The Most Valuable Square Body In Existence?

UPDATE 1/11/19 – Bidding didn’t meet reserve at $19,600 the first time around, but now the seller has relisted it here on eBay for $42,500! Could this really be the most valuable square body in existence?

FROM 11/23/18 – This 1980 Chevrolet C-20 Silverado Pickup is originally from Canada. For reasons that aren’t clear, very early in its life, it was sealed up in a barn, and that’s where it has been until very recently. In that time it has traveled a claimed 450 miles. Now that it is out of the barn and back on the road, it is looking for a new home. You will find the Silverado listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Holliston, Massachusetts, and is being offered for sale with a clear title. Bidding has currently reached $5,300, but the reserve is currently unmet.

I can already hear some people crying “foul” on the mileage claim. I don’t know if the owner has any documentary evidence to back this claim, but I certainly hope that he does. Having said that, there are certainly some indications throughout the vehicle which lend credence to the claim. Let’s start with the appearance of the vehicle. I am going to treat the Silverado as being original because it essentially is spotless and in the sort of state that you would expect of a vehicle with this mileage. The paint has a nice shine to it, the chrome and trim look good, there are no signs of rust, and the bed is virtually unmarked.

As with the exterior of the vehicle, the interior is also spotless and original. The dash is complete and unmolested, while the dash pad is completely free of cracks and discoloration. The wheel also has none of the wear present that you would come to expect from a high-mileage example.

The seat looks virtually new, and there doesn’t appear to be a mark on it. The door trims also look really good, as does the carpet and headliner. There is also a shot of the ashtray, and that definitely has never been used.

Under the hood is a 350ci engine, backed by an automatic transmission. This is about as clean as an engine gets, and those markings on the firewall tend to support the stated mileage claim. According to the owner, no refurbishment work was required to bring this Silverado back to life. The entire fuel system was cleaned and purged, along with similar treatment for the brake system, and the Pickup is up and running. About the only thing that required replacement was the tires. The truck now runs and drives like new.

This 1980 Chevrolet Silverado is a vehicle that presents incredibly well. It is really hard to find anything to fault on it, which is hardly surprising for a 38-year-old vehicle that has apparently only covered 450 miles. In this case, it is virtually impossible to place a relative value on it, because nothing comparable has come onto the market in the recent past. Since I’m at a bit of a loss on this one, what do you think that it is worth?


  1. Howard A Member

    Wow! As self-appointed mileage guru, this clearly the real deal. This thing going to be flipped more times than a pancake at IHOP. How can one compare this to the tired one a while back for twice the price. I wonder, do people like selling the beater for twice the price, ever think, “Hmm, maybe I did ask too much for mine”,, nah, there’s no remorse in used cars. This won’t be here long, and if you want something like this, the “early access” feature when you become a member, could bring home the bacon for you. Wonder what the story was?

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    • John m leyshon Member

      The sellers brother in law was the assistant to the assistant of the assistant managers sisters friend. What more do you need to know !

      (dont take me seriously, nice submission)

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    • Whiskytango

      My guess it was a farmer bought to avoid paying tax to federal government. Did’nt really need it but figured he beat the tax man! Similiar stories on prairies when auctioning estates.

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      • Sidney

        That really irritates me about our tax system. We need to have people PROVE that something is a business expense or else it can’t be written off. Gosh Mr Taxman, I really think I need a hemicuda, I would rather have that then pay taxes. Would that fly? Just like when I see a farmer with a tiny yard mowing his lawn in front of the house with a 10K John Deere lawn mower. We all know it is a tax write off. I can’t write off my lawn mower, even if I have a much bigger yard. We all know that JD isn’t helping milk the cows or plow the fields. Same as seeing a 70K pickup with farm plates that is spit polished. Do you think he is going to haul manure in that bed? Do I think our government spends too much and taxes too much? Yes, but we need a little fairness here too. In my practice I will not even write off my personal car as a needed expense I know those who have high end European luxury cars they write off because they say they use it at work. Yeah, right. They drive to work in it. My neighbors all have cars to do that too, but they can’t write them off. I knew a guy who once wrote off a Ferrari as a company car, got away with it for a number of years until he was audited, even then, didn’t get fined, just told he couldn’t do it any more. yes, the tax system is tilted towards the high end.

