45 Year Collection For Sale At $500 Each!


Located 40 miles east of Yuma, Arizona, this fleet of model year 1947 to 1976 derelict cars is described as a 45-year collection of vehicles. All are being sold for a firm price of $500 each. You can find the advertisement here on craigslist. The only thing common amongst all of the vehicles is that at least all of the pictured cars and trucks are of North American origin. I’ve attached some of the more interesting pictures below.


Here’s a nice Chevrolet. Note that while the paint has been baked off, leading to some surface rust, but at least the metal appears relatively solid. This seems typical of most of the cars offered by this seller. Even if you are looking at these as parts cars, which for those of us in parts of the country where there’s real rust would be a real crime, there’s an awful lot of good to great sheet metal here.


Maybe a Dodge? I’m guessing maybe 1952 or so? I’ll bet a knowledgeable Barn Finds reader can tell us! And maybe an Impala, Corvair and a Caprice visible behind? Again, lots of “sun rust,” but look at the bottoms of those doors and the edges of the trunk. It appears nice and straight as well.


Here’s a 64-67 Buick Sport Wagon, with the Vista Cruiser-like glass roof panels. It needs a windshield, but at least three of the four unusual roof panels are intact, and it looks like most of the trim in present apart from the hood lettering. Can anyone identify the sedan behind it?


I think this is a 1967 Mercury Monterey, but I could quite easily be wrong. It might be a Ford on the left of the picture, and I have no idea of the wagon behind the Mercury. If you’re interested in any of these cars, or just happen to be in the area, please get us some more information. This looks like a fun collection to wander through, and at $500 per car, it wouldn’t be that hard to come home with one or two prizes!


  1. jim s

    looks like a junkyard that is closing down. instead of them paying to crush and haul away the seller wants buyers to pay then spend their own money to haul away. might work out for the best as it looks like there is a lot of good metal and parts. a lot more vehicles in the background of photos, but sure what the price of those would be. nice find.

  2. Joe

    Here is the full lot if interested (a couple of 2 door cars mixed in, judging by one hood, looks like a 72-ish sport fury ):


    • Joe

      Correction, in the complete inventory list one of them looks like a 1970 Sport Fury.

      May have something interesting under the hood, if engine is still with it.

    • jim s

      some nice trucks, i see a beetle in the background, and a mazda with a rollbar plus drag slicks. plus much more. thanks for the link.

    • David Frank David Member

      Thanks for providing the link! There are a lot of 4 door cars there but lots of cars like this 64 Chevelle that might be worth restoring, as well as several 2 door cars like the Nova in picture 6.

  3. Chebby

    Some neat models in there, but I think calling this assembly of motley wrecks a “collection” is a bit of stretch.

    More like a ‘horizontal pile’.

  4. Frankie Paige

    Looks like a 53 Plymouth Cranbrook

    • Mark S

      Removable rear fender tells me 51or 52 right about the make though

  5. Donnie

    nice demo cars

  6. Matt Tritt

    Fodder for the compacter!

  7. Donnie

    almost as good as a ugo in great shape

  8. Lee

    I think most of the “Sport” is gone from the Fury by the year and the condition– Under the hood?? maybe a rattlesnake /Lee

    • Joe

      Could be a real venomous rattle snake in the air cleaner of a 440 with 350hp which was an option for this Sport Fury.

  9. Mike D

    he actually had ( has) a website most look like they have been baking in the sun, but solid metal He has a couple of Montes and that Skylark wagon why start with a rust bucket? some of those vehicles haven’t seen in forever in any condition

  10. randy

    Here again, if we were closer, I’d bring a trailer!!
    His leading line on the ad is, 500.00 for the leading car, the rest are more. Did I miss something?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Randy, take another look…I think the line about cars in the picture means some of the background cars aren’t for sale. The $500/car price is pretty clear (I think).

      • randy

        That’s how I would understand it also, but the proviso would make me call first. The old bait and switch comes to mind. The two statements seem to be mutually exclusive.

  11. Gary

    Nice group of old iron, for me I would need a double trailer so I could buy and haul the ’64 Buick Vista Cruiser Sport Wagon and the two door ’64 Special. Guess it is a good thing I don’t live closer, this is sooo very tempting..

  12. Chebby

    Not to be a hater, because there is plenty of neat junk here, but the website screams MUSCLE CARS all over the place, yet there is not a single actual muscle car anywhere in this pile.

  13. Tom

    #16 is a 49 – 50 Desoto!

  14. Bruce E

    A lot of these cars don’t do much for me, as most have too many doors. The one thing I drool over is the condition of the metal on these cars. I guess you can tell I’m from the “rust belt, Northeast” !!! 70’s era trucks were in the rust crusher by the mid 80’s where I live in upstate N.Y. !!!!

  15. Howard A Member

    As far as the cars themselves go, not a heck of a lot, however, what I would do, if I was 20 years younger, buy them all, take them apart, and sell the parts to a restorer. Like those tail lights from the ’65 Starfire, or a ’66 Plymouth grill. Most windows seem down or open, so the insides and mechanicals are shot. Heck of a parts haven though.

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    dang….I saw the wagons….getting up…..then the….more so…..wow….good stuff there…thanks for sharing…..

  17. Willte

    The 73 Chevelle Malibu is the car that caught my eye. Was my first car wish I still had it.

  18. Mathisc

    Reminds me of the junkyards in North Dakota around Minot AFB! Lots of cool older lead sleds in relatively good shape.

  19. josh h

    The ad seems to have been flagged for removal. Hm.

  20. George

    The ad is gone, but their website shows a number of the cars. Probably now that all of their muscle cars are gone, it’s time to eliminate the rest.

    • randy

      That’s what I was thinking George, all the muscle is gone, nothing left but bones.

  21. MikeW

    Mostly 4 door parts cars, a few great ones, the Lincoln, Rivera, but would cost more to get running than they would be worth..Thanks for link Joe.

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