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4k Mile 1983 DeLorean DMC-12

1983 DeLorean DMC-12

Low-mileage Deloreans seem to be common occurance around here. Either they aren’t that great to drive or they really do have time traveling abilities? Either way, there is no denying the fact that these stainless steel bodies cars are just plain cool. The seller of this particular DMC sure has a passion for them and when he went hunting for the perfect example to add to his collection, he found this beauty parked next to a Countach. It went straight into their garage and hasn’t moved much since. They may not have have put many miles on it, but they did replace anything that had deteriorated over the years and racked up a $12k bill in the process! So, this does sound like a good one if you are in the market for a Delorean. They are asking $45k for it, but honestly it does look like a new car. Find it here on craigslist out of Hilliard, Ohio. Thanks goes to Robert R. for the tip!


  1. Tom Dove

    Maybe that engine with the wet liners break down a lot. Seem like this nice of car should be advertised in Hemming’s, rather than craigslist. Craigslist is hard to do a national or international search.

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  2. JW

    Sorry have to pass NO Flux Capacitor.

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  3. MikeH

    “It looks like a new car”–that’s true and unfortunate. It looks like a new Delorean. The mid 80s look fails to excite me.

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  4. Dan da Man

    The text says to call him with any questions but I cannot see his phone number!!

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  5. Blindmarc

    Never saw value or performance in them.

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  6. MH

    Well worth the money to me. Not many around here.

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  7. Dolphin Member

    I think it’s good that somebody made a car with a stainless steel body but……

    I can’t get excited about these, especially at $45K. I think the cars look cool but they suffered from a lack of development. A startup carmaker can be like that. De Lorean didn’t have the funding that Tesla has behind it.

    It’s rear engined with bad weight balance and the engine is notorious for unreliability. Even when they are running well the performance is underwehelming and nothing like what you expect from looking at the car.

    It’s great for the seller that he likes De Loreans so much, but most people don’t like these enough to pay $45K for one. He puts his wonderful car on CL? If the car was a seller at $45K it wouldn’t be there.

    The final kicker is telling the world that his original-from-1983 tires are still perfect. Tires are dated, and in jurisdictions that have serious vehicle inspections they won’t pass.

    This is the kind of seller where you have to know that you want a car like the seller has and also know the cars inside and out and not rely on anything he says, because it will all be hard-sell.

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    The french made v6 motor probably has the cam lobes already worn down. It was a junk motor that the big volvo’s found out.

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  9. DENIS

    Didn’t they have a FIAT motor? That would explain a lot about low miles on these things…

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  10. John T

    Not a Fiat motor, worse. A collaboration between France and Sweden known as the Peugeot Renault Volvo “PRV” odd-fire 90 degree V6. Low mileage is a plus, but I put the value in the mid 25K range. Fun to look at, but don’t drive it anywhere you can’t be towed home.

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    If this car actually brings the ask, that just has to be the top of the market.

    4K miles = museum piece, not a driver.

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  12. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Hemmings usually will have one of these with less than 20,000 miles for less than $25K.

    Not saying it isn’t a good deal but not sure the car is worth $20K more for having only 4,000 miles.

    Motors were less than enthusiastic about being driven hard.

    Put a 260 ford V8 in one of these years back. It was worthwhile as the car was picked up cheap as it had a blown engine and there was no parts availability like there is currently.

    Especially love all the ones that the owner’s decided to paint as they were sick of looking at the stainless, that or the dented stainless that they had no idea would be so expensive to put back like original.

    Interior quality is reminiscent of a 928 Porsche, nice looking but not too durable like they ran out of money.

    Personally think this guy is really optimistic.

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  13. D. King

    I love how the guy says he wouldn’t hesitate to drive to California with 30+ year old tires. Yeah, right…

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Like I say… Museum piece. And if driven, no longer a 4680 miles example.
      Pretty much no matter what the transaction price, this car = trailer queen forevermore.

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  14. AbarthBill

    True Story; I had a good friend, chief of staff at a Milwaukee hospital, bought a De Lorean and liked driving it a lot. It spent so much time in the repair shop that he bought another so at least one was driveable.

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  15. Mark 'cuda man

    I had an identical ’81 DMC 15 years ago with 7k miles. The car was mint but could never get it running. Sold it for 12k “as is”. I have regrets.

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