496 V8 SS Clone: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

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The 1970 Chevelle Malibu is one of the most popular of the series to be cloned as a Super Sport, 396 or 454. And when it’s a convertible, the ante goes up. From what we can tell, this Chevelle was an ordinary V8 Malibu when the seller bought it eight years ago and went about making a clone/restomod out of it. The end result looks rather nice, and we’re told it runs like a top.

If you decode the VIN on this Chevrolet, it was a convertible assembled in Baltimore, Maryland. Since it was a V8 edition already, chances are it had either a 307 or 350 cubic-inch engine. Only 7.141 built, so this would be a fairly rare car to find in any condition nearly 55 years later. We’re told this was a body-off restoration and it would have been cool to see photos of the car before and during the process. But, no such luck, and the seller provides relatively few images overall.

The seller says this vehicle was in project status when he/she acquired it in 2016 and the work took six years to complete. We assume that since we’re told the black paint job is two years old and gets a lot of compliments when the car is shown. The cowl tag is not presented, so we don’t know if this is the original color combination for the vehicle. But since it’s an SS clone, does that hurt the resale value of the machine?

A 496 (no 396) CI V8 resides under the hood along with a 4-speed automatic transmission. We don’t know the vintage of either and perhaps they were new when installed. The car’s mileage is said to be 2,300, so we’re guessing that’s the distance covered since the transformation. To view the automobile, you’ll need to trek to Citronelle, Alabama, and the beautiful ride is offered here on eBay where the current bid is $66,025. If there was a reserve, it’s been satisfied.

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  1. CCFisher

    Ditch the LED headlights and secure the loose wires under the dash, and there will be no obvious flaws.

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  2. Kevin

    Nice Chevelle but $66,000 for a clone seems a little bit excessive.

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  3. Al camino

    The bottom of this car looks really clean!

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  4. Nelson C

    It’s got air, overdrive and lots of displacement. Maybe a bit pricey but if it’s solid and sorted then the work is done for you. Open your wallet and relieve the pressure.

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  5. T. MannMember

    Go to Alabama.
    Bring a sleeping bag.
    Live under this Chevelle for an hour.
    Pay The Man, Drive It Home, With A Smile.

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  6. Greg G

    I appreciate it when sellers advertise their cars as clones or tributes instead of pretending it may be the real deal. Done correctly these cars can be fascinating and still command serious money.

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  7. 433jeff

    Yup the clones aren’t restricted to 454 inches you can have overdrive. You can go 8-71,tub them, this 70 chevelle is awesome, this is the most wanted Chevelle on the planet ( ok maybe not this one) I mean convertible ss 1970, I Cloned my 71 or 72 into a 70.

    The 70 aqua colored Malibu ( chrome atop fenders running up doors ) Black bucket console 3speed auto t400 or t350, 300-350 hp small black 350, is/was a great daily driver.

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    • john atanasio

      I don’t understand cloning.If you want an SS why not buy an SS in the first place.It’ll cost you the same or even more in the long run.so why bother/

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  8. Joe Haska

    John, when was the last time you went down to your local used car dealer and bought a 1970 Chevelle SS 454 as nice as this one. Think about it.

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