50K Mile Survivor! 1970 Ford F-100 Sport Custom

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I’m a sucker for bumpside Ford trucks made between 1967 and 1972. In fact, I own two myself.  The price for these fifth-gen F100’s keep going up with no end in sight.  This particular truck is a 1970 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $6,100. The truck is located in Fort Harrison, Montana and is said to show about 52,000 original miles! It has amazing patina and looks like a pretty honest truck. Check it out and let us know what you think.

As mentioned before, the patina on this truck is amazing. You can see surface rust and the boxwood green paint is faded in all the right places. By looking at the bed and the bottom edges of the doors, there is very little (if any) penetrating rust! You can see some poking out through the stainless rocker guards. Popping those off quickly would tell more of the story.

The interior is really sharp. I love the simplicity of these trucks. Even the dash pad and door panels look really good! The seller states the truck has the original seat cover under the saddle blanket and it only has a few tears in it.

The engine is a 360 cubic inch FE Ford and is said to pull strong with no noise, smoke or major leaks. These engines are really easy to work on for the shade-tree mechanic. Parts are readily available and they run well.

Overall, this truck looks really great. If you’re in the market for one of these old Fords in original condition, you’d be hard pressed to find one much nicer than this. The seller says there are a ton of factory parts still on the truck including original headlights, glass, plug wires and others. Drop us a comment about your thoughts on this one.

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  1. RoughDiamond

    This ’70 F-100 looks about as nice of an original as you could hope to find.

    There is a lady in the Skilled Nursing Facility where I work whose husband bought and still has a ’72 Ranger XLT long bed that was manufactured in Brazil and was factory equipped with a Mitsubishi 4 cylinder engine (2 plugs per cylinder) and a 5-speed stick transmission. I would never have believed it, however all the factory tags are still in place under the hood.

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  2. NotSure

    Nice looking truck. The camper shell mentioned undoubtedly went a long way to keep the bed as nice as it is. I’d be proud to own and drive this Ford. Arrest the rust issues, get a bale of straw to tote in the bed and maybe a rifle rack for that back window. What could be better?

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  3. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Good write up by the seller with a lot of good photos. No underside pics but judging by the other photos, the underside should be pretty clean. I had a ’72 short bed with the 302 and three-on-the-tree. I let it go before it got too rusty but it was a good-running, dependable ride. I used to pull a 23 foot camper with it, no problem. Another one I miss.

    I like this one. The condition is really good and it’s a four-speed. Should bring good money but the new owner will be happy with it.

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    • MorganW Morgan Winter

      There’s a link at the bottom of the ad to a lot more pics, some of the underside.

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  4. aboyandhisdog Tom Fitch

    Dumb question here, but what is the panel on the passenger side in front of the rear wheel? Man, I love this truck!

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    • Lee Higdon

      Storage area for tools jacks what have you sort of like the rambox on the dodge tricks

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    • FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

      Tom Fitch, that panel or small door was for access to a storage/tool compartment, an option on some pickups back then. A handy option for some owners.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Tom I think that’s a tool kit storage place on the bed. Big with camper specials.

    I’d have to get a good look at the cab mounts and underbelly. The cab mounts are right behind the front wheels and they catch all the road dirt. Bad up here in the rust belt, too bad as they were great trucks! Cheaper than a new one but don’t expect more than 10 mpg with that 360.

    Good luck to the new owner.



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  6. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Love the spotlight! That 360 with a four speed is a real stump-puller.

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  7. Tom Justice

    How many trucks have that particular seat cover? My 76 F-100 did (I bought that cover just because I had seen so many) and I bet a lot of readers out there had the same or knew someone with a truck with the same. Nice looking truck, deserves a good home and a good job.

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  8. Stevie G

    I really like this ol’ girl! The only thing I would like better is if it were a 3 on the tree. Pulling into a car wash or repair center with a car equipped with a straight stick is a thrill. Have some 18 year old green-horn try to figure out why it has a clutch pedal….
    Anyhow, I am not a fan of green but this truck really does it for me. I am picturing my bike in the bed, me behind the wheel, my dog @ my side, heading to Arizona. I gotta go finish my fantasy. It might involve Aaron Rodgers girlfriend lol!

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  9. Vance

    It’s going to start getting warm in Arizona very soon, you might want to see if this truck has air. There are quite a few of these trucks tooling around here in Tucson. I have lived here for 25 years, and I hate every fricking summer. It’s a dry heat, well so is an oven. A 120 is a 120 no matter how you slice it. It is inhumane to drive a vehicle here wth no air. Some people do, but you can’t fix stupid.

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    • David Ulrey

      Yeah Vance, Tucson, Phoenix area, and even worse Lake Havasu. Prescott still can warm up pretty darn good but not as bad as those areas. I clearly remember working outside in Phoenix in the sun when it hit 122. Warm day indeed.

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  10. CanuckCarGuy

    Beautiful old Bump, and a great colour…the originality of the colour is part of the appeal. My ’71 is two-tone Boxwood and Seafoam and gets a lot of thumbs up, from both young and old fans. I really hope the buyer doesn’t butcher it as seems to be the flavour with these old Bumps now.

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