454 Big Block: 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

While it is essentially a solid car with a strong drivetrain, this 1971 Chevelle is going to require some work by the new owner to return it to its former glory. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Canton, Ohio, it comes with a clear title. At the time of writing a single bid saw the price sitting at $1,000, although the reserve has not been met.

There are a number of rust issues that will need to be addressed on this Chevelle, but the frame itself seems to be solid. There is rust to be dealt with in the floors, both front and back. Externally it appears that there is some minor rust beginning to appear around the rear window. Both quarter panels also have rust, along with the lower front fenders and the bottom corners of both doors. There are also a few dents and dings that will need to be addressed as well.

The interior is missing a few pieces (including the carpet), but apart from a couple of seam separations on the passenger seat, what is present appears to be in reasonable condition, and any remaining issues look to be minor and easy to address.

The seller goes to great lengths to explain that this is not a numbers matching car. The engine is a 454ci that originally resided in a pickup. It is backed by a TH400 transmission and a boxed 4-link 12-bolt rear end. The car has been treated to some remedial work which has included a new gas tank, new radiator, all new copper/nickel brake lines, new master cylinder, new proportioning valve, new brakes, new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, and a new Carter 4bbl carburetor. The car will still require a new heater core.  The wiring will also need some attention as it has suffered a bit (to quote the seller) ” from the critters who hung out in it while it was sitting.”

There is a fair amount of work required to bring the body and paint of this Chevrolet up to par. Thankfully the seller has already done the hard yards in getting the car to the point where it will be a very respectable performer. Is this a car that you would be willing to take on?

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  1. Bob C.

    A friend of mine had a 72 a lot like this, same color. It began life with only a 307, which was an oil burner. He had a Target Master 350 put in and it was pretty quick.

  2. Mark

    Looks like a truck steering wheel. Looks like the console is from a different car even though it looks to be a console shifted car. I wonder what engine came it it when new. Still a good solid car to restore.

    • JamestownMike

      Yep, definitely a 70’s Chevy pickup/blazer/suburban steering wheel. The bucket seats AND floor console aren’t correct. A swiss cheese mobile currently at $6,100 with reserve still not met??……..no thanks! PASS!

  3. edh

    I wouldn’t change a thing, except loosing the SS badge on the back and that “Joe Dirt” sticker.

  4. KD

    That isn’t a 71 it’s a 72. Has a 72 grill and the front turn signals are from a 72. The console is from whatever and the seats look like Camaro, Nova, Vega buckets.

  5. Jeffery murphy

    These cars are getting harder and harder to find…. you can can find them in all different stages of rot and repair ..if we keep passing on fixing some of these up with repairs like this one .. one day there isn’t going to be any to fix up or repair .. I’m a true wrench turner and gear head from way back .. to me it’s diffently a fixer upper..!!!

  6. ANDY

    is it a 71 or 72 ?
    front turn signal lenses are off a 72.

  7. Farhvergnugen

    at least it doesn’t have a non-orig cowl induction hood, but what is that raised ‘ridge’ running to the drivers side of windshield? Fairing for a tach???

  8. Randy

    Ah article says 1971 but the front turn signals are 1972 so the 454 is probably low hp antway

  9. Don H

    Yes it does have a cowl induction hood.That first pitcher is tricky.

  10. Junkman Member

    Too many things not right, ’72 front fenders are just the start. I’ve lost enough money trying to save old chevelles. “pass”

    • Mark

      1971 and 1972 front fenders are the same. 1970 are different with lower front turn signal lens.

      • GSCHEVY

        The parking lights/signal lights for a 1971 and a 1972 are different. On this car, they are from a 1972.

  11. Greg Kulla

    That is a 72 chevelle the 71 has split looking turn signal in the front

  12. Neil

    what is up with the shifter, looks as if it was broken off at the base and bugger welded back together. Why would the driver seat be “intact” while the passenger seat is ripping on all the seams. With all the rust issues i feel $4000.00 is tops.
    Even if you do all the sheet metal yourself patch panels are not cheap.The internet is great as it let’s one find their project, but it makes people think a clapped out abused car is worth 10 grand.

  13. Gaspumpchas

    By Virtue of the mud on the column and general condition might have been flood damaged? Mix of parts wouldn’t bother me as its non matching numbers. Like the z28 wheels!! Cool Project for someone!!

    Description says no reserve but price is at 6200 reserve not met?

    Good luck to new owner


    • SquareLeft

      @GSCHEVY – You are correct about the front turn signals. The grille on this car is also from a ’72.

      @Gaspumpchas – The wheels on this car were also standard on the ’71 and ’72 Malibu SS.

  14. Derald

    I got my 71 off ebay last year in better shape for 5700. Another 14k in it now doing a lot of my own body work. Seems like the prices keep going up. Deals are still out there.

  15. Crusher

    The second generation Chevelle is awesome , I have had 3 over 30 years , my present 71 is staying put , alot of room to work on the engine …

  16. Steve

    This car looks to me like it is either an SS or was the recipient of a bunch of SS parts from a car that was parted out. For the this year, there is no way to tell from the VIN if it was an SS or not. I did this to a 71 El Camino back in the 80’s, although the parts were off a wrecked 70 Chevelle SS. I got everything “SS specific” (12 bolt, disc brakes, SS hood and dash) but the 396 engine and TH400 trans. It had already been pulled. The car listed here has a lot of equipment that a non SS “Malibu” would not have had: domed hood, SS gauges, 12 bolt rear axle. I wonder if it has disc brakes… That would be the last missing piece. What happened to the SS emblems, though? It’s too bad that the rust bug has already pretty well claimed it. Good parts car, IMO. It’s already bid up to $8k. Somebody is “high on the pot” like comedian Kevin Meaney’s mom would say.

  17. Del

    Mish mash of junk

  18. stillrunners

    Oh….and my favorite GM wheels ! Hold me back !

  19. Troy s

    Not half as bad as a few SS 396 Chevelle’s that have come through here lately. Big 454 has the potential to make leaving stoplights a smokey affair, I’m sure most people hate it ’cause it’s an automatic. I like. Those rims look so right on this car that anything else would be an Injustice.

  20. Ken Member

    This thing’s had it. Pull the engine, transmission, radiator and anything else mechanically useful for a street rod project and crush what’s left.

  21. ctmphrs Member

    Boy, it seems like some people would crush anything that’s not brand new.

  22. Pete

    Relisted with BIN of $8250. For a car in the rust belt that runs it is not that bad. The seller could have been completely nuts and asked 16K for this car in this condition. Yes you can find better with less rust maybe even for the same money. This car looks like it would need a Dyncorn body swap.

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