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$500 Corvair Rampside


The owner of a Rampside we featured a while back decided they liked it so much that they kept it. These pickups are very handy with their fold-down side and few trucks will get more looks. Well, another project Corvair just popped up on Spokane’s craigslist and this time the seller is only asking $500. We figured we had better mention it because two of our readers sent it in within hours of each other. So thanks goes to both Caleb and Mark H. for this one!


This Corvair Rampside was part of a property sale.  The new land owners don’t know much about the truck except for the fact that the engine is still in place. They were smart enough to acquire a Sheriff’s title before listing it for sale though.


Guess not all of the engine is in place… Parts are strewn across the bench seat and side windows appear to be busted out, which could explain why the interior looks so rough.


The photos of the exterior are not good enough to determine how much damage the tin worm has already done, but we expect that there is plenty of rust. The entry price may seem appealing here, but proceed with caution. These kinds of projects may be affordable at first, but the credit card charges quickly add up. Anyone here think they could bring it back to life for under $5k?


  1. Avatar photo rich

    Rust might not be that bad if it spent it life out in the Western Washington high desert
    Don’t need another as I have 6 Vairs now.

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    • Avatar photo John C

      It’s in Eastern Washington. North of Spokane, near the Idaho border.

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  2. Avatar photo Dan Skopp

    Under 5 K??? Not in this lifetime!! The body “looks” solid in the pictures but need to be seen (eyeballed) in order to buy!!

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  3. Avatar photo David G

    Baked paint areas attempt to make this look worse than it really is. Seems quite solid around edges that would show some at least hints of rot if it wasn’t. Baked paint also clues us that time spent outside could’ve been nicely sunny (and dry) enough that the tin-worms didn’t like living there much! At $500, this certainly looks like a good get to me, especially if one’s into special Corvairs like Rampsides are…

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  4. Avatar photo Scott Szalkowski

    This looks like a great buy for $500…. Jay Leno bought one for $600, put $50,000 into full restoration, and now it’s worth $15,000…. Maybe $25,000 but you get the point. You could get this truck running for under $5,000 depending on your skills. Do you know how to fix corvair engines, can you weld, are you handy, do you have the time and space? I would buy it. But I just got 2 rampsides and a greenbrier van for $1,500 so got my hands full with 8 corvairs. But as in corvairs, there’s always a year or model you don’t have, yet! SCOTT

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Karasek

      Scott in the market for a rampside. Wanting a powerglide truck. I’m in Pensacola FL. Not in a hurry. If you have or run up on one in your travels,give me a shout. I will take a stick. I have engines, let me know. Jeff

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  5. Avatar photo paul

    I just have the Black Spyder pictured above just got a bunch of parts blasted & powder coated so my hands & garage are full for the moment other wise I would consider it if it wasn’t on the wrong side of the coast, as in I am on the east coast.

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  6. Avatar photo ricksaunders

    For years there used to be a guy in Thornton Wa (a widespot off the road just south of Spokane) that had at least a dozen Corvairs in his yard.

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  7. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    If the guy does all the work himself, it’s likely going to top the $10K mark. It still looks like a worthwhile project. I wish him luck.

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  8. Avatar photo jim

    a nice find and the fact that they have a title makes it great.

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  9. Avatar photo Steve

    To Scott,then I wouldn’t buy something if I didn’t know what it was worth. Think about it!!!!

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  10. Avatar photo MadHungarian

    This Rampside is being discussed over on the 24 Hours of LeMons forum. You might say who in their right mind would think of racing a Rampside. First, this is LeMons, we’re not in our right minds over there. Second, at the LeMons race in Sonoma CA a couple of weeks ago, there was a VW Vanagon, so running a forward control vehicle is not totally out of the question.

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  11. Avatar photo Joseph Wayne Haddock

    I picked up a 63 Corvan that sat for 26 years, went through the brakes, cleaned the tank, rebuilt the carbs and the instant it fired up, i drive it 100 miles round trip.

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