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47,654 Miles And A Big Block: Stored 1973 Corvette

Ok, so here’s one I don’t completely understand. This 1973 Chevrolet Corvette features a big block V8 and supposedly has been off the road and in heated storage for the past 30 years. There’s a somewhat convoluted ownership history that we don’t know enough about, but we do know it’s for sale here on eBay with bidding up to just under $7,000. The car is located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. 

So why is the car sitting so high? I realize the front bumper and headlights have been removed, but this car sure is riding high! The paint does look nice on the part we can see, although we have no idea whether or not it is original. There are certainly some parts shown in the ad, but I’m pretty sure there are not enough to complete the car with. For example, I don’t think I see headlight doors.

I’m still struck by how high this car is sitting, though. No explanation for this is given in the ad, although the current Iowa plates make me optimistic that it wouldn’t take a tremendous amount of work to make it run. You’ll certainly need a rear valence for sure, though.

The interior doesn’t look too bad, including the seats. The seller tells us that it has 47,654 miles and that it’s documented, although there’s little mention of that documentation, and only the build sheet is included in the auction pictures (although it’s cool!)

Some parts of the seats essentially look new, and I don’t think it would take too much to repair that center console. Based on the seats alone, the mileage is believable, although I’d want to see a lot more detailed pictures to be sure. Let me put it this way; if this were a craigslist ad, it would be worth me driving over to see if it were as good as it looked.

Here’s the 454, which is attached to an automatic transmission. Unfortunately, we don’t know if it runs or not, or even if it turns over. But there’s enough that I’d like to learn more–what do you think?


  1. ags290 Member

    The headlight doors are in the add. One is yellow, but there are 2 pictured.

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  2. erikj

    I saw this add a few days ago. It looks like a good deal if not going to high.
    In the add a pic shows lots of parts including headlight doors.
    I think reason for selling was health problems. I would love to have it for the right money.

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  3. JW454

    The “A” pillar shows some damage in the VIN photo. One has to wonder how that got there.

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  4. Van

    If your going for a 73 to 75 it should at least have a rat, if it’s an automatic. If it’s an auto and not a ragtop it needs AC. If the price I write it could be fun. I’d say take a close look before doing anything.

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  5. 86 Vette Convertible

    I’m not sure if JW454’s comment was on the same thing but the vin tag appears to have been damaged. I assume those plates are Ohio, not Iowa. Could be a good car or a pig in a poke. don’t know. I like chrome bumper Vettes and this looks like it’s a decent candidate if it is as described. I’m not in the market for one but if I was, I’d have to go look at it first. Also I’m one of those guys that think all Vettes should be red and have a manual tranny :-)

    Oh, if the car was stored on jack stands, that might account for the strange elevation of the suspension

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    • JW454


      We’re looking at the same damage at the VIN tag. Also, that is an Ohio plate. Olmsted Falls is southwest of Cleveland… about 3.5 hours from me here in western Ohio. I believe I see advertisements from this seller off and on. They seem to have Corvettes like this one on a regular basis.

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  6. Jafo8778

    Not a big block hood? to many questions!!!

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  7. Racinpro56 Member

    Ohio plates

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  8. Zaphod

    Agree with 86…
    I used to get a lot of “jack rabbits” as we called them, guys who think the tires won’t rot if you leave the wheels dangling for 30 years. The A arm bushings dry up. That’s going to be the first order after getting this one started, along with new shocks, tie rod and sway arm bushes…

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  9. Vin in NJ

    Oddly, this custom 1973 Vette on e-Bay also seems to be riding high.


    Could they have both had the optional heavy duty suspension and heavy duty brakes (package code Z07) ?

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  10. Greg

    I had a red 73 I replace the rear spring and it set up like this one wish I would of put the carbon fiber spring in

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    • dennis

      Seems like a lot of these spring people get over anxious and put wrong springs in these.

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  11. M/K

    I agree with 86’s theory also, this can be see after just a few days of jack stands.

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  12. Mark

    The rear is earlier than a 1973. Has to be a ’70, ’71 or a ’72.

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    • Vince Habel

      73 had the bumperless front but the same rear as the earlier models.

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  13. joeinthousandoaks

    Jafo8778 said not a big block hood. 1972 was the last year for that hood. All 73’s got this hood, the big block got the 454 script.

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  14. Rustytech Member

    There’s lots of work needed here, however being the last year before they put that ugly energy absorbing rear in them, this looks like a good project car. The big block and extra parts are a bonus. Can’t wait to see where the bidding goes.

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  15. 74 vette

    Doing a nut and bolt resto on our 74 454 4sp FE07, AC coupe w/ optional axel ratio

    We look at alot mid c3 cars, a 73 is on the list. I was initially excited for this find but after looking, this could be a restoration candidate, but at +$7k starting price, it looks to be a too molested for us.

    Anything rubber will be fubar $$$

    The top end of the engine is missing a lot of OEM parts and valvetrain is bone dry, not a good sign it will turn over. $$$$

    Front end inner bumper parts not shown, if missing? $$$

    No AC in a 454 vette is a like driving an oven, unbearable in even mild climates, it will need to be repaired $$.

    Ride height is a mess $$$

    A rebuild to a driver could be done without exceeding value, but resto will be way beyond it.

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  16. Gary Merly

    They is english majers.

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  17. 8banger Dave Member

    Cool car, it would be nicer if you could row through the gears though. And I believe ’73s were the last “kamm-chop” flat-backed vettes with shiny bumpers…

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  18. metalman

    Looking at the build sheet, this car was charged to Chevrolet corporate office. This was somebody’s company car when new. My dad was a Chevrolet employee working out of the Zone Office here in Oregon. His Co. cars always showed “Charge C.A.C. (Central Accounting Center)” with the ship to address being the nearest dealer. Would be interesting to know if it was someone in engineerings car.

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  19. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Sold for $7,751!

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  20. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Thanks Jamie, sweet deal, big block transition car, should be a riot.

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