5.0 Pony Barn Find: 1984 Ford Mustang GT 350

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While some of the information in this listing does not make a lot of sense, the photos make up for confusing words. This 1984 Ford Mustang 5.0 convertible is only sitting at the starting bid price of $4,000. It was uncovered in a garage in New Hyde Park, New York where it currently resides. A VIN is listed and the odometer shows 51,000 miles. You can find and bid on it here on eBay.

While the engine is advertised in the listing as a 302 cubic inch, 5 liter V8 with electronic fuel injection, you can look at the photos to try to discern for yourself what truly lies before you. Some research I did shows that it is not exactly cut and dry on what the cars had even though markings and letterings specified certain things. Although, I’m sure the VIN helps in being able to decode what is under the hood.

Inside the car is a decently clean interior. The dashboard is not cracked. The rear seats have what look like plaid, kitchen chair cushions on the seat backs. An automatic transmission moves the car and the center console holds the selector.  A rip in the convertible top near the passenger side window is stated in the listing and can be seen in a photo.

There is a lot to sift through in the listing. The seller is gifted at word choices, fluffy at times, and crafts quick illustrations to communicate the condition of the car. However, even at first read, things don’t quite add up. That might be why the price is not moving north. Considering it has no ability to make an offer, you might be able to find this Mustang up for sale again at some point.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Assuming the car is what it is portrayed to be, these GT 350’s are desirable examples of four-eyed Fox Bodies. But they are not particularly rare; decent to good examples show up regularly. Nor are they particularly valuable (though Fox Body values, specifically for the most desirable models and for low-mileage examples, are steadily heading north).

    As to the car itself, I can’t really tell where it fits on the condition spectrum. It may clean up nice, but with only the crammed-in-the-garage pics, one can’t tell much.

    And finally, ads like this get really tiresome. ALL CAPS. The top is “near perfect” except for the big rip? And the upholstery has “no rips” except for a tear? Makes one wonder about the rest of the car.

    Thanks Brentton for the write-up.

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  2. Thomas Price

    I’d be suspicious of this seller …. No feedback and only has has their eBay account open since Jan 19, 2019 ….. Do you due diligence on this one.

    Also, I wasn’t aware of of a GT350 in ’84 until I Goggled it… It was a 20th Anniversary edition made in exterior oxford white, red trim, and red interior. Also, the new 5.0L / 302 with central EFI was pretty standard fair for that vintage….

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    • Angrymike

      I remember someone sued over the GT350 moniker. I don’t remember the details, but seems to me they discontinued them after a short time. Anyone know the details ?

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  3. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Don’t care much for the car, but the all caps ad was OK. I did not have to put my cheaters on to read it. 0 feedback score. Newbee that needs to learn how to photo a car for sale.

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  4. cold340t

    EFI 5.0 started in 1986 SDI. 1988 They went to Mass air. My friend has one of these and it’s definitely Carbureted. Re-painted red, 5spd/5.0 w/Carb/3:55 rear. But, no EFI. His in the GT350 registry. Check and see if this is too. It will have details not in ad.

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  5. Thomas Price

    Cold340t ….

    “Highlights of the 1984 Mustang GT350
    Available in either Hatchback or Convertible
    Three Engine Options: 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder, 5.0L carbureted, 5.0L EFI
    Marchal Fog Lamps
    Oxford White Exterior with Red Trim
    Canyon Red Interior
    Limited to 5,260 units”

    ( As long as that site is valid… )

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    • cold340t

      Ok, then it’s efi.. Had a 84′ 5.0 gt conv. also and it was carbureted. Never seen an EFI prior to 86′. My 88′ is at shop right now with where there are many FOX body 5.0’s. This is the earliest EFI 5.0 I have now heard of. Shelby made EFI 318 Mopars too back in early/mid 80’s. Not common. Thx for update.

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      • Thomas Price

        Well I was fully aware of the earlier EFI 302s because my 84 T-Bird had the same engine with EFI… So gutless in that form though…

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    • cold340t

      Just went GT350 registry. NO F(165hp) code 5.0 efi listed. I guess people wanted M (175hp)code 4bbl’s instead. Making this GT350 one of? If really efi car.
      This car is listed as M code in registry. Ebay vin says otherwise. EFI is not highly desirable. Just uncommon.

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      • cold340t

        Meant to say ebay AD says otherwise. But, look at the vin. M.

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    I’m thinking it was a basic decal package for that year GT 350..nothing super special and I’m a fox body freak..I love em. This one needs more photos and info

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    • 71FXSuperGlide

      Most cosmetic, including color keyed body side moldings, badges, etc. The TRX Metric wheels and sport seats are a nice touch.

      No bids yet at $4K but seems like a decent deal.

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  7. EJB

    The rare model of this package would be the 20th anniv. convertible with the turbo 4. Those don’t come around very often as most people opted for the v-8.

    I’m not a big fan of white cars but I always thought these presented very well.

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  8. poseurMember

    Yeah nothing special here, especially in this obscured condition & sketchy seller.

    GT350 package was nothing more than some decals.

    5.0 didn’t go efi until 86 to best of my knowledge all V8’s until then were carbureted.

    I did get a “free” ‘85 GT 5-speed with under 100k on it from a storage unit tenant that defaulted several years ago. Traded it off for some concrete finishing work.

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    • BusaJoe

      The 1984 5.0 litre E.F.I. H.O. Is only on AOD cars and is central electronic fuel injection. Google is your friend when you know where to look.

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      • PartsPaul

        You are right Joe. In 1984/1985 the autos had CFI and the manuals still had the 4 bbl.

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  9. Jan Hanratty

    The Car before you is Correct it is a 1984 1/2. Ford Mustang GT 350 20th anniversary convertible . The 5.0 EFI as absolutely Correct and how do i know this fo be fact, Because i have an identical twin sitting jn my Garage. I bought mine when it was 6 months old from its original owner i purchased the car in 1985 From a Gentleman from Bennington Vt. My car came from Flynn Ford in Bennington Vt. My car has been an enjoyable fun car to drive. It had only one issue since new egr surging and stalling. For any early 80’s car it had it all over the 1984 Pontiac Firebird I sold to get the GT 350. I have 105000 well enjoyed miles maybe not today a highly sought after car but in the future its sure to be with low production numbers. So what do the investors do on Wall st. Buy low sell high !

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    • Gary Phillips

      I had the 84 Crown Victoria with same engine and efi. Had problems with stalling all the time. Ford fixes it twice and then I said let’s do something different so I purchased the 86 model police package with 351. Big difference. Twice the gump by the seat of the pants.

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  10. b-rad jeepster

    Shelby sued over the gt350 name so ford dropped the name. One just sold at b-j with 1000 miles don’t remember the price.

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  11. David Ulrey

    I love fox bodies. Currently have a 90. Have had a 79 coupe, yes I know they are called notch backs now but back then even the sales brochures called them a coupe, any way, also an 88 GT convertible. I too would like to see more pictures for overall body condition and possible rust. Probably one other reason they weren’t getting any action at 4k when this was written is that assuming the rest of the car is in good condition 4k is the top of the mark. Unless something is rare or in absolutely mint condition most people like to come away feeling like they got a decent deal. When you start at the maximum figure without offering the option to put in a lower bid it’s kind of a buzz kill for people.

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