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50k Mile Survivor: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

Update 4/3/20 – This clean Galaxie has been listed here on eBay with no reserve! Will it end up selling for more than their original asking price?

From 3/31/20 – In our comments section, there’s always a lively debate about whether four doors is too many. Some of you wouldn’t touch a car like this, but I want to make the case that sedans are awesome! What can I say? I’m a four-door man, and I love this Galaxie 500 here on craigslist for a four-figure asking price of $9,500.

In George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm, the animals adopt the slogan “Four legs good, two legs bad.” Now I’m not saying coupes are bad by any stretch, but they do come at a cost. And those costs are usually exaggerated prices, rust, and missing parts. So in my barn, clean sedans are always welcome. Four-doors tend to live sedate and placid lives, so they survive intact. They’re rarely flogged for speed or festooned with tacky mods and gimmicks. They’re more useful. Sometimes they even have huge engines. And best of all, they’re by far the cheapest option to get into a vintage car. I’m not a Ford guy, but some of ole Henry’s better designs get me going. This ’66 is a great example. It has such a classic angular shape. And with only 50,000 miles, it seems to be in perfect original condition. Look at that interior!

The paint and chrome are shiny and that gorgeous color is Ford’s unique and interesting Emberglo. The hardtop design with no door posts means the windows roll down to a clean coupe-like profile. The optional wheel covers suggest the style of a rare 7-liter at a fraction of the price. Sure it’s only a 289, but that’s a great engine and it makes V8 power and sounds.

This Galaxie 500 appears well-detailed. It’s ready to drive with new engine gaskets and wheel cylinders plus a new gas tank and gauge sender. I like buying a car when someone has taken the time to sort out all the little things. It makes a new purchase a joy to drive. The owner says the car is original inside and out. “Possibly the nicest original example of this body style available today.” I can’t argue with that.

Have I convinced any of you skeptics? Remember—there was a time when you couldn’t give station wagons or pickup trucks away. They were the secret screaming bargains of the car world, but the world caught on. So what do you think: are sedans are going to have their day?


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I love this car. These Fords were very well built and were super comfortable. The 390 would be better, but as nice as this car looks, it would make a great cruiser.

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  2. Howard A Member

    I think these 60’s Fords were just the best. Culmination of 60 years of car building. This was kind of the alternative to the blue Chevy. Again they looked like this once, off the dealer lot. Most times, they led lackluster lives and poor maintenance, but they chugged on for years, through several siblings. The 289 was adequate, didn’t give the Chevy’s kids the oomph, but they rolled down the highways just as well, taking us all over creation. Great cars from a time when just about every driveway had one.

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  3. Bell

    Great car! Remember when they sold these in the back of comic books?

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    • Steve1957

      Hard to figure the strategy behind that ad placement. Get you to nag your parents to buy a four door? ALL parents wanted a four door in those days (sigh). Well, mine anyway.

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  4. Moparman Member

    Ah! The four door hardtop! Roll all four windows down, and though maybe not as sharp as its two door kin, but still good looking! My personal preference normally is for two doors (I’m tall, and w/ seat adjusted, no one sits behind me!), but I’d gladly take this one over a four door sedan any day! GLWTA :-)

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  5. OrphanGuy

    And 4 doors are even better when there’s no pillar between the windows, like this one

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  6. Ron H

    Agree with all the notes on it behind a pillarless four door. Very attractive and great for a family car. So much nicer without the kids climbing over you with the seatback folded up.

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  7. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    4 doors, 2 doors, 27 doors, whatever. This is one nice car overall, period.

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    These were such great cars.Do look at the frame as these had problems with rotten frames, to the point where beauties like this are rare in the rust belt, this ones from Mass?? Good luck to the new owner. Fill with kids and head for the ice cream stand!!!

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    • Ed

      I had a 65′ and the frame rotted out under the driver’s side door. Very common.

      • shanahan

        I had a ’65 that I fixed up a bit with n XL interior and fresh paint (2 dr LTD with the 352 cu) It drank fas like it was free and like yours the frame rotted out. surprisingly the body was still really nice.

