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455/Doug Nash 5-Speed! 1974 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Based on nothing but appearance, the 1974 model is among my favorites of the second-generation Firebirds in the looks department, maybe because it was the last year before the back window gained the side glass, plus it still had the round headlights up front.  Not that I dislike either of the later updates, in fact, I do, but the ’74 is just sort of mouthwatering from most every angle outside in my eyes!  If you’ve been in the market for a nice mid-seventies F-Body driver with more cubic inches than it was born with, this 1974 Pontiac Firebird Formula might be a great contender.  The car’s present home is in Brooklyn, New York, and it can be found here on eBay with bidding currently standing at $16,600.

The 400 has been swapped out for a 455, although beyond the cubic inches of the engine we don’t get a whole lot more information about the transformation, such as where the motor came from, whether or not it’s had a rebuild, modifications, or much of anything else.  The seller does say that it starts right up, runs and drives great, and sounds amazing.  There’s also now a Doug Nash 5-Speed, and I have to agree with the owner that a Doug Nash transmission is quite a fun piece of equipment to go through the gears in.

Like the 455, we’re not given much background on the car’s exterior either, other than the seller mentioning that the body is in great shape and the black paint shines beautifully, and he also points out that the hood hinges need adjustment. Fortunately, we do get several photos from outside, which seem to show a mostly straight Firebird, sans hood hinges, and that finish does look nice and glossy, plus black paint is really bad for showing flaws underneath so it does appear like we’re seeing a good body on this one.

There’s the normal wear inside that’s to be expected from a nearly 50-year-old vehicle, but overall the interior presents more than acceptable for a driver, which is exactly how the seller describes his Formula.  He’s upfront in saying that it’s not a perfect show or museum car, but rather something you can turn the key in and have lots of fun with, which seems reasonable and I hope that’s how it stays, as everything seems just right like it is now to enjoy driving it and not having to worry about getting a scratch or two here and there.  I’m liking this 1974 Firebird Formula and am appreciating what it is and not too concerned regarding what it isn’t- how about you?


  1. Stevieg

    I agree with the author…1974 is my favorite as far as style.
    My uncle had a bad-ass 1978 Trans Am when I was a kid, and I want one like his just for the sake of nostalgia, but 1974 is my favorite for both these & their Chevy cousins.
    I am not a fan of black & gold together, but this is sharp. I would be proud to own this just based on appearance alone, but with the 455 & Doug Nash 5 speed? FANTASTIC!

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  2. Stan

    Boy would i love to have this Poncho Formula in the driveway. 🙌

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  3. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I would certainly welcome this into my driveway but I’m one that prefers the 77 quad lamps, before the 78 update.

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  4. Rw

    Get rid of the 80s Appliance wheels would greatly improve appearance.

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  5. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    Fix the hood.

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  6. George Shoffstall

    In 1975, 19yrs old serving in the military and bought a brand-new dark blue Formula 400 w/auto right off the showroom floor. I remember after the monthly payment I barely had enough left over for gas. Thought I was on top of the world. Great handling car…met my first wife in this chic magnet. Unfortunately, these cars were equipped with small valve heads and loaded down with the infamous smog pump and egr set-up.
    Still today it has those timeless body lines.

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  7. Old Bird

    Quite a bit of rust damage in the lower part, the pinch weld has collapsed on the driver side, its completely gone along with the lower part of the front fender on the passenger side side

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  8. Mark

    eBay says 455 “big block”
    No such thing

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  9. jeff Krosnicki

    Who ever buys this is going to have another $20000 into it . It could be a realy cool car to have & drive if your pockets are deep enough.

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  10. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $18,100.

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