47k Original Miles: 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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We’ve recently seen a few promising Camaros cross our desks at Barn Finds, but it is safe to say that Second Generation examples have been under-represented. This 1980 Z28 goes some way to addressing the shortfall as an original low-mile survivor. It has no apparent needs and should be ideal for enthusiasts seeking a “plug and play” classic. The seller has listed the Camaro here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida. It could be yours for $28,500, although the seller will consider offers.

Chevrolet played things cautiously with its latest Z28 for 1980, limiting changes to minor cosmetic upgrades. It had finalized details on its Third Generation model that would land in showrooms in under two years, and it was unwilling to splash too much cash on a car that would soon be yesterday’s news. Z28 sales dropped by a staggering 40% compared to 1979, although it is worth noting that 1979 represented a new Z28 sales record by a considerable margin. Therefore, the 1980 figure of 45,137 cars could almost be considered “business as usual.” The first owner ordered this Camaro in Code 19 Black, and its presentation is all you would typically expect from a low-mile survivor that has resided in a dry location. The paint holds a stunning depth of color and shine, with no evidence of significant flaws or UV damage. The panels are straight, and the decals look crisp. There is no penetrating rust or significant surface corrosion, and the seller specifically describes the garage-kept Z28 as rust-free. The color-coded wheels are as clean as a whistle, and the tinted glass is crystal clear.

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw North America deep in the throes of The Malaise Era, and high-performance motoring seemed a thing of the past. Manufacturers were making inroads as they tried clawing back engine power, but it was a slow and tedious process. Therefore, finding this Z28 powered by a 350ci V8 producing a relatively modest 190hp and 280 ft/lbs of torque is unsurprising. It could be worse because Californian buyers received the 305ci powerplant, delivering 165hp and 245 ft/lbs. The rest of this car’s mechanical components were as good as it got in 1980, with a four-speed manual transmission feeding the small-block’s power to a 3.42 Posi rear end. Emission regulations placed the days of tire-smoking acceleration on hold for a few years, with this car taking 16.1 seconds to cover the ¼-mile. Placing those facts to one side, there are plenty of positive points for those considering the investment potential locked away in this Z28. It is a one-owner, numbers-matching survivor with 47,000 original miles on the clock. It comes with a significant collection of documentation, including the Build Sheet, Window Sticker, and other original paperwork. It is in excellent mechanical health, and potential buyers can consider it a turnkey proposition.

The first thing I noticed about this Camaro’s interior wasn’t its excellent presentation but the fact that the first owner decided not to equip it with air conditioning. The car is in a warm location, and that option would typically be a no-brainer. Perhaps they preferred to drop the windows and enjoy what Mother Nature offered rather than an artificially cold environment. Otherwise, there is nothing to criticize. The Black vinyl upholstery is in excellent condition, further supporting the mileage claim. There is no significant carpet wear and no evidence of UV damage. The buyer won’t receive air conditioning but will welcome the power windows, sports gauges, factory tach, tilt wheel, and radio/cassette player.

The Second Generation Camaro range, especially those built after 1974, spent years in the classic car wilderness. Plummeting engine power meant few saw them as high-performance models, with many buyers focusing on earlier or later versions. However, the 1980 Z28 has gathered a devoted following, and values have climbed accordingly. Considering the history and desirable drivetrain combination, the seller’s price seems very competitive. I’m pretty sure it will find a new home, and I would be unsurprised if someone pays the full price for this classic. Do you agree or see a lower figure as more realistic?

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  1. Herbert

    I liked the cloth interiors better, though this one is pretty good shape. If the price ws reasonable, might be a good buy for some Boomer looking to replicate their long lost youth.

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    • Denny

      Herbert,I’m a baby boomer and at 73 y/o still have my 77 RS ordered the same s a Z28

      all they would let me have is a 308 posi in the rear end. it now sits at 39661 miles in a air controlled garage Changed the 4 speed to lower 1st and 2nd gear .Runs nice now ,turns high13 teens in the quarter mile

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  2. Mark

    Very nice z-28! I even like that it is a 4-speed /350 combo.Very clean outside and inside. A blast to drive even without A/C to bog it down!

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  3. Duke

    A black car in Florida without air or even t-tops? WTF?

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    • Tony Primo

      My buddy has a 1980 Camaro Z28 with T-tops and no a/c in Southern Ontario. Very rarely does he drive it during daylight in the summer. T-tops aren’t going to be of any benefit in the Florida sunshine. You are better off without them. The non a/c cars have an extra set of vents in the footwells that work fairly well.

