50th Anniversary Model: 1953 Ford F-100

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With 1953 marking the 50th Anniversary of Ford, the company recognized this milestone by placing some subtle reminders of its history on some of its vehicles. This 1953 F-100 features one of these mementos. It is also in need of a lot of restoration work, but the buyer will be commencing this process with what appears to be a mostly complete vehicle. If you feel that you are up to the challenge, you will find the Ford located in Starkville, Mississippi, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has made it to $3,151, and the reserve has now been met.

You have to look long and hard to see any evidence of this vehicle’s original Glacier Blue paint. Sixty-seven years of surface corrosion has consumed it, but you can still pick it in a few spots. The thing that I find most striking about this F-100 is how straight the panels appear to be. There are a few dings and marks, but there are surprisingly few of these, considering the type of life pickups like these tend to leave. Rust is the other enemy of these old girls over time, and this Ford is no exception. The floors have some issues and will probably need to be replaced. However, the trouble-prone lower cab corners look surprisingly good. There is no shortage of surface corrosion across the body, and this will need to be stripped away if the F-100 is going to sparkle again. The glass will also require attention because some of it is cracked, and most of it has started to go cloudy.

The interior will require plenty of work, but once again, it does appear to be virtually complete. The painted surfaces carry more surface corrosion, and the seat will require a new cover. However, the level of work needed to have it shining again isn’t high when compared to the exterior. Dismantling it is a straightforward proposition, and most people with basic skills in metal preparation and painting can achieve impressive results with surprisingly little effort and cost. Even if I were to buy the pickup and chose to have the exterior restored by a professional, it would be tempting to tackle the interior myself. Getting this right can be enormously satisfying.

You have to look long and hard to find evidence that this F-100 is a 50th Anniversary vehicle. The horn button provides this evidence, and while it is looking tired now, I believe that both it and the wheel could be restored. Doing that would add a nice finishing touch to the interior.

Unfortunately, the owner provides very little information on what is happening under the hood. We know that the F-100 features the 239ci flathead V8 engine, which is hooked to a 3-speed manual transmission. We also know that the drivetrain is original to the pickup. We get the barest glimpse of the motor in this photo, but there’s not much that we can see. It looks like everything might be there, but the generator is hanging loose. It isn’t clear when the F-100 last ran or if the engine even turns freely. If a faithful restoration is the aim, then the engine could potentially need a rebuild. Having said that, these old flatheads are pretty robust. If it turns freely, getting it to cough back into life with little effort might be a reality.

When I look at market trends over recent years, one abundantly clear fact is that classic pickups are continuing to perform well. Examples like this will easily sell for $25,000 once restored, although figures beyond $35,000 are not out of the question if the restoration work is completed to a high standard. These older pickups are also a firm favorite for enthusiasts to tackle in a home workshop. They are easy to dismantle, and their engineering is relatively simple. With those thoughts in the back of your head, are you tempted to bid on this classic?

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  1. TomSmiths

    This will be nice once one drops thirty grand or more on restoration.

    One could purchase one cheaper but i hope it gets saved !

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  2. Phlat Tire Phlathead Phil!

    Boy, that right front tire looks kinda shabby. As in PHLAT!

    The other ones look PHLAT tew!

    Price is CORRECT!

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  3. RogerW will

    Have the same truck 53 in dark green original in every way…6 cyl…with original bed wood…came from South Dakota…bought it for 1500…Sept 29, 87 the day Henry Ford II died…it was in a back alley behind the garage…when I saw it I could not believe how good it was…had to have my poker face on…the rest is history…

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  4. GCSMember

    Not an old Ford guy but that 50th anniversary wheel center has to worth the price of admission. That has to be rare. It looks like it has good bones and just needs TLC…(tons of love & cash.). And be make an old Ford Guy really happy…

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  5. TimM

    What a beautiful truck

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  6. Joe Haska

    I am just finishing my 5th, 53 Ford F-100, 3 that I drove and then sold, one I built for someone else, and now my last one and the best one. My plan is to keep it, but even if I sell it, I won’t build another one, not because ,I don’t like them, but because I do. If I can’t get it right after 5, I think it’s time to try something else.
    If you want a 53 to 56 F-100, there are some very positive things about “Restoring” one. Once you have a truck ,there is an abundance of information about them and lots of parts, original, reproduction and lots of after market items from body parts to custom frames and suspensions. The cost of building one depends on 2 things ,how nice is the truck you start with and how nice to you want it to be when it is finished.
    I would say the B/F truck would be a good start for the 3K plus it sold for. All 5 of mine were nicer, but they were also more money. But even so the math is the same. The one I did for someone else, cost about 28k, it was a nice truck ,driver quality, nice interior, wheels & tires, 302, auto, and original paint. The owner decided to sell it and got almost exactly what he had in it.
    The last one I sold was a nice truck and I didn’t want to sell it, but I got an offer, I thought I could refuse, 45K. In my infinite wisdom ,
    I thought I could build another one nicer and for less money. I was wrong it is nicer and it will be finished in a few weeks, and the money every penny, I got from the sale of the other truck and probably a little more if I am being honest
    Oh, and by the way that rare 50th anniversary horn button, I have had them on my last 4 trucks, they are beautiful and there reproductions.

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    • RogerW will

      thanks for your information on this BF ad…very informative!

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