      • Bob C.

        A friend of mine had a 70 coupe, and yes, his frame rotted out also, in front of the rear wheels.

  9. Mark H

    Guess I’m giving away my age a bit, but I was raised by a hot rod Dad that taught me that 4 doors and wagons were nothing but donor cars for the 2 doors. To each their own for sue, but this is just not my cup of tea. Nice car for someone that wants/needs a 4 door as it certainly is straight and clean!

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    • TimS Member

      It’s cool that Dad only drove hot rods. Maybe until about 10 years ago, sure, these were throwaways to some. But now *all* mostly complete cars from this era are rare and should be respected, whether the “always awesome” 2-door or the “crush it immediately after I pull the big block for my red Mustang project” 4-door.

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  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Before my twentieth birthday I was a veteran after three years in the army. When I did return home in May 67 my Dad bought me a 65 Ford Custom 500 4 door sedan. It came equipped with a 289 v8 3 speed manual on the column with overdrive and air conditioning. I was recently married and it made a great wedding present. These were wonderful cars.
    This one is a nice example. In the 4 door hardtop version it has a sporty look with room for a family.
    I love the color. Better than brown not as sedate as black and rarer than blue or green.
    God bless America

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    • JohnnyB

      When I was a kid, we had a ’66 Custom 500 in this color, but with a white top. 289, 3-speed with O/D, but no AC, PB or PS.

      Kinda nice to see a Galaxie with the 289 for a change. Beautiful car!

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  11. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Very nice car. I don’t really mind it being a four-door. Sure, a 7-Litre would be more desirable, but this one is so nice I wouldn’t be picky.

    Emberglo, one of my favorite Ford colors.

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  12. jerry z

    Maybe because I’m getting old, the only downfall is no a/c. Otherwise the car is a winner.

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  13. Solosolo ken tillyUK Member

    Absolutely stunning, original, pillarless motor car. Give me a four door over a two door any day.

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  14. Vance

    My Father ordered a 1966 Galaxie with a 390 4 barrel and automatic trans with console shifter. The interior was very sporty as I remember, and the car was quite fast. The color was tan with white hardtop and we were told it was a very rare choice. The only problem was that it wondered all over the road. He took it back numerous times and they agreed there was a problem but couldn’t fix it. My sister’s inlays owned the dealership and bought it from my Father and gave him a new 1969 Marquis. It was the 2 dr my Father ever had. It was a real good looking car though.

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  15. Barry Traylor

    I always swore I would never buy a four door car——-that is until my grandkids came along it made it so much easier to put them inside the car.

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  16. shanahan

    grandpa car. Nice but it wouldn’t cause much excitement at the local shine & show IMO.

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    • Howard A Member

      Not so fast, don’t be so sure. At our local car show last summer, there was a definite lack of these types of cars. One person had a basic 4 door something, I forget, but everybody was all over it.

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Have to agree with you, Howard; this beauty would generate a lot of interest at any Show ‘n Shine. Personally, I prefer to see a car like this 4-door hardtop at a show, it’s a welcome sight in a sea of Mustangs, Camaros and MOPARS. My ’64 Fairlane 500 4-door sedan gets a lot of attention at shows I attend just because it’s different. It’s in excellent original condition with very low miles and it’s always the only ’64 Fairlane of any configuration that I’ve seen at the shows/cruise-ins that I attend (so far). Two-door muscle cars are certainly popular but I think folks like to see something different these days. I stroll by a lot of muscle cars at shows, I’m looking for the odd-balls, something like this ’66 Galaxie; that’s what gets my attention.

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      • shanahan

        see, you already forgot.

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  17. Jhb

    4 door hardtop! No just a 4 door sedan! Sweet!

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    • Chebby Staff

      In 1960’s Detroit parlance:
      Hardtop = doors without posts (fancy)
      Sedan = doors with framed windows (basic)

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  18. Jon

    This baby is sweet – love the color. Would be really cool to alter the back doors to suicide!