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  2. Hoos Member

    I would soooo love to have this, but I’d want to drive it, destroying the value. I had an ’80, brown with tan, and the diesel engine. It had been my Father-in-law’s truck, and he had put a rebuilt engine and transmission in it a few years prior. I bought it as a daily driver. Eventually the tin worm got too much of it. I really enjoyed it while I had it.

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  3. Classic Steel

    Man now I can tell my dad where I tied on a big one in in Canada 🇨🇦 with my buddies back in High School one weekend and took his new truck out in the country evading the Mounties for that lil incident at the the Tim Horton Pancke house at two AM and hid it in a barn somewhere but couldn’t remember where the next day .

    We had many double doubles trying to sober but had to go home empty handed to an angry pop.

    Okay seriously seems like a nice truck but once you put more miles on it then it’s just a regular 2-3 grand pickup.

    Good luck to new owner or flipper de gibber agan

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    • cyclemikey

      2-3 grand? On what planet? 73-87 Chevy pickups are one of the hottest models in the collector world. This wouldn’t be 2-3 grand even if it had 200,450 miles on it.

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  4. Nick

    Impressive. With tilt wheel and no AC, but hopefully it finds a good home, maybe a collector who will preserve it.

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  5. Robert S

    IMHO, it looks like it’s already in the hands of a flipper, the bidding is low right now, but, anyone knows what the reserve is? I’d like to think it’s quite high. Good luck to the new owner!

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    • Steve R

      He’s not a flipper, he’s a dealer. His eBay store has 26 other cars listed for sale.

      I’m sure it’s not going to be cheap, they may be listing the truck with a high reserve so they can get the word out about it’s existence before the big auctions in Arizona this coming January.

      This will never be driven much, the only mileage it’s likely to see is to and from local shows.

      Steve R

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      • JC

        So a “dealer” is not a “flipper”? Hmmm… uh, ok. :)

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    • 79malibu

      Sold for $19,600.00 and asking price from the flipper is $39,500.00. Too bad someone is doing that. Takes it out of the price range from us normal guys, to unobtainable for even upper middle class. I thing I haven’t seen anyone including the add mention is the dual fuel tanks!!!!. Anyway, A beautiful truck!

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      • jdjonesdr

        Didn’t sell. It didn’t reach the reserve price before the auction ended. I don’t think the flipper is going to see anywhere near 39,500 for that truck, no matter how nice it is.

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      • Lew

        I paid $35,000 for this truck 2 years ago and currently have it listed for $37,500. I’m sure you’ll find a problem with that also. I sold it’s brother, a 1980 C10 with 950 miles to a Cincinnati Chevy dealer. They were found together.

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  6. Robert White

    I bought an 81 305 Canadian GMC 2500 for $500.00 in 95 and did the body work & painted it so I could drive it without getting pulled over. That truck was the best vehicle I ever had and lasted over a decade too.

    Eventually, I cracked a head due to forgetting to tighten up the rad belt which allowed the water pump to slip instead of grab the belt and turn.

    Very dumb mistake on my part but luck had it that my transmission went on it before I decided to do anything about the cracked head.

    I sold the truck to a wrecker for $90.00 so it only really cost me $410.00 to drive a 2500 GMC for over a decade.

    Great truck at highway speed too. Take the original carb off and run an old intake and 850 Holly for the extra long end.

    Can’t say enough good things about this era GM truck.


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    • Gregory J Mason

      Nice Merc Bob. Made me forget about the Chevy the minute I saw it.

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      • jdjonesdr

        Looks like the rear springs are pretty tired. Front one aren’t doing much better.

        Shouldn’t be too hard to fix though.

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    • Miguel

      Robert, why did you post that picture if you are talking about a GMC truck?

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    • Fred Alexander

      Why not – – – got our attention – – -yes?

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  7. Gasoline

    This was featured 6+ months ago if I recall correctly. There were 2 trucks that this farmer in western Canada (Saskatchewan or Alberta) had and were bought new and stored in a barn and never used. The other was brown I think. Both were long box, so not too desirable really other being “new”. The reserve must be very high as it’s likely the original dealer who bought it from the farmers collection.

