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450 HP Survivor: 1970 Chevelle SS 454

To many, 1970 was the pinnacle year of the muscle car. For Chevy fans, the 454 replaced the 427 and an LS6 was rated at 450 hp right out the factory. Reports are that just 4,475 cars were built with that engine for 1970, but there is no further breakdown between coupes, convertibles or El Camino’s. The seller’s SS has been certified as both the real deal and original and looks nearly flawless. We’re told it runs well and needs nothing. Originally a Georgia Chevy, it resides now in Orange County, California and is available here on craigslist for $135,000. Thanks, Pat L., for steering this tip our way!

Because of the cars’ popularity then and now, these Chevrolets are some of the most often cloned muscle cars on the market. So, when looking for one, be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. With this example, we’re told it’s as it rolled off the assembly line (with one exception) but with 64,000 miles on the clock. It’s been certified by Chevy expert Jerry MacNeish and is also registered as #0049 in the LS6 registry. According to MacNeish’s report, this car is an “extremely original and unrestored” automobile that should remain unrestored.

The seller’s is quite specific in indicating that only 12 percent of the Cranberry Red paint isn’t original due to touch-ups over the past 50 years. Rust is not an issue and the black stripes have also held up nicely. For those of you who are sticklers on tag codes matching up, the #756 Strato-back black bucket seats are no longer there. It seems that when the car was first purchased, the buyer wanted a white interior, so the dealer swapped out the seats and door panels with another car. The rest is black.

Assembled at the Chevy plant in Atlanta, that powerful LS6 has remained untouched. That being said, the other features of the engine must also be original: Holley 780 cfm carburetor, low-profile dual plenum aluminum Intake manifold, large valve cast Iron heads, solid lifters, forged steel crank, four-bolt main and 11:1 pistons. The Muncie M22 HD 4-speed and 12-bolt rear axle presumably are also from the factory.

The list of options on this car seems to include just about everything except factory air. That would include the black vinyl top which still looks great, power front disc brakes, power steering, AM/FM AC-Delco radio, and the special cowl induction hood. Resale values on these cars are varied due to cloning and condition. For every ’70 SS 454 you find for less than the seller’s asking price, you’ll find another that’s higher. So if this car is in your budget range, what are you waiting for?


  1. alphasud Member

    This is one bass *ss car. I love the 70 Chevelle with its quad headlamps. You could build yourself a clone for less if you had no intentions of showing the car. Or you can pony up and spend the money on the real deal. If anyone wants to see one bad*ss car chase scene you need to see the movie Jack Reacher. I only hope the movie studio used a bunch of clone 70 Chevelle’s in the chase scenes. What’s not to love about this car! It’s about as special as a 67 Corvette 427 with the L71 engine. Baseball, apple pie, and big block Chevrolet!

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  2. 8banger 8banger Member

    Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet! HA I remember that jingle!

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  3. Mitchell Gildea Member

    This. This car I need. Not desire, need.

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  4. Gate1967

    Whatever it goes for, it’s worth every penny. Just beautiful.

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  5. Big_Fun Member

    A/C wasn’t available on LS6 engines – just like the DZ 302 and the L72 & L88 427. The high performance versions didn’t offer it. Believe it was because of the pulleys would have rick of throwing a belt at high rpm”s.
    Someone here elaborate, please.

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    • Steve R

      This car is pretty basic and wasn’t loaded up with option. I don’t see power windows or door locks, tilt column, sport steering wheel, rear defroster, low washer warning among others.

      It’s nice, but I’d want to see pictures of block stampings and other casting dates and codes. That’s what’s really important when verifying a cars authenticity and “survivor” status.

      Steve R

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    • Keith

      Any solid lifter motor was not available with a/c would throw bolts at the high rpm these engines made.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        It seems odd that Chevy did not simply design deep enough groove pulleys for PS & AC on big block solid lifter motors.
        Back then, didn’t some overseas OHC motors that revved even higher offer PS & AC using simple v-belts(before serpentine belts came out)?
        I think chevy lost a lot of money because PS & especially AC back then were not cheap options!
        Was the solid lifter 302 & 1970 z28 350 avail with PS & AC? How out the Boss 351?