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  19. Howard

    In the 50s, two door sedans were the cheapest cars built and therefore the cheapest cars a young guy could pick up second hand. We always heckled the boys driving a 4 door Buick or Olds with taunts of “daddies car” I had a 46 Ford coupe that really belonged in the junk yard, but it was MINE. I worked for the money to buy it and at 15 years old went to the Sec of State and registered it. I don’t know if that was legal or not, but I didn’t have to ask Dad to use his car. All I had to do was dump a couple of quarts of oil in it and roll it down the driveway to get it started and I was off on an adventure. I don’t get the hatred of 4 door cars. I would have loved to own this Ford back in the day………

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  20. Philip Bregar

    I worked at a Ford dealer from 65 to 69, and I’d never seen a Ford with flow through ventilation until this one. I had to take a second look. I always liked that color, and a 4 door is fine with me, though I own a 63 1/2 Galaxie fastback and a 58 Chevy 2 door wagon.

    I don’t agree with it not attracting a lot of attention at car shows or on the road. So many people, me included, just walk past the Vettes and Stangs, etc., as they are all the same. I want to see something more rare.

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    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      Me too. I used to love my Mustangs but these days, seeing how common they are, makes me appreciate my 1951 Buick Super more. I can go to umpteen motor shows and see as many Mustangs, Tri Fives, Mopars etc. as I like because they are as common as backsides, everyone has one, but the chances of seeing a 50’s – 60’s Buick is unusual, especially a 4 door.

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  21. Greg bland

    Mom dad had on.had 351 small block horseshoe. Lockup said I could have it. Got it unlocked once run bout a minute locked up again. Gaveup

  22. Allegro37 Member

    it’s just a very nice car. It doesn’t matter about the door issue.

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  23. Frank

    My folks had just gotten a brand new 66 Galaxie 500 4 door hardtop in nightmist blue, with a 390 V/8 when I got my learner’s permit. It was the car I learned to drive on!

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  24. JP

    My dad had the same one color & all.It was a great family car!

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  25. C5 Corvette

    I returned from VN in 1968. Next day I found a 66 Galaxie 500 conv. low mile’s, 390 AT, Red with a white top. $1,995.00 from the local Ford dealer! Just what I wanted to spend my year long savings on. I did add chrome reverse wheels that really stabilized the ride. A year later, after finishing up my military time at Ft, Bragg, NC, my new bride and I spent our honeymoon in Canada with it. I’ve been looking for another one in good condition for quite some time. (I’m too old for anymore restoration jobs). I do drive a 2017 Buick Regal 4 dr. turbo, a F250 super-duty PU and a 1998 Corvette at the present time and enjoy all of them.

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    • Johnny Cuda

      Thank you for your service, C5. Many thanks to all our veterans!

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  26. Butch S.

    Only 4 door I remember liking was a Lincoln my uncle had with suicide doors. Beyond that, sedans are for hauling kids or groceries. ;-)

  27. Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

    Me too. I used to love my Mustangs but these days, seeing how common they are, makes me appreciate my 1951 Buick Super more. I can go to umpteen motor shows and see as many Mustangs, Tri Fives, Mopars etc. as I like because they are as common as backsides, everyone has one, but the chances of seeing a 50’s – 60’s Buick is unusual, especially a 4 door.

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  28. C5 Corvette

    Thank you John.

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  29. PatrickM

    Great looking car. But, let’s see what I found that I don’t particularly care for. (1) No underside pics. (2) No power steering (a must in a car this large). (3) too small of an engine. As earlier stated by Rex Kahrs, a 390 would be a better engine. It would give more horse power and get better gas mileage. It appears to have been well taken care of and I would be interested if….

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  30. gbt

    My Dad bought one of these in 1969, used, and always thought standard (three on the tree) would get better gas mileage. The 390 V8 was not part of his consideration. Needless to say, with three teen boys driving occasionally (as often as we could get Mom to let us run an errand), the mileage was not what he expected. He finally had a tire dealer convince him to buy Sumitomo (sp) tires, so the tires didn’t make such a fantastic sound as we ground them to smoke. It did not save the tires any better. Finally, the clutch burnt up and he sold the car. It was a FANTASTIC car, fast and fun memories during those years. Love the design and bold look of the car….

