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1947 Kit Teardrop Project

Teardrop right side

I’ve always dreamt of making a road trip in a classic car with a classic camper trailer in tow, but finding a small and unique vintage camper can be a challenge. This 1947 Teardrop trailer has an awesome look to it and would be perfect to pull behind a ’50s or ’60s American classic! You can find it listed here on eBay sitting in Bedford, New Hampshire with a BIN of $1200.


There is very little information provided in the ad. The images speak for themselves though. This is a serious project.

Teardrop left side

What this project appears to be is just the bones. Hopefully with some hard work and a bit of money this Teardrop can be brought back from the brink.

Teardrop '61 plate

If the plate is any indication, this trailer was last on the road in 1961?

Kit MFG tag

It was built on April, 3, 1947 in Norwalk, California. It travelled a long ways to get to Massachusetts and then New Hampshire!

Teardrop int.

This teardrop needs a full restoration to be camp ready, but it might just be worth the work. It could be fun after all, right?



  1. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Some 50’s hot rod guy will love this…………..

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  2. Avatar photo TRP

    I rebuilt a Benroy a few years back. Pretty rewarding and relatively inexpensive project. The fenders are the only tricky part for this project.

    Somebody shatch this up and make it live again!


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  3. Avatar photo Leo

    Seems to me your buying just the mfg vin plate… Plenty of plans online to make a simaliar camper

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      I agree and you could build it new for about the purchase price.

      Does anyone care if it’s ‘authentic’? I doubt it.

      As an accessory these are cool (if over done) but as a camping implement these things are lacking.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Hi Leo, HA! Buying the VIN. plate. IDK, I’m not sure the new “Teardrops”, while cool, have this kind of “charm”. Being an “ambitious” deal here, one has to wonder if it would be worth it.

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  4. Avatar photo Robert Member


    You are correct there are many manufacturers making teardrop trailers now. One American company’s 2016 prices for a teardrop are from $4495 to $8795. This project is $1,200 and a lot of work. Thanks for the view and comment.



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  5. Avatar photo rancho bella

    I’m glad this isn’t on the west side of the U.S. I’m one of those fools that would take it down replace the wood and restore all. I can see this being pulled by one of my old Broncos through the Southwest this time of year.

    Big Gus hat and all.

    This is a peach.

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  6. Avatar photo Chebby

    Only if you like woodworking. By the time you’re done, it will be “grandfather’s axe”.

    Wonder what else he’s got back there, I see a ’59 Apache 4×4 sitting in the weeds.

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  7. Avatar photo Mark S

    Wouldn’t this look cool restored and colour matched to the 47 Chevy convertable in the later post together they would be a show stopper

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  8. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Back in the early 60s my family (Mom, Dad, and 6 kids) was camping with our Silverliner tent trailer in Glacier Park. Next to us was a Kit teardrop, similar to this one, being pulled by a ’53-’54 Plymouth sedan. I don’t know how 7 kids fit into the car and I’m still wondering how many they got into the trailer; I will guess that the older kids slept in the car. We were able to get our entire family into our tent trailer quite comfortably but it was a lot bigger than that miniscule trailer. Anyways, I’ve always been fascinated by the teardrops and have thought about picking up another one. Not a resto project though, I’ve still got cars to finish…

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  9. Avatar photo Sid Member

    In about 1985 I spotted a really nice 1948 model in our neighborhood.
    It wasn’t really for sale but I talked the owner into selling it to me for $200.
    It was in beautiful condition and was complete with curtains and a good mattress.
    I was so excited to show it to my wife and hook it up behind our 1936 Ford convertible.
    She only had to stick her head inside the cabin for about three seconds to state “There is no way I will get inside that thing let alone spend the night”.
    With my vintage camping days a bust I soon found a buyer who could appreciate what it had to offer.

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  10. Avatar photo erikj

    My brother has a 59 chinook slide in camper that I got for him to put on his lot back in around 1985. It was so cool to hangout in ,ll orig. int with the blond finished wood. He still has it,but rough now. I could take it home and restore it for free-but no time for another project. I always wonder if it would be worth to clean it up and sell it as a project to somebody else,any one have a clue of value for a rot-free alum. skin slide-in camper like this. I would love to save it at least.

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