they tried to get it running,( new coil and cap) but seem to have a plug wire from the left of the engine in the coil wire hole, and one doesn’t even have a wire and I wonder where the coil wire goes, and no vacuum lines anywhere. Personally, I’d stay clear of this one.

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  7. Avatar photo Chris

    I think it should have a Dana 60 if it was a real 4 speed car with a 440.

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    • Avatar photo Jim

      Chris, you are correct to a point. Most came with a Dana however, an 8 3/4 could have been ordered. I have seen other GTX’s with that rear.

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      • Avatar photo Chris

        I did not know that. On my 68 charger I heard they added the Dana 60 to handle the shock of manual shifting with the 440. The 440 automatics got the 8 3/4. I am not a mopar expert but I love having the charger.

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  8. Avatar photo Birdman

    Missing a plug wire…if it does run, it won’t run very well…

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  9. Avatar photo piper62j

    Looking at 3 – 5 years to bring this one back.. Missing tags could be ’cause it was stolen at one time.. or else, why would you remove them???? IMHO.

    Other than that, we’ve seen worse and they seem to sell…

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  10. Avatar photo Jasper

    I kinda like it nearly as is. Rough with no carpet. As would have been seen in 1982.

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  11. Avatar photo Mike

    From the opinion of somebody that worked it a body shop for years before branching out to auto parts supply company, the rust around the back window would be an issue for anybody, I would hate to say it but what is scrap yard prices these days in the area of this car. My Dad hung on to so many projects for is retirement years, but the day he choose to retire and asked me if I wanted to come back and run the shop, which I said no thanks, he has slowly hauled off all of the projects that got away from him. Even though he still owns a bunch of classic cars and trucks 9 classic mopars which include a 69 Roadrunner, 70 GTO, 68 Cornet, and a couple of Chevys, a 66 Impala SS, 63 Chevy BelAir, the car they bought the year I was born, a 70 Impala 2-door, 78 GMC Gentleman Jim, and 2 very pretty 1966 Ford f100, he has basically haul the rest to the crusher, the ones that did not sell at the auction.
    Oh Well you know what they say opinions are like a**holes everybody as one and some of them stink.

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  12. Avatar photo Jim

    Obviously not a lot of Mopar guys out there. Completed, this car could fetch in the low to mid 40’s if optioned as most of them were. Most if not all of these things need trunk and floor pans, rear quarters and outer wheel housings. Rust in the fenders can be cut out and replaced with new metal. AMD makes most if not all of the sheet metal for this horse. B body Mopar’s are becoming difficult to locate and bring a premium when found. Don’t be surprised if this horse brings mid 7’s to 8K in her work clothes.

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  13. Avatar photo Jim

    Oh yeah, there is a Mopar yard in Selma, NC that most likely has date code correct parts for this horse as well as many other Mopars

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  14. Avatar photo randy

    Sold, $6500.00

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  15. Avatar photo Troy

    Wow, some people are saying its landfill, not worth restoring ???

    MOPAR’s are all worth restoring, especially this car..

    If you cant do it yourself,then buy the $40,000 GTX.. if you can do it yourself, its worth it !!

    Factory paint on these were good,I have owned many MOPAR’s and the factory paint held up even 20 years old,shine etc..No primer shown through the car unless you live in Arizona then like any car over 5 years old it needs new paint if not looked after,or if you live in the rust belt 5 years even todays cars are rusty and need paint (chips rust etc)

    I have a 68 Charger RT my Dad bought in new 1968 and it has mostly original paint and looks like new,he had the paint repaired on the sides but hood,roof,trunk are original and mint..Sides from rock chips/road rash and parking lot door dings/chips..I don’t drive it much..

    I have a 69 Charger RT that was a rusty basket case I bought and restored to perfection,so all so-called clunker or land fill MOPAR’s are worth restoring..I don’t call any old MOPAR landfill or clunker etc…#Old MOPARS MATTER !!

    My Dad is 98 and decided to give/sell me the car(have 2 sisters so I gave them a cash infusion paid a fair price for it)…No,he didn’t drive it for years,didnt want the money,now we can fight for his house by the Ocean lol ,car is MINE !!!

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