Monster Grand National: 1986 Buick Regal 4×4

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Why, why, why? It’s that age-old question, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. And here’s a case in point, a 1986 Buick Regal 4X4. While it’s easy to appreciate the planning and mechanical skills necessary to construct such a concoction, it’s the motivation to do so that is often fleeting. And that being the case, let’s examine this Buick extravert and see what we can figure out about that motivational factor. George found this most unusual listing for us and Syracuse, New York is where this 4X4 resides. It’s available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $6,500.

When one thinks of an ’80s Buick Regal, the fabulous, sinister-looking, and fast Grand National is what comes to mind. Based on the T-Type, it’s that powerful turbocharged version that continues to ring the register on classic car auction sites. It was a bit of an anomaly, coming from staid Buick at a time when performance had floundered away, thanks in part, to so many gubmint finger-waggin’ rules. Besides the T-Type/Grand National, there was a Regal Limited and just a regular old Regal – all were two-door coupes. Our subject car wears the Grand National black-out treatment but hopefully, that’s not how this Regal started life – that would be a travesty! This was likely a lesser model that’s been finished out to look like the GN – we’d need the VIN to know with certainty.

Besides the T-Type/GN turbocharged Buick 3.8 liter V6, Regal offered a carburated version of that same engine along with a boat anchor powerplant in the form of an Oldsmobile 5.0 liter (307 CI ) V8 engine. As to which this Regal originally employed is unknown, and probably irrelevant as it’s now sporting a Chevrolet 350 CI small-block V8. What modifications this bowtie has experienced is unsaid and therefore, unknown. It appears to be wearing an aluminum intake manifold, topped with an open-element air cleaner, and is possibly exhaling through headers. The seller advises, “Just put (a) brand new carb on and all electronics runs good on road now“. An automatic transmission is in place but which one (lots of available GM varieties), is not disclosed. Whichever it is, it’s connected to a transfer case for four-wheel operation. Unfortunately, no drivetrain specifics are referenced anywhere in the listing but it all looks to have been well executed.

Back to the exterior, it’s in pretty good shape. Other than its obvious off-road bearing, the body, along with its original bumpers and trim, looks like a regular old black Regal – except, of course, for that cowl-induction hood scoop which seems to be de rigueur these days for so many home-built hotrods. The finish is strong and there’s no sign of off-road, mayhem-induced damage. Unfortunately, there are no interior views offered.

The seller tells us, “I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of replies and didn’t know there were so many joe dirt relatives on market place“. I’m not sure if that’s really the case, or just an attempt to bolster perceived demand, and therefore the $6,500 asking price – I suppose it could be either or a mix of both. There’s not much else I can offer other than to say GLWTS. Anyway, that’s my take, what’s yours?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    I don’t usually like this sort of over-the-top silliness, but hey, it’s at least more useful than say, a Donk…

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  2. Howie

    And now it is worth less.

    Like 14
    • Scott

      It was before the mods too.

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  3. Don H

    Hay Bubba hold my beer.🍺🍺

    Like 5
  4. Big C

    Almost makes my want to buy a GM product. Almost…

    Like 2
    • Doone

      Really? Waste of a GN

      Like 6
      • Steve

        Not a GN, they had all black bumpers.

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  5. scott m

    I need that for my Home Association driveway!

    Like 18
    • Jay Martell

      Yeah, with a pair of bullhorns on the front and some big Yosemite Sam mudflaps.

      Like 11
    • Johan

      Sounds like you need to move…

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  6. Doone

    Really? Waste of a GN but the snow gets really deep in SYR.

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    Bound to upset folks on a “Regal” scale. There sure is a lot of hoopla about a “GRAND NATIONAL”, today, way more than I remember in the 80s. I think it’s more the name. Personally, I think a GN is a waste of a nice Regal, and who cares what someone does in their garage with a bunch of friends when they aren’t shlepping your darn packages. I like it, and while I don’t see the attraction in these goofy 4×4 renditions, I can’t squelch the ambition. I have a tough time deciding how to waste the day, this person made a neat ride.

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  8. PaulG

    Everyone knows it’s not, nor ever was a GN.
    But the hyperbole is what attracts readers so…
    I grew up about 30 minutes from this car, left for AZ 47 years ago. This is what happens when winter sets in and the shop is free’d up.

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  9. Stevei

    My guess would be too many Sam Adams Utopias.

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  10. Stan

    Why why why not ? 🤷‍♂️

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  11. CooterMember

    “Hey, how exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does the sun set? How exactly does a posi-trac rearend work on a 67 Plymouth? It just does”

    “Joe Dirt’s Dad”

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  12. DON

    Who cares if it really was a GN ? Its not like they are rare , and most seem to have had 35 miles put on them and then they were stored away. The GN is a car where finding a beater one is rare , and a mint one easy. Even if it was a GN, they wouldn’t have chopped up a good one anyway . Its nothing I’d want , but hey, if someone can enjoy it, why not ?

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  13. Troy

    I’m the odd man out I guess because I like it. I think it would be fun just to go out and have some fun. If its not already done put a roll cage in it and just enjoy it

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  14. Erik Morris

    Morons….they live among us.

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  15. Moit

    Makes me think of mullets

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  16. John Jasper

    Looks like one of those buggies for running shine in the hills of the Ozarks.

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  17. steve

    He says he got a lot of replies? Ok, I have one for him too.
    “I’ll give you $250 for it. My boat needs a new anchor.”
    Or maybe
    “Good luck selling this POC.”

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  18. John Traylor

    They ruined a nice car.

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    • PRA4SNW

      They also ruined a nice Blazer.

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  19. Robert Levins

    “ no “ .

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  20. C Force

    At a local dealership i pass by everyday they had a pinto station wagon for sale with this same type of set up.which looked even more awkward than this.but in this case what a sad ending to a nice g- body

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  21. Crows Nest Pete

    Absolutely insane, and they gave the inventor a license?? How do I get my 99year old granny into it, where is the rack for the ladder? Do I lift up the house to get it into the garage too?? Madness!!

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  22. Jimmy Novak

    “Look at MEEE!”

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  23. nlpnt

    Why? Because squarebody Blazers sold well and their bodies rusted like they were made of Alka-Seltzer. So there were a bunch of chassis knocking around.

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    • PRA4SNW

      And now with the retro SUV craze, those rusty Blazers are getting restored and worth a lot more than a non-GN Regal. Actually probably approaching the value of the GN, once all of the old Broncos are priced into the stratosphere.

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