44K Mile Cream Puff: 1977 Ford Granada

There are 4 days remaining in the auction for this 1977 Ford Granada. The car is claimed to only have traveled 44,000 miles since new. The car is well equipped with its factory 302 cubic inch V8 engine and it is still sporting its original wheel covers. The only thing hold this car back is that it is sitting next to an orange Corvette in the dealer’s showroom. Who would buy this car when you could have that Corvette?  What a contrast! However, you may have always wanted a 1977 Ford Granada. This one can be seen here on eBay. It has a current bid of $4,950. It is located in Gadsen, Alabama where it was bought new in the summer of 1977.

The Granada is being sold at no reserve and looks very clean. The factory 5.0 liter engine is probably the same 2 barrel carbureted V8 engine that came in the Mustang II. I think that engine was rated at 135 horsepower. This car has air conditioning and a column shifted automatic transmission. The Granada was sold new at Jim Skinner Ford in Alabama and has a production date of March 1977 on the data tag. The dealer states that the car comes with paper work and documentation.

The car appears to be original condition and has manual windows and door locks. The bench seat on this 2 door has plenty of room to slide over when going around corners and even the carpet looks nice. The seller states that the car has new tires. I had a good friend in college that drove a Ford Granada. It was dependable but he never had much luck with the ladies driving it. We normally took my 1979 Pontiac Trans Am when we wanted to go cruising. Needless to say, I don’t have any sentimental attachments to Granadas!

Overall, this is a survivor and quite the cream puff. The car looks solid and rust free. While the color combination is not the most exciting, it is a something that you don’t see everyday. Personally, I wouldn’t want to see it every day but to each his own! I am curious who is bidding on this car and what there intent is after they own it.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I like this more than Bruce, and more than the orange Corvette, “but to each his own.” It’s a clean, well-maintained, now rarely seen example of a common late 70’s car. The paint scheme is not exciting but at least it isn’t white/black/silver/gray like everything today. Bulletproof drivetrain.

    I always thought the Granada was well-done, especially given they were based on 1960 Falcons. It illustrates how good styling and packaging/trim and marketing helps make for a successful car, which it was. You could have some fun conversations at Cars & Coffee with this.

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    • Richard

      I bought the identical twin sister to this car last Oct. I had one in 1977, 2 years after high school. The only issue I have had is the power steering. It is nothing like I have ever seen. I have had a lot of classics in my 64 years, but this is the strangest thing I have ever encountered. Bought it love it. Brings back at lot of great memories.

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  2. Gerry Member

    The last car I had in Highschool handed down to my little brother when I went off to boot camp.
    Mine was the exact same color exterior but it had a blue interior and the straight 6.
    It was 10 years old and the roof was already peeling and the New England salt had got the lower quarters but she ran well and got me and my friends around many a weekend road trip to NH to buy fireworks etc…..

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Why can’t everyone treat a car like this

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    • Chester

      Not everyone, but more than someone. I am guessing this car was inherited decades ago from an elderly person. It got put in a garage somewhere and never used for what ever reason. Just a guess mind you. It sure would be nice to hear the back story on this one.

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  4. Bob C.

    The 302 only had 122 horsepower. It was the base 351 with the whopping 135.

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    • Chris M.

      Lol funny thing is this is the car that I learned the term sleeper. I knew a guy way back who had a turd brown Grenada. He put a warmed up 351 Cleveland and C6 out of a Torino. The car ran really good and shamed a few on back road races. The “Grenade” was a legend!

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      • BONE

        My buddy put a 351w from a Torino into his Mercury Monarch ; even with the stock Windsor motor it would really fly !

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    • Motorcityman Member

      Pretty sad hp numbers for a V8 when u consider I have a 97 Ford Ranger with the 2.3, 4 manual and it makes 112hp…..only 10 less!!

  5. Chris M.

    Lol funny thing is this is the car that I learned the term sleeper. I knew a guy way back who had a turd brown Grenada. He put a warmed up 351 Cleveland and C6 out of a Torino. The car ran really good and shamed a few on back road races. The “Grenade” was a legend!

