What A Buy! Maybe? $4k 1969 Triumph TR6

No, Howard, it doesn’t have overdrive, darnit. However, this 1969 Triumph TR6 looks like an excellent buy based on the pictures and information we have. It’s being advertised here on craigslist for only $4,000, which is pretty darned inexpensive if this car looks as nice up close (and most importantly, underneath) as it does in these typical craigslist quality pictures. It’s located in Redford, Michigan, and we have reader Clarke B. to thank for submitting this find!

Even the paint looks pretty shiny, the wheels look well-maintained (although there’s no substitute for the old run the pen around the spokes test) and I like the AMCO bar on the front bumper. I just wish we could see more, like the trailing arm mounts, sills and closeups of the rear fender/cowling seam that tends to rust. And, of course, the floor boards. Sigh. I have to replace them on my TR6 this summer–not looking forward to that.

As far as I can tell, all the unique to 1969 items are here, such as this steering wheel, the painted windshield frame and the high back seats with folding headrests. I wish there were the second stalk on the left hand side for overdrive, but Howard, we can find you one to add, honest. I’ll even build the wiring harness for free and send it to you.

The trunk on a TR6 is surprisingly usable. I’m hoping the box in the back includes a new top; that’s a typical size box for one. The paint on the rear catch shows that at least this part of the car has been repainted, but at least whomever did put the black back on the rear panel. TR6s without it just look wrong to me. The license plate is a style that was issued from 1997 to 2007, but yearly stickers could have kept it valid through this year, so we’re not getting any clues there on how long it’s been off the road, if at all.

Apart from the poorly fitting aftermarket air filters, this 2498 cc inline six doesn’t look bad at all. A common place for TR6 rust is under the battery, and it looks like this one has a box under it. That could be good if it was preventative, bad if it’s to cover up a hole! If I were closer, I’d sure be going to look at this one. If you do, let us know what it looks like up close!


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  1. Hoos Member

    Already gone. It looks like someone got a deal.

    • Brian Smith

      Yep, I bought this one. Price was too good to pass up. No rust, only one repaint 20 years ago and very decent interior. Still has factory red paint on the floors! Picking it up this weekend.

      • Howard A Member

        Well, Jamie, proof positive, you snooze, you lose. Sounds great, Brian. Like we say all along, look into an O/D unit. That one I posted below from Arkansas would be perfect. As Jamie will attest to, there’s no shame in having a spare British parts car around.( quite handy, in fact) Best of luck, I’m BRG with envy. :)

      • ccrvtt

        You lucky dog! Congratulations, you just committed Grand Theft Auto…

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Congratulations, Brian!!! Send some pictures and an update once you get it!

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Ok, here’s one that’s already done to a nice driver standard, and it does have overdrive: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-Triumph-TR6-Early-TR6-with-OVERDRIVE-/382003503703

    • John H from CT

      Jamie, pretty amazing car if mileage of 11K is to be believed, and dealer claims all service records on the car. I still like these but unfortunately wifey doesn’t.

    • Woodie Man

      Boy that one is sweet! But its a dealer and thats one of my Ten Commandments of car buying.as in Thou Shall Not….

      His inventory is.how do the Brits say it..well priced!

  3. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    And another one that’s more of a project, but still has overdrive:

    • Woodie Man

      That one is disintegrating as we look at the picture………….too bad

  4. Howard A Member

    Thanks Jamie, again, close, but no cigar. Wire wheels, that’s another deal breaker. Here’s another one in Arkansas. This one, I believe has OD.( no title, be a great parts car)
    While this one was a great deal, I’m too old to be laying on my back spinning wrenches. I did enough of that. It has to be right from the get-go. Seems these are coming out of the woodwork lately.

  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I saw this yesterday, Spitfire though. https://madison.craigslist.org/cto/6032659737.html

    • Andrew S. Mace Member

      Check out the commission number on that Spitfire: FM27U, making it one of the very first Spitfire 1500s. How cool would that be? (Answer: cooler if I had time, space and money … and better negotiating skills!)

  6. Greg flynn

    That was a great deal. I had a1973 tr 6 paid $3500.00 drove it for eight years and only broke down on me once a mile from home. And sold it for $3200 but redid the seats and a paint job. But really enjoyed going on long rides with it..

  7. Wayne

    Congrats on a screaming deal!!!
    Me too on the BRG envy!

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