49k Genuine Miles: 1975 AMC Pacer

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The AMC Pacer is one of those cars that really does divide opinions. Some people like them, while others simply don’t. There does seem to be a growing number of people who are joining the former category, with Pacer Owner’s Clubs popping up around the country, and values climbing slowly but steadily. This leaves those who have developed a love for these cars with two choices. The first is to buy a rough one and proceed down the restoration path. The other is to buy a good, low-mileage example, and enjoy the ownership experience. This 1975 Pacer falls into the latter category because it appears to be a nice car with a mere 48,900 miles on the clock. The Pacer is located in Morganville, New Jersey, and is listed for sale here on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $6,000, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

Even if you aren’t a great fan of the Pacer, you have to admit that this one looks to be in good condition. The Alpine White and Medium Blue Metallic color combination look extremely nice, and the car looks to be extremely straight. There are no signs of any rust issues, while the trim and chrome look like they are in good condition. Thankfully, the factory tinted glass also looks good, and the overall impression is of a car that has been well cared for.

If the external condition of the Pacer is impressive, then the interior is more so. White upholstery tends to stain and discolor quite easily, but this Pacer looks like it has avoided the worst of that. The blue and white theme continues inside the car, and there have been no modifications performed, and no aftermarket items fitted. Even the original AMC AM/FM radio is still present in the dash. Hop behind the wheel, and you would instantly be transported right back to 1975 because this interior is close to being as good as the day the car left the factory.

With a claimed 48,900 miles on the clock, there really should be plenty of life left in the Pacer. Under the hood is the 232ci straight-six, producing 100hp. You also get a 3-speed automatic transmission, and because the Pacer can be a little nose-heavy, power steering is a bit of a blessing. For a 44-year-old car, the presentation under the hood looks quite good, while the owner says that the engine really purrs. The only mechanical issue is a mild leak around the neutral safety switch on the transmission. Otherwise, the brakes have been rebuilt, and a new rack and pinion has been fitted. The owner says that he has spent a considerable amount of money sorting any mechanical issues, so hopefully, the Pacer will provide plenty of trouble-free motoring for its new owner.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the Pacer when I first saw it, but like so many people, I have come to develop a bit of respect for them. I’m not sure if that extends to wanting to own one, but it is something that I will never rule out. After all, my respect for them has grown so much that anything is possible. If I did decide to buy a Pacer, then I would certainly be looking at a car like this one. The owner says that it isn’t perfect, but it is ready to drive and enjoy. And really, isn’t that what owning a classic car is all about?

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  1. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Little different than the last Pacer rust bucket claiming 39K miles, which nobody else was convinced either, it sold for $1,600 bucks, but this is clearly the real deal. See the difference, and the price, while optimistic, reflects that. Nice fish bowl.

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  2. yes300ed

    The Pacer was originally to be powered by GM’s rotary engine.

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  3. don

    I was more of a Gremlin fan ,but if this little car showed up at a car show, I would definitely be checking it out . Its nice to see a survivor car in this shape . Its so original it still has the “use unleaded fuel only “sticker under the gas cap !

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  4. chrlsful

    probably couldn’t buy/trade for a ‘lesser’ wagon?
    ”d B my deal…

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  5. jerry c

    Do you remember the commercial for the Pacer? It started off with an exterior shot of a full size car driving, looking more like a Granada. Then they cut to the interior, with a driver and passenger. The passenger is a man, stretched out with his hands behind his head. The voice over is commenting on the luxurious roominess of the interior. Then they pull over, get out, and start to remove fenders and panels, to finally reveal the Pacer….the world’s smallest big car.

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  6. Gene

    Known for losing doors along their lifetime. I worked for an AMC/Jeep/Renault dealership that used one of these as it’s “loaner” car and I remember seeing it towed back numerous times. Needless to say, I think it was an effort to keep the customer from coming back.

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  7. Chris Mc.

    Greenhouse on wheels! You could raise some choice tomatoes and commute to work!

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  8. Jose Cantu

    My older brother, a San Antonio policeman, owned one. I liked it then, and still like it now, but now $6,000 worth. May well be worth it, but not for me. Good luck.

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    My wife rented a Pacer when she was about 20 years old. She lived with her parents in Naples, Florida. She drove the car, with her sisters and another girl up to the panhandle for a weekend of fun. She says she loved the little car and thought of buying one but her dad worked for the local Cadillac dealer and got her a good deal on a used Granada which she also loved.

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  10. That AMC guy

    Looks like one of the lower trim levels, seats are some of the plainest I’ve seen in a Pacer. Does it have AC? If not you’ll be roasting on a sunny day under all that glass! Check carefully underneath since NJ is a salt state.

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  11. Drew

    I really loved my ’76 Pacer D/L. It rode like a dream and held up well, until rust ate it up in 1987. The engine and transmission were still going strong at that point.

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  12. Will Barough

    232? You mean there was something slower than a 258?

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  13. Mitch RossMember

    I’m thinking that that is an $8000 car. I am restoring a red Pacer X barn find with 63,000 miles. I expect to have that in it when done

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  14. Ellic

    That pacer was one of my father’s car’s from his collection.. it was kept in Pennsylvania for almost 30 years.. very rare color combination.. but in very good shape for the year. Just thought ,I would look on the net & see if I could fine any of the cars from his collection.. just brings back old memories & the good old days.. had over 50 car’s in his collection.. Thanks for the pictures & great memories..

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