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      • TinIndy

        I had a 1979 Trans Am with no air conditioning. Dark brown she was with the 403/automatic combo. I never saw another Oldsmobird like mine that didn’t have air conditioning. I think by this time most of them had it because these were starting to become more luxury.

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    • RMac

      Very nice documented car but 28k is pretty steep unless you really have to have an 80 z28 because 28 k can buy a lot more car like a nice c5 maybe even c6?

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      • Harry 1

        Shows what people think they have in a diamond in the rough. Seems to be in almost good condition. Had a 1979 edition A/C & vinyl high back seats & automatic. For 28,500 kinda high dollar for the shape of this Z. Have seen others posted on other sites similar but a lot cheaper. Good luck to who buys it. Brings back great memories of mine.

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  4. George Mattar

    Nice car. I like that it does not have ac. Where I live we don’t need it. But hard to believe the asking price is nearly twice what most 1980 Corvettes are worth. The 4 speed, beautiful condition and 1 owner makes it worth the price. $28,000 today buys you nothing but junk if you really think about it.

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  5. mrshred

    1980 introduced the cold-air induction hood, raising the 350’s horsepower from 175 to 190.

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  6. Jack

    I had one of these in the Marines in the 80’s . A little time spent in the Hobby Shop garage tweaking it , removing emissions and connecting the cowl induction hood solenoid improved it pretty good. A bit more Cam even better.

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  7. DLO

    No ac in a black cruiser car is no bueno in AZ.

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  8. Dan H

    This car changed my life. In late ’79 I was a young guy that wanted to buy a new Camaro. I went to the local Chevrolet dealer, got a sales brochure and talked to a salesman about how much down payment I’d need to qualify for a loan.

    I stated saving money and in a few months I had a good chunk saved. However by then I realized, if I bought a new Z28 I’d be stuck living with my parents, with a car loan payment, high auto insurance payments, no money for fun and no chance of getting a place of my own.

    Instead I used the down payment money and student loans (which didn’t get pardoned, but took 10 yrs to pay off) to go to school. This allowed me to get a great job, own a few fun cars (including 3 Camaros at different times) and eventually take early retirement.

    I don’t know whatever happened to the brochure for the “new” 1980 Camaro. Probably got thrown out after I moved out of my parents house. Sometimes the dream of what will bring you freedom takes a turn in the road of life.

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    • CLE

      You did well & also did it the old fashioned way using good old common sense!

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      • Dan H

        Thanks CLE, I’ve been fortunate.

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  9. Nelson C

    She’s going to be a warm one even up north. Funny how priorities changed as performance dropped off the cliff. However, it is a really nice tin top with a stick, tilt and power windows like the cool kids have and that’s a pretty good start.

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  10. Ed Tarkowski

    Over 60 a/c is pretty much a standard.
    Also the asking price is pretty high.
    But still decent value. I’d buy at 22k.
    Or look elsewhere .

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  11. Johan

    What’s wrong with people? He’s asking almost 30 grand for this thing and it’s missing a center cap. It’s not like they’re expensive or hard to find…

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    • Jack M.

      Why are you complaining? Knock him down $500 and buy your own.

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  12. TorinoSCJ69

    A blast for sure!

    Fresh air/ram air hood added 15 hp + 175 hp rated 5.7 L = 190 hp.
    Other strong points:
    Has Power brakes which were still an option in 1980 before becoming standard the following year.
    Last year for the strong 8 3/4 rear before the c smaller, weaker one in ’81 replaced it.

    This is a nice Z 28.

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    • Rocco B.

      Chevrolet waited until the 1982 model year to introduce the smaller rear differential in the Camaro. The 80-81 are identical.

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  13. Davey Boy

    A friend had a 79. 350 built a lot. 4 speed. T-tops. Custom paint. Crager SS wheels. Posi rear-end. Very fast and fun and very cool looking also. To much money in my opinion but you know what they say…. There’s an…..for every seat and a seat for every…… Good luck with the sale

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  14. Eric

    Listing says tires are in good shape and from 1982….Ummm, I’m not trusting 42 yr. old tires!

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  15. TRUTH

    I love these Camaros. And yeah this one is nice. But NO WHERE NEAR 28k. Maybe in the 15-18k range.

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