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      Yep, you are right Gasoline. Clicked the link below the post and there they are. 37k for this 3/4 ton and 34k for the brown 1/2 ton.
      I bought a new similarly equipped 3/4 ton in 83, and my cost was under 11k. I was going to say I thought this truck was worth about that much. If I bought it I would use it every day. But 37k… even if I could afford it, I would have to pass. Seems like a lot of folks are trying to hit a home run on some cool, but ho-hum vehicles.

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    • Steve S

      Gasoline: I will not own a truck unless it has the 8 foot bed and a 4×4 preferably since you can hual just about anything you want in a 8 foot bed without having to leave the tailgate down or have to waste time finding a trailer or hooking up to a trailer like you would have to do with a worthless 6 foot bed or smaller

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  8. Camaro Joe

    Really nice truck, but it’s going to end up with a collector who can’t drive it without ruining the resale value. I have an 84 Chevy 1/2 ton short bed 4X4 that I inherited from my Dad when he passed away in 2006. My uncle owned it for many years before that, so it was around the family for all but the first two years.

    Despite the fact that I expected it was an upside down project, I did it because Dad and my Uncle liked it. I figured it was worth maybe $1800 when I got it, and it had 100,000 miles in the NW PA rust belt. But they always kept it oiled and did whatever body work it needed, so it was still “kind of restorable.”

    After a Texas bed and doors, some serious cab patches, a couple repo front fenders, and a paint job, it looks nice enough to take to a show. 10 years later the market is up and it’s probably a $10K + truck. But I can’t get rid of it because it was Dad’s, so I’m stuck with a nice 4X4 truck that I can’t drive in the winter. Worse than that, I’m not going to let a couple 69 Z/28 Camaros sit in the barn while I drive the truck in the summer. If you haven’t hit a PA pothole
    with this vintage truck in a while, it will hurt. The truck’s still useful once in a while in the summer.

    But I still like it, so it stays and costs me money. And it’s red, has rally wheels and fat tires, so I’m forced to like it.

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    • Tony Cox

      Camaro Joe, I really appreciate the honor and respect that you hold for your father and uncle. Not only would my attitude be similar to yours about not wanting to sell while also preserving it, but desiring long term to find someone who will appreciate the care that was put into it given the story associated with it. Sadly, for some a story is just that. Enjoy it while you can because the next owner(s) may not care as much. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  9. jdjonesdr

    Sorry, I’d buy it and drive it if the price was decent. It would be nice to have a new truck again for a while.

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    • Art M.

      Not exactly the same situation, as this one has only 450 miles, but I have a 1972 Chevelle (Malibu) that I bought a couple of years ago and at the time it had 42K miles on it and its a pretty nice old car. It was mostly orginal. The first year I owned it I put a little over 10K miles on it and it now has about 57K miles on it.

      I have upgraded the brakes to disc, radial tires and Torq Thrust wheels. I installed new springs, headers and dual exhaust (manifold was warped and the pipes were old and ratty), and an electronic ignition to make it more driver friendly.

      The previous owner had only driven it 2K miles in the 16 years before I got it. He passed away and the family didn’t want to keep, so I ended up with it. Everyone kept telling me not to drive it, as it would lower it’s value. It may have lowered it value to others, but driving it only increased the value to me. I think cars (and trucks are meant to be driven. Of course that’s just my opinion.

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    • JC

      Checked the dealers website… has it listed for $39,500…🙄

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  10. Matthew James

    This one was on here in the spring.. Still an awesome truck.

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  11. Steve S

    Hey art in with you when I had 2 vehicles I drove 1 as a work vehicle and I switched back and forth between both vehicles as an everyday vehicle

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  12. JC

    Really nice truck but the only way to keep it rust free would be to drive it right back into a sealed garage… otherwise it will be a rust bucket in 5yrs. It’s confounding what people are willing to pay for these old trucks that were mediocre at best when new but… to each his own I suppose.

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  13. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    A quick search of the vin reveals that it sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction back in 2007 for $33,000. Here’s the link:

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    • Ken

      So much for that “sealed in a barn until very recently” crap, unless more than a decade is considered “recent.”

