44k Original Miles: 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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If I could give classic car owners a single piece of advice if they decide to list their pride and joy for sale, it would be to take some time and effort to provide potential buyers with a decent array of high-quality photos. Simply pointing a camera roughly in the car’s direction, pressing the button, and hoping for the best will do the car and its owner a disservice. That is the case with this 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The supplied photos suggest it is a well-preserved classic with no apparent needs. However, with a picture worth a thousand words, drawing conclusions on some aspects of a vehicle with 44,000 genuine miles on the clock is impossible. The Monte Carlo is listed here on Craigslist in Gainesville, Florida. The seller set their price at $15,800, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Tony P for referring this ’70s gem to us.

Chevrolet introduced the Monte Carlo in 1970, with the badge remaining a staple of its model range until the last car rolled off the line on June 19th, 2007. The company produced the Monte Carlo across six generations, with this Second Generation car rolling off the showroom floor in 1976. Its presentation is hard to fault, with the seller indicating it received a repaint in its original shade of Lime Green approximately fifteen years ago. The paint continues to shine well, with no glaring faults in the admittedly limited exterior photos. The White vinyl top provides a striking contrast, with its condition as impressive as the panels and paint. The car retains its original Zeibart undercoat, allowing it to remain rust-free and rock-solid. The trim looks excellent, as does the glass. The Rally wheels and narrow whitewalls add a further touch of class to a vehicle that makes a positive first impression.

The color scheme of Green and White continues inside this Monte Carlo, and the result is striking once again. The White vinyl and plastic show no signs of stains or wear, while items like the Green wheel, dash, and carpet look excellent. Terms like “showroom” and “perfect” are overused, but the presentation of this Chevy could justify their inclusion in any advertisement description. Conclusively listing the included options is difficult, but the seller and photos confirm the new owner will receive air conditioning, an AM/FM stereo radio, tilt wheels, and a remote driver’s mirror.

Although the seller provides plenty of information on the recent mechanical work completed to ensure the Monte Carlo is a turnkey proposition for its new owner, they fail to inform potential buyers what hides under the hood. Monte Carlo buyers in 1976 could order their new car powered by a 305, a 350, or a 400ci V8. This meant that anywhere between 140hp and 175hp fed to the road via a three-speed Hydramatic transmission. The seller indicates the car is in sound mechanical health, listing a host of recent work designed to provide peace of mind to the new owner. They pulled the engine, replacing the seals and gaskets. The braking system, fuel system, carburetor, and transmission are freshly rebuilt, while the tires and suspension are new. The car runs and drives perfectly, and while they don’t mention verifying evidence, the collection of included documentation may confirm their claim that this Monte Carlo has a genuine 44,000 miles on the clock.

This 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo shows enormous promise, but the lack of photos and specific information makes it impossible to assess its relative worth in the current market. Much depends on what hides under the hood because the difference in potential value between a 305-equipped example and one with a 400 providing the motivation is around 40% in favor of the larger powerplant. Potential buyers must hope the seller is willing to answer questions because the engine capacity is the first of many that some may have. With those thoughts in mind, would you consider pursuing this Chevy further?

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  1. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Simply fantastic looking Monte, right on 70’s MoJo with that shade of green, inside AND out!

    Adam, correct on the lack of photos, one must include the obligatory engine shot, especially given this mill was pulled and completely gone through.

    I dig it!


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  2. Stan

    Take it easy on them Clarkey.
    Seen worse on here. 📸
    gorgeous Monte love the Colors.

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  3. NHDave

    Model year ‘76 Monte Carlos should have a grille-mounted emblem only. The stand up hood ornament was correct for 1977 Montes—wonder why this one has both. Beyond that, it appears to be quite nice.

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    • Bill Pressler

      The aftermarket pinstriping around the fender blisters is overkill too. Overall I like the ’76 best of that gen due to the no hood ornament and stacked headlamps, and full-height taillights.

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      • DON

        Funny, I like the 73-75s because of the round headlights !

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    • Sam

      My guess is they added the hood ornament because they wanted one – I see this a lot with early 70s Cadillacs, where only the d’elegance trims had hood ornaments, but people add them, and you end up with both the grill mounted (hood mounted on the Cadillac) and the true hood ornament. Personally I would have sourced a ’77 grill too, to make it look right.

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  4. CCFisher

    I want to buy it, register it with a personalized plate that reads, “KERMIT” and a license plate frame that says, “It’s not easy being green.”

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  5. timothy r herrod

    One of my friends had one just like this one back in high school, something was wrong in the odemeter when the mileage was 36999 instead of going over to 37000 it would roll to 36000.Got to see this several times, He got loaded up one night and and crashed it. No injuries just a dead car RIP Dwight

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  6. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    I was lucky to own two 76 Monte’s in white with red 1/4;top red interior and the other white interior. Both had 350-2 under the hood. Love the ride and the big fenders out front. This green one is Cherry. I would not mine owning this one. But you need a big garage to park it! 😂 Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  7. Davey Boy

    Owned three Monte’s in my travels.1. 1970 ALL GREEN!!! Vinyl top and all. 350 Horse 350. Blast.
    2. 1977. White with blue landau top. Blue seats, White center, Door panels and dash. 350 4 barrell.Floor shift auto.
    3. 1979. ALL GREY including the landau top. 305 column shift auto. I think for fun ride, the little one was the best but for looks and comfort, Definitely the 77. Really miss that car. No better highway car. But for getting attention it was definitely the 70. Took at least a half an hour just to get gas. Everyone wanted a look. If I could have only one back it would have to be the 70.

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  8. msheiner msheinerMember

    I’ve reached out to the owner for more details, specifically about the engine. Absolutely gorgeous!

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  9. Rod Lustila

    Great colors,great car,really nice

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  10. Brad460Member

    Growing up one of my school friends dads had one exactly like this. Remember getting rides in it, etc. Absolutely love this color. In 76 my dad ordered a new Ford pickup in a similar color, medium green glow metallic. To this day one of my favorites.

    This one is definitely a keeper and would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection. I just hope it’s kept stock and not LS swapped or rodded out. There are enough of those already to where they just blend in. This car as it is is a showstopper.

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  11. JMB#7

    Coach/Teacher in high-school had one of these in the same color. It seemed to be a much better built car than most Chevrolets of that era. Either he garage kept it, or this color just always appears to be clean! Nice find.

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  12. Bick Banter

    Bad pictures notwithstanding, this is one of the most attractive Collonades I have seen in awhile. Throw a set of white letter tires on it and it would be just gorgeous. Then beef up the motor with cam, carb/manifold, and true dual exhaust so it can keep up with modern traffic and you’d be good to go. Hopefully it’s a 350 or 400.

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  13. ACZ

    Says it has a new “breaking system”. How often can it break?

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  14. Neal Jacobsen

    I owned a 1970 M.C.
    I can say that I loved that car. When you drove it it felt like you were part of the car.
    Hope this Monte is that good.

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  15. John Oliveri

    Gorgeous car, I would be more in love with it, if it had the half top, and options, windows door locks, tilt and sunroof

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