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  31. FordFixer Member

    My dad bought a used 65-7 custom 500 4 door from the moffat county sheriffs department. It was black, rubber mats, standard interior, and had the spotlight! BUT, it had a rebuilt 427 special order and top loader 4 speed. My mom putzed to the store, but when I came home from college, I “blew the cobs ought”, as my dad would say. My sister was embarrassed til she got her license, then found out she could beat all the competition in Craig, Colo.
    great car, great memories

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  32. Jeff T.

    owned a 66 galaxie 4 door 390 c6 for years bought up a faimily in it very reliable sturdy vehicle fond memories would like 2 door fast back now 63 to 68 galaxie awesome good looking 60s classics.who knows could get lucky. Its a very uncertain world at the moment

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  33. lc

    and sold at TASCA Ford… How cool is that!

  34. giorgitd

    EBay description says the reserve is reasonable but the new ND description says no reserve…

  35. Andrew S Mace Member

    Lovely car, especially in Emberglo. As a young teen at the time, I was so taken by that color that I got a can of Duplicolor and sprayed my 26″ Rollfast English bike in Emberglo. I also got some chrome fenders (which I cut down somewhat) and a Bendix shifter. That’s about as close as I ever got to truly “hot-rodding” any wheeled vehicle! And I still have that bike! :D

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  36. JagManBill

    I had a 66 289/auto 4 door Galaxie in the late 70’s. Drove it everywhere in ice and snow but heat was a problem as it didn’t have ac and that vinyl got hot! Loved the car. Wife still wants a another but brown isn’t her favorite color

  37. That AMC guy

    Ford 4-door hardtops of this vintage are commonly featured on the old Quinn Martin series “The Invaders”, currently showing late Saturday nights on MeTV. Ford provided vehicles for the show so practically all you see on it are Fords, Mercurys, or Lincolns – an eye feast for those interested in 1960s and earlier Ford products. (Last week’s episode had a great Ford woodie wagon from around 1950.)

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  38. Armstrongpsyd Douglas Armstrong Member

    This is a great car. Interesting and wonderfully cared for. It certainly has gotten a lot of attention here.
    My family car when I was 16 was a ’67 Galaxie 500 Station wagon with a 390 four barrel. Not only could I beat my spoiled friend’s 350 Camaros through a quarter mile, I kept the back seats folded down; it made a great date car. It was an amazing turquoise, and by amazing I don’t necessarily mean attractive.
    A friend of mine is looking at minivans for his young, growing family. They’re expensive and boring. I sen him this listing, a much more interesting choice.

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  39. MICK George.

    The only body style of the Galaxie sold [ imported RHD from Canada 63,64 ] and
    in CKD form was the 4 door pillared Sedan. Engines were 289 and 390 both Auto .while they were only sold in there thousands 65 to 69 then 100’s there would not be 100 left now.i have a very rare 64 390 4 door of which there might be 10 left .there are more imported LHD 2 DOOR Coupes of all years than our
    4 doors. as mine is a 1 of 1 at any car show it gets lots of attention.

  40. chrlsful

    the other channel has 1 w/the 428 in it, but yeah. I love this or any stacked hdlght (galixy, fairlane, ranch, montego, cyclone, thunderbolt, torino).They were B4 the (what I call) ‘wheel humps’ (curves in the sheet metal) of the later 60s. I like the nice straight lines after the ‘bulg-mo-biles’ of the ’50s.
    Eye candy 4 me So, Therefore:

    **I thank U Chebby & the others who keep this goin. As a burned ‘essential’ employee it’s a nice feast while home, tired and ready for some distraction!******
    Here’s a few horn beeps in support/thanks:


    (poor thing must have the C-19 caugh)

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  41. shanahan

    Nice car but still a grandpa car…If it was a 427ci with a 4 speed you wouldn’t be able to get near it at a polish and brag night.

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