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    • BigCat

      Excellent find. This truck will be flipped more than IHOP flips pancakes.

    • packrat

      Seems like it’s about time for it to go back to BJ’s, for another round of upselling. Get the right guy showing up soused in a private jet and we could double that ’07 number.

  14. Miguel

    Does anybody know why Chevy and GMC used this grille and headlight configuration for only 1 year?

    It didn’t seem to cost efficient.

    • local_sheriff

      It was to differentiate between the budget trim levels(Custom/Deluxe) and the more posh ones. The round headlights were still used on the lower trim versions in 1980, with the square lamps optional and came standard on the Cheyenne. They’re not that different, as they use same radiator wall.Just different bezels and headlamp buckets. PERSONALLY I’d backdate any square lamp C/K to round headlamps the moment I’d drag it home!

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  15. Myron

    So is this a C or K model? there is a difference. C is two wheel drive and K is four wheel drive. This kills me when people list something on Ebay or Craigslist and do not know what they have. GM denote C/K model in there catalog to reduce the costs of there brochures because at the point of the brochure your truck is not built yet.

    • Miguel

      Actually once the 1988 model came out, this body style was referred to as the R/V style, at least from 1988 to 1991

    • jam

      That bothered be too. It looks like a C20

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  16. Derek

    Gorgeous truck I didn’t know these had such pretty dashboards.

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  17. Karl

    Wow the only knock looks to be it’s only 2 wd. Is it possible this is the real thing? Sure looks like it, classic steel brought up such a great point when used you actually watch the rust forming on these pickups, these are what I grew up with. So it gets bought, it can’t be used for virtually anything, it has to be stored inside at all times. I think it’s one of the most beautiful old completely worthless because you CAN’T use pickups I have ever seen!

    • glen

      I agree, it would be so much better with 4 wd. It’s price is so close to $15,000. If it was a K, (and cheaper), I could, and would USE this truck.I wouldn’t care about putting miles on it.

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  18. John

    A lot of jaw flapping here.

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    • Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

      John. That’s the whole idea of having a forum. Some of us can learn a lot while reading other peoples comments even if we don’t necessarily agree with them.

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      • packrat

        Agreed, Ken. Along the lines of, “A lot of older vehicles here.”

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  19. Steve S

    I grew up driving a 2 wheel drive 82 Chevy truck with an 8 foot bed and I would drive this truck and use it like a truck if I had to but like I said before I prefer 4×4 trucks with the 8 foot bed and nothing shorter than that for a bed

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    • glen

      I feel like clicking thumbs up 1000 times because you said; “8 foot bed and nothing shorter”.

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  20. Steve M Member

    Grew up with a 77,80, and 87 Chevy pu’s just like this one. They were all big blocks and worked them hard. Seeing the price on this truck makes me sick. They were trucks ment to work hard. Could never do that with this one at that price.

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  21. Bradley Howe Member

    Wish i could swing it as i feel its worth 40k. Im into well preserved vehicles especially because they were common and hum drum yet survived. Look at buick gn/gnx. Quite a few low mileage examples around because when new the owners knew theyd be collector items so they got preserved. This kind of vehicle was never intended to be a collector so its simply amazing that it survived.

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  22. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    What was that auction in Nebraska a few years back ?

  23. cyclemikey

    The barn this was parked in must have had a dehumidifier right next to the truck. It’s like new. To all those who are proclaiming that they’d just drive it, because it would be fun to have a new truck – why don’t you just go and buy one? This truck will sell for 35-40 grand, and you can just go down to your local dealer and buy a new truck in this same base-spec for that money.

    Then you wouldn’t have to give in to that weird nihilistic urge to reduce this one to everyday junk, just to say you did so.

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    • Howebrad460 Member

      Agree. Why ruin and use up a piece of history that isnt made anymore when you can use up something theyll gladly make more of

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    • local_sheriff

      Would much rather buy this truck than any new truck, any day! This one deserves a caring owner to keep it as a hobby vehicle – not just end up in a cocoon. Though the milage would increase with usage this would never be used up if kept by an enthusiast.

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  24. Derek

    It’s a shame people can’t just say nice truck and move on. So many on here just love leaving negativity. They either tear it to pieces complain how overpriced it is or post a laundry list of it’s shortcomings.