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    • jwzg

      Please tell me you’re not from the Gulf Coast.

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      • jwzg

        There was a Grenada matching that description around Mobile, AL, that used to be seen around the Whataburger on the first Thu of every month. Nasty machine indeed, and IIRC, it had a beefy 9” and dumps.

      • Chris M.

        No western Pa. Lol

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  6. John Polacek

    Mine was kind of an odd one. Red with the half white vinyl tip, Ghia pkg. It had buckets and a console, but was a column shift auto. There was a woodgrain plate in the console that covered where a floor shift would be. It was a 6 cyl though. Sold it and bought a 65 Dodge Coronet 500 2dr ht.

  7. NextRow Johnny

    I also had a 77 Granada with the 250 ci six and 4 speed overdrive on the floor. No power anything…. steering, brakes, windows, locks…nothing. Built strong arms parallel parking on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. No one EVER saw a Granada with a stick.

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    • SirRaoulDuke

      A friend of mine in high school had one with the 4 speed stick. But that is the only one I have ever seen in person.

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    • al8apex

      my dad had the Mercury Monarch version, 6 & stick. He worked at Ford and that was his company “lease” car … ordered it how he wanted it …

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  8. Jason

    My great-grandmother had one of these, in green. We called it the Ford Grandma.

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  9. nlpnt

    Iacocca’s great crossover hit (not in the tall-wagon sense). Most of his cars were aimed either squarely at his own demographic (Mark III, Imperial revivals) or to meet the leading edge of the Baby Boom generation (Mustang, T115 minivans). The Granada was a car an empty-nester could downsize to from an LTD without feeling the neighbors would think they’d traded down, it was also a car a 20something coming from a clapped-out ponycar or VW bug could feel like a real grownup in.

    I’d rather have had a Nova with 305/4 speed/F41 (and four doors), though.

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  10. nlpnt

    Also, the Granada was advertised as resembling a Mercedes, or at least a Cadillac Seville. Maybe it’s because I was a year old when it came out and grew up with them as something that was always there, but the car’s appearance to me just oozes Ford-ness.

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    • Chester

      Yes, I remember the “Euro Look” offerings. They had blacked out plastic trim instead of fake chrome. Quite good looking, actually. My brother totaled out an almost new Granada via an absent minded deer crossing the road. Don’t remember how the deer ended up. That was a nice 302/auto, in a real pretty shade of blue.

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  11. Texas

    I had one, 76 I believe. 2 dr, dark blue, 6cyl. auto. no power steering or brakes. Had a/c thou. it was transportation. Nothing fancy or exciting at all. My parents had a newer year, 78? 4 dr. p/s, p/b a/c. 6 cyl. etc.

  12. Jcs

    Am I the only one that sees the burnt up dashboard?

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    • DON

      Very common on Ford and Mopar dash pads from that time ,and not just the tan ones . Saw a lot that had that burnt look to them, and we lived in CT. , so its not like they were constantly baked like in AZ !

  13. JoeNYWF64

    1st thing i would do is replace those out of place expensive(today) ford racing
    mirrors with regular chrome ones. & sell the racing ones separately or put them on a ’69-’73 stang, ’70-2 torino/montego, or even a ’71-73 pinto or maverick that didn’t have them – if you also had 1 of those cars.
    Hard to believe this Granada has a hood prop rod & my lowly boxy ’70 falcon had proper hood springs.
    One of the few cars that IMO looks better as a 4 door. I would want a black Monarch with a black interior – classy grill & 351 v8. & round headlites …
    I bet it fooled/would fool a few people seeing it, thinking you were rich, if you were the only passenger – in the back seat – all dressed. lol
    I know i won’t find 1 left today.

    • Howard Kerr

      I almost missed those somewhat out of place mirrors until I read your comment.
      I would keep the mirrors, tho, even if they look out of place. Oddly, my 89 Honda Civic wouldn’t have any mirror on the passenger side.
      Instead, I would source a set of those very sweet, lacey-look, alloy wheels that Ford/Mercury offered on many models in the mid 70s.
      Shame about that front bench seat.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Those mirrors look authentic to me, I had a triple white Granada Ghia 2 dr, with those racing mirror. To my mind they suited and complimented the car quite well with Magnum 500 wheels.