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      • Steve R

        Power steering was available with high horsepower solid lifter engines, only AC wasn’t. When you ordered a solid lifter engine every pulley on every accessory was deep groove, including the smog pump.

        Steve R

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      I think the no A/C is the same reason most didn’t have power steering. The belts would come off the pulley. The alternator could be ordered with a deeper groove pulley.

    • Glenn

      Had a 66 Hemi Satellite and no AC was offered. Dealer told me the AC compressor would no take the rpm?


      AC killed HP back then.
      My 70 had no AC and it wasn’t even a BB

  6. Troy s

    That would be the reason AC wasn’t available on those particular engines, that and the fact no sissy la la’s ordered AC on their street race terror anyways, ha ha.
    1970 was the peak year for General Motors really, with the 400 inch limit dropped finally on mid sized cars. Mopars had the same engines, Ford had an all new completely different big V8…all of one whole cubic inch larger at 429, the smallest in displacement from the big three. This here LS6 454 was brutal to say the least, massive torque with a strong top end charge. A proposed LS7 would have been the extremely rare but most highly idolized Chevelle ever built.
    Beautiful car up there, like the black on white contrast interior, like everything about it. Only thing I don’t like is I’m not driving it down Main street USA. Shucks.

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    • Oldskool

      Got a M22?

  7. EPO3

    Steve R is right on the money .Proof is in the pudding.Still a beautiful Chevelle

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  8. EPO3

    But look how the black stripes just melt in to that beautiful red paint kudos to the painter

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  9. Money Money Money

    I luv the car but not the price.

    Hmm Yenko, Split Window, C2 427,Sheilby GT500 , Hemi Mooar…Super Bird or BB Chevelle?

    Sorry its super cool but there yet…

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  10. Tom H

    Had a’70 LS 5, 454 SS. Muncie 22 Rock Crusher. And, all the accessories inc. AC. It also was a Helluva car. The 360 HP rating I believe was for insurance purposes only. I’m betting it was more up around 390-410 easily. Wish I still had it.

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  11. Superdessucke

    The only thing I will ever buy with a six-figure price tag has a PIN number assigned to it. But I guess for the person who just has money to burn this would be good examples bbn of an apex muscle car.

  12. Three Pedal Steve

    There is a red ’70 SS454 here locally that I have been watching. It was parked under a steel roof shed twenty five years ago along with a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado. Interesting stable mates, within plain sight from a US highway. Maybe it’s time to find the owner?

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  13. BigBlocksRock

    I want it! Too bad I’m poor.

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  14. ChevelleSS

    Simply Spectacular!! So amazingly original, even down to the original and extremely elusive resonator tailpipes. Drool just dropped off my chin…

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  15. Mark Bowser

    I like the 67 or 69 better but 135k for a Chevelle? Never!

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  16. TA

    Took a 1970 454 4 speed, red with white stripes, for a spin about 15 yrs ago before delivering it to the classic car dealer in town. 110 mph across town and 115 mph back to the garage before the police helicopter could get in the air. It got delivered safe and sound the next day.

    Cool car but not $135K cool.

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    • Keith

      Yes if you just saw the Mecum auction most were close to the 135k and the Ragtop went for 385k That is crazy money

  17. Chuck

    Not too many six figure automobiles residing in barns to be “found” in these parts. Don’t know where you’re from, but I’d sure like to check out the barns around there.

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  18. Jack Member

    Tom H said he had a 70 LS 5, 454 SS, Muncie M-22 Rock Crusher with A/C. It probably was special ordered like the one I had. That same LS5 was rated as 390 hp in the 70 Corvette. That combination might not have been the LS6, but it was car that was still very special with the 500 ft pounds of torque. It was a lot of fun on the street.

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  19. Keith

    Yes the LS-6 is a powerhouse and having built one up to race can say there is not a better car for doing this too. Wish I would have kept that one.That car ran 12.50’s with headers and L60 x15 tires on the back every weekend I raced it. Never raced it after I built it but somewhere in the 10 second range was for sure. Anyone ever run a big block chevy with 5:13 gears and power shift at 7500rpm should experience just once.

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