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  25. Camaro Joe

    The front fenders rusted off this generation of trucks in four years in the PA salt. They only lasted that long if you had Zebart do them when new. Otherwise they were toast almost immediately. Zebart put several sets of fenders on my 77 PU.
    Don’t think about buying this one and driving it in a humid climate, that won’t work. They were rust buckets, this one needs a climate controlled garage.

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  26. Jason

    Any car/truck can survive in the rust belt if the proper care is taken. Here is a 76 C10 i found at an estate sale 15yrs ago for $800. 44K on the clock at time of prchace, now has 47K on it. I6 w/3 on the tree. Pic from yesterday when i ran it 1st time since April to pick up a 6.2 diesel & tranny. Truck is a PA truck. They can survive

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    • John T.

      Hey Jason, Please consider me an interested buyer.

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  27. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Take that, Ended: Nov 26, 2018 , 3:37PM
    Current bid:US $19,600.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 65 bids ]

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  28. Howard A Member

    Well, this certainly doesn’t make a lick of sense. While we figured out it is the real deal, but it doesn’t sell at $19g’s, which is still too much, so they up the price to what,,$42? Got to be the biggest rip off yet.

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  29. Bluetec320 Bluetec 320 Member

    It is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and I believe that number is $19,600. Looks like the flipper is upside down on this one!

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  30. jw454

    I’m sitting here thinking “How did the seller arrive at that price” ? There is no appraisal that shows it has comparable vehicles selling for that. I looked at some of the dealer’s other cars and he seems to be equally as proud of them as well. He isn’t selling cars to put food on his table. If he was, he’d probably be pretty hungry.

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  31. David

    Hagerty puts a #1 example at $31,100. Wow…

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  32. Mountainwoodie

    Not a fan of the square bodies but that said anything original is nice. If not the most valuable 1980 certainly its the most expensive.

    As for “John’s” comment about the “jaw flapping” , my take is that thats why we’re here :) Think of it as therapy for folks who shake their heads often when they read car ads……stick around a while and like me you’ll learn a lot amidst the jaw flapping and head shaking

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  33. bob

    This is 1/2 of the same ad/sale that started out some time ago. I looked for the original ad but can’t locate it. The other truck must be gone. I’d like to have it but the buy now price is in the dreamer category. Seller is a flipper, and I do hate them, so I hope he never sells it.

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  34. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    I had a 1983 Triumph TSX 750cc motorcycle that I found with 11 original miles. Couldn’t ride it as the value would decrease with every mile I put on it so I sold it, took the money and bought a new Kawasaki Vulcan that I could ride and still do. This is a spectacular truck but it’s destined to be a trailer queen and as such, to me, it’s useless. If I can’t drive it, I don’t want it.

    I currently have a ’72 Galaxie 500, mostly original, that I bought in the early ’90’s with 34,000 original miles. 25 or so years later, it has 52,000 miles showing. I enjoy every minute of driving it.

    So put this Chevy in a museum and trailer it to shows. I’d be happy to jump into my Galaxie and drive over to see it.

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  35. Karl D.

    Besides rust, this model Chevy suffered from weak door hinges that sagged until they cut the plastic spacers on the door catches and had to be slammed by Hercules to make them shut, and weak lower ball joints. I worked in a NAPA store from 1983 to 1989, and the fastest selling ball joints we had were for these trucks. We literally couldn’t keep them on the shelf.
    The current owner has brilliantly solved these problems by never opening the doors, and never driving it on the road. For this he should be allowed to keep it in it’s bubble forever, and he can gaze at it fondly from his living room armchair.

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  36. Comet

    I’m calling it 100% original. Only GM in the 80’s could fit a fender and hood that badly. 42.5K, I think not.

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  37. ben dobreuenaski

    Nice truck but 3/4 ton is not for me . I’d say about 30,000 is it.

  38. Jack

    I’ve seen the truck. It’s really awesome. I think it’s well worth what he’s asking. 10 years from now, try to find one.

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    • John T.

      The Selling Dealer (Classic Motorcars) has reduced the Asking Price on eBay to $37,500 as of Saturday, January 11. I have not seen the truck but I think the price is still too high but going in the right direction. I agree with ben dobreuenaski in the above comment $30k at most.