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  14. Vance

    Friend of mine had a firetruck red one with a white landau roof that his parent’s bought him for graduation. It was the only one in my high school, so when I pulled up behind him at a party, I knew it was his. I thought I would scare him so I threw open the door. Well, to my surprise, he wasn’t alone and only partially clothed with his best friend’s girlfriend. Let’s just say they weren’t talking about world peace. I’ll never forget the look on their faces, I apologized and slammed the door. He became our high school principal and she married her boyfriend. That was my most interesting story involving a Ford Grenada.

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    • Chester

      Old story, rich kids always got the girls. I am not sure if that is a slam on our society in general, or the ethics of many young women. For me, give me a woman that respects her man with a union card and a solid work ethic.

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  15. Ben T. Spanner

    We had a small fleet of them. All mid range, 6 cyl, auto PS PB A/C. They replaced Torinos which had replaced full sized Fords. Poorly done emission controls, just like ever body else. Crappy gas mileage.
    I was no Ford fan but I liked the styling the interior, for a mid range fleet car, and they drove ok.
    The Granadas were replaced by Escorts. They ordered one for me; I quit.

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  16. Sam Shive

    I saw many of these over the years that were turned into sleepers. Would love to have one some day.

  17. Patrick Anderson

    5k is way too much money to pay just to get the front control arms and discs for a ‘65 Mustang disc brake conversion.

  18. Novaman

    I love it ! My grandpa had a 4 door 1976 Granada with same interior and same paint color . It was like driving a tank . I am not a Ford guy but I would love to have this if I had more space . How many granadas do you see at a cruise

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  19. Gary Raymond Member

    Wow, lots of comments for such a ‘mundane’ car! I’m a Mopar guy, but grew up with fords, and it makes me happy to see such a car preserved for future generations. Not everyone could afford (or wanted) vehicles with more than one carburetor or a screaming chicken on the hood.

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  20. Bart

    My parents had a 77 Ford Granada. Biggest turd ever. “Cream puff” & “Granada” should never be in the same sentence.

  21. Faster Asteroid

    What a bummer of a write up. I would walk over the top of the corvette to look at the Grenada, I love it. A bench seat and manual windows? Perfect car.

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  22. Eddie

    Its kinda funny. Regardless what you thought of this car. It sure got alot of response.

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  23. Robert L Roberge

    My Mom had a ’76 Ghia 2dr ESS model. It was the 6 with 3 spd auto. You didn’t need a stopwatch to time the 1/4 but a calendar would work well.

  24. Mustang Mark

    I worked with a guy in the mid eighties who had a six cylinder one four speed that he put in a mustang 302 four speed posi rear end from a early eighties mustang- that Grenada really hauled after that!!!!

    • Motorcityman Member

      I have a friend in Oregon who collects Ford Fairmonts with the 302 ONLY…..he has a few and loves them for some reason!

  25. Gary

    I use to be a Lincoln-Mercury mechanic and I remember a black 1977 Mercury Monarch that had a six and 4 speed.It was 1977 and the thing was in the shop all the time for transmission issues. The only one I ever saw.

  26. Tom

    On the Seifield show, The Costansa family car parked at the Queens family house. Never moved because then he would lose the spot in front of house.

  27. Harry

    Surprised no one has commented about the sagging doors 😆

  28. Frank

    My family
    were commercial fishers who all owned trucks so in 1988 I bought this model in blue to be my dailey driver. I got it from an old man in my town who bought it new. It only had 11000 miles on it. The only thing wrong was the muffler rusted. He was nice and only charged me $500. Loved that car.

  29. Scotty McLaughlin

    I knew at least six people who bought Granada’s in 75 and 76. Every one of them had major problems like trans and electronics. They all were pretty pissed that their cars were always in the dealers shop, sometimes for days with no loaner cars to drive. One friend tried to trade his for aToyota but he owed more than the car was worth so he had to keep it. Typical of 70 s cars from all the big three

  30. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $6,200.

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