Brit with a 440: 1974 Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptors are not one of the more commonly seen cars from the 1960s and 1970s, with only 7,141 sales spanning the production model years of 1966-1976. With an American powerplant (from Chrysler) to increase reliability, this unassuming British car was actually quite capable, with a top speed of 135mph and a 0-60 mph time of 7.0 seconds. If you like to collect cars that aren’t mainstream, now’s your chance! This 1974 Jensen Interceptor is currently for sale on here on Facebook Marketplace for $11,000 in Boyds, MD.

This decade of Interceptor production is divided into 3 series, the MK I (1966-69 with 1,024 sold), the MK II (1969-1971 with 1,128 sold), and the MK III (1971-1976, with 4,255 sold). Our example is part of the final series, by which time the interior had been heavily updated (1966 vs 1974), the exterior had minor updates around the front and rear, A/C was offered, and various engines had been introduced.

Unfortunately it seems that the engine in this Jensen has been disassembled and has undergone a rebuild, with no information about it. In the photo above you can see the transmission wrapped up, and in the photos here, here and here you can see other major parts that are included. It’s probably the 440 cubic inch big block Chrysler engine paired with the TorqueFlite automatic transmission that was fitted to the majority of MK III Interceptors.

The interior of this car needs a bit of work, and I’ll assume parts could be expensive and hard to find. The headliner and rear seats look okay, if dirty, although the majority of the dash is intact and looks to be in great shape. But the front seats are a different color and likely from a different car. The center console is partly missing, and with the jumble of switches and wiring it’s hard to be confident in the condition of everything else we can’t see behind the dash. I’m also not really sure what’s going on with the steering wheel, but I don’t think it’s stock. Still, the interiors of these cars look fantastic when they’re complete so this one certainly has potential.

The styling of the Interceptor is very unique, with the large wrapround rear window that also served as a tailgate being the most distinctive feature. The seller points out a couple areas of rust, specifically some bubbling on the hood and in the passenger footwell. Other than those areas, the body looks to be in pretty good shape. The glass and brightwork all look to be in perfect condition, and the paint and body looks to be damage-free. The next owner has some work on their hands to get this car completed, but if all the parts are present and all it takes is a bit of sweat equity, this Jensen could be a relatively inexpensive way to add a fun, uncommon British sports car to their collection.


  1. Larry Brantingham

    The steering wheel, is, unfortunately, correct for a series III.

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  2. JohnfromSC

    While the value of these is definitely on the rise, the condition of this one makes it likely only viable for someone who already owns another one or is a Jenson Healey expert. There is just too much potential for costly surprises.

    I suspect it will take at least $30K to make this one nice because given the condition, you are most likely going to have to rebuild the suspension, fuel sysrem cooling system and everything. Money adds up all too quickly. And that only makes sense if it is a #s matching drive train.

    So you are looking at close to breakeven with no $ for your sweat. Leave this one for an aficionado.

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  3. Sam61

    Ok which car has the larger rear glass: Subject Jensen, 65 Baracuda, boat tail Riviera or 79 Corvette?

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    • piston poney

      idk but of those 4 only the 65 baracuda makes it look good.

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      • Doug Plumer

        Remember the Hurst Hemi Under Glass.
        That was a car! Got me interested in drag racing.

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  4. Bruce

    I have worked on two of these in the shop where I helped out and the interiors are devilishly complex and EXPENSIVE to repair or replace. They fit one way only and were assembled by experts. I think these are amazing cars but the interior rebuild will be far more expensive than you think. Better to start with one that is completely assembled and than take it apart yourself keeping records as to how you did it. Sending the bits out for refurbishment. Good luck as they are an amazing ride luxury with a real kick in the ass when the feeling or need arrises

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  5. Steve

    British provenance, Italian styling and American power – what’s not to like? I, though, prefer the convertible version better – they are even rarer than the coupe.

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  6. Howie Mueler

    It must be Jensen day. Needs way too much work at that price.

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  7. Gerard Frederick

    One has to be very rich and dead drunk to obtain this nighmare.

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  8. RSparks

    I actually don’t hate this car. I love that it has a Chrysler 440 and transmission. Makes the rest a breeze. Custom wiring harness and gauges. Re leather the interior and replace the carpet and a pretty cool car. Kinda looks like an AMC Pacer and a Mercury Capri had a baby though.

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    • Steve

      That’s why I like the convertible better, it eliminates the greenhouse back window.

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    • Rick

      It almost looks to have a bit of Studebaker Avanti in its ancestry as well.

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