    • Miguel

      These trucks will always be around.

      I would rather have one that has been used and maybe restored so I can use it again, than a truck that has seen no use.

      I don’t put much stock in the numbers on the dash.

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  39. Terry Bowman

    Nice Truck, I brought new and sold a 73′ C-30 Cheyenne 3 + 3, 10 tears ago. If I remember correctly is was around $7,000.00 new and took a year to receive it from the dealer, being special ordered. Besides the rust, hood bending at the hinges, door hinges falling apart, dash cracking and head liner falling on my head after a few years, it was a GREAT work truck all those years. The only draw back I had with it was the same as the truck here, NO AC. Remember, this is not a work truck, it’s a collector vehicle.

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  40. Miguel

    OK, if this truck is worth so much, how much would this 1977 3/4T 4X4 be worth in its condition?

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    • Patrick Huot

      Now this has got my attention!
      4×4 for sure.
      My personal taste run in the short box stepside version though.
      Any of those out there? 78-80 preferably?

      • Miguel

        Patrick, I think this is a 3/4T which did not come in a short box.

        I am going to go look at this truck next week. I will report back if I buy it.

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        💰i have 63 gmc big
        window, short styeside, 4×4 one
        owner, project, from wyoming 1979 been in storage here, since i drove it from there new frt&rear window’s, 454, t400


        💰i have 63 gmc big
        window, short styeside, 4×4 one
        owner, project, from wyoming 1979 been in storage here, since i drove it from there new frt&rear window’s, 454, t400 new wood & stainless mounting strip’s 4 bed, t
        case rebuilt, new brg. & brake’s, new moulding’s & a lot more+ 9 more pre 73 car’s &truck’s #7- 1 owner’s, all r project’s, they r
        all comeplete

    • Patrick Huot

      Well, that’s true.
      No short box version for a 3/4.
      Didn’t realize that.

      If photo’s load, this is exactly what I want.
      Both beautiful trucks.
      Just need a few personal touches for my taste.

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  41. Miguel

    Here is the interior. It looks like it has factory air too.

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  42. Miguel

    Sorry, here is a better shot.

  43. Fred Franke

    I do have a 1979 Fargo (Dodge) D-200 with the famous slant six/automatic. It is a export model for Europe and has original 18.000 miles. Original everything, apart from the wheels, but I have them stored.
    What could that be worth?

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    • Brian Karras

      I have a1980 Chev 3/4 ton 454 camper special factory 8track power windows electric windows and air conditioning

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  44. John C.

    People are really getting crazy with the truck prices! I have a 91 Silverado I ordered new in 1990, waited 3 months for it. 1/2 ton, 8ft. bed, 350, auto, 2wd, red/black factory paint, never been in the snow, always garaged, 70k original miles, tilt, cruise, A/C pw, pdl, chrome step bumper, factory allow wheels, never wrecked or worked hard, bed mat. In a few years when I’m ready to sell it I’d be happy to get $7500.00 for it. Paid $17,500 for it back in 1990. I will try my best NOT to sell it to a flipper.

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    • James Duckett

      And here we are 2 years later, and these have gone through the roof. I wonder how much it will sell for next time?

  45. Steveland

    John C. if your Silverado is as nice as it sounds you may get all your $17,500 back! Those were nice trucks, much better build quality than the 73-87 series.

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  46. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow that’s an optimistic ask for this truck imo but what do I know. I guess if it sells, optimistic becomes realistic

  47. Patrick Huot

    Another fine example.

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  48. Scott Huntington

    That’s a beautiful truck! 1980 is the last year I like for GM’s trucks. I don’t like them after that. I’d love to have this one, but I wouldn’t pay that price for it, and I’ll be surprised if anyone is willing to pay more than $25K for it, 450 miles on the odometer notwithstanding.

    As I said, I’d love to have it, and if I did, I’d drive it and enjoy it, while preserving it.

    I wish the next owner many years of happy pleasure cruising!

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  49. josh

    i would buy this truck and drive i would think of it as me gping and buying a brand new chevy pickup in 1980

  50. jonnyhorsepower

    my ’73 cheyenne super destroys everything. sorry. :)

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