1970 Dodge Super Bee With 515 Horsepower!??

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Have you ever heard an owner lamenting that they wished their classic had less power? Okay, now I’m being silly because that never happens. It certainly shouldn’t be the case with this 1970 Dodge Super Bee. These were hardly automotive slugs when new, rightly wearing the muscle car tag. However, the seller’s recent upgrades lift that to a higher level. It needs nothing and should offer its new owner years of classic (and rapid!) motoring enjoyment. The Super Bee is listed here on Craigslist in Santa Barbara, California. They set their firm price at $50,000, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for using that finally tuned classic radar to spot this beast for us.

Dodge introduced the Super Bee in 1968 as the performance variant of its Coronet range. The company viewed it as a low-cost alternative to the Plymouth Road Runner, although with a sales total of 15,506 Super Bees in 1970, the more expensive model outsold its cousin by more than 2:1 in a market that was beginning to shrink. The Super Bee owes little to subtlety, especially when finished in a high-impact shade like the Go Mango that graces this classic’s panels. Its condition is hard to fault, with the paint shining impressively and the panels appearing arrow-straight. There is no evidence of rust, with the floors looking rock-solid. The stripes are crisp, the trim shines as impressively as the paint, and the glass appears flawless. The American Racing Torq Thrust II wheels aren’t original but are the ideal aftermarket addition to a car from this era.

Chrysler was one of the greatest proponents of the muscle car scene, with its various offerings across its marques setting the benchmark against which others were measured. The Super Bee was no exception, with even its most conservative version placing 335hp at the driver’s disposal. This car takes that theme to a higher level, with its original 383 making way for a 470ci monster built by Nickens Brothers Racing Engines, churning out 515hp and 568 ft/lbs of torque. Considering the range-topping Hemi brought 425hp and 490 ft/lbs to the table, there is no doubt this beauty should get up and go when the driver floors the “loud” pedal. The builder created this classic as a total package, with all those ponies feeding through a new clutch and factory four-speed to a rebuilt 3.92 Posi rear end. They added a new fuel tank, exhaust, brakes, and tires, meaning the buyer won’t need to spend a dime beyond the purchase price on the drivetrain. They supply no information confirming how this beauty runs or drives, but considering a Hemi-equipped version returned a 13.5-second ¼-mile ET, the word “fast” instantly springs to mind. The engine only has 3,000 miles under its belt, suggesting it is barely broken in.

I’ve been searching for an aspect of this Dodge that causes disappointment, but I’ve come up blank. The interior presents exceptionally well, with no faults beyond slight stretching on the driver’s side of the front seat. The upholstered surfaces, carpet, dash, and pad are excellent. There are no cracks or signs of abuse, and the only visible addition is a modern CD player. It has a few desirable features, including a Rally gauge cluster with a Tick-Tock-Tach, and an ultra-cool Hurst pistol grip shifter for the four-speed. The seller states the car isn’t a show-quality example but isn’t far from the mark.

This is the view most people will likely get of this 1970 Dodge Super bee as it shows them a clean set of heels. The powerhouse under the hood should provide more than enough performance to satisfy most owners, although its appearance provides no hint of its potential. Its presentation is first-rate, gaining the tick of approval from most enthusiasts. The seller’s price isn’t cheap, but it is within keeping considering all this classic offers. They probably won’t have potential buyers beating down their door, but I won’t be surprised if it finds a new home fairly quickly.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    “ I’ve been searching for an aspect of this Dodge that causes disappointment, but I’ve come up blank.”

    Well, this has TWO disappointing issues:
    1.) It’s not in my garage.
    2.) My CFO/COO said we’re NOT going to take out a HELOC.

    Howsoever, the front seat IS a bench and looks just about long enough to sleep on were I to follow give in to Temptation…🤔😉

    Like 30
  2. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Beautiful Super Bee with a hugh Sting under the hood!! I would love to have this at my home next to my Hemi Jeep but, in the same boat as Nevadahalfrack! 😂 Must keep peace at home. My Jeep is loud and fast enough!! As my wife said to me. No more upgrades and no more toys!! 😠 Somebody is going to have a Grand time with this Bee. This is a steal at this price. Love the engine compartment. Good luck to the seller! 🇺🇸🐻

    Like 7
    • Yblocker

      The price is probably in-line with everything else these days, but I’d hardly call it a “steal”, unless of course, you’re using $100 bills for toilet paper.
      But it is a nice car.

      Like 8
  3. Grant

    Totally unusable HP. Way to much for any practical type of driving. I drive for pleasure. This is not going to be a pleasurable car to drive. The only reason for this much HP is to brag about it and/or show off. Both are signs of immaturity, not matter what your age is.

    Like 7
    • claudio

      I think it should have more HP.

      Like 30
      • Grant

        Sure, and I could be several inches longer, if you know what I mean. With HP and that scenario as well, sometimes you just have too much.

        Like 3
    • Steveo

      Pretty sure it comes with a variable throttle gas pedal and not an on/off switch.

      Like 17
    • Papa Bear

      Grant, not for sure where you come from, but this would be a pleasure to drive.

      Like 19
    • Mark

      Keep enjoying your Honda Grant. You don’t really understand the car thing do you?

      Like 17
  4. Stan

    Forget about Grant… Lol…
    but seriously,
    This is a fantastic looking Mopar. Big strong motor, 4 spd and a really stiff ring and pinion ⚙️ to launch down the road. Few will win any contest vs this beast from a stop or roll-on race. 🏁

    Like 9
  5. pwtiger

    Love this! back in the day, not many cars could keep up with Mopars…

    Like 4
    • Donnie L Sears

      Could not keep up with Mopars. I was a Mopar man. But for some strange reason GM sold more of it’s slow cars. And some of those slow 427’s were faster than the Mopars.

      Like 1
  6. Jon

    Forget about Grant is right. I have almost 500HP in my Satellite and always looking for more. Unfortunately, the new cars with less HP will always blow your doors off based on the electronic spin control and launch control.
    Still, there’s nothing better than unadulterated exhaust sound from big V8 power. $50K is about right for a nice B Body these days

    Like 6
  7. JBSmooth

    It will be a race between the gas gauge and the speedometer. You can guess which one will win. I am with several other posts, the COO and CFO would not approve the capital expense.

    Like 2
  8. Charles Herwig

    Id be a bit frightened by those last ponies but I’d love to search for them and yes it’s a show off car not a ev . Bring it on !!!

    Like 5
  9. Fantomaxe

    It’s a Sure Grip not Positraction.

    Like 3
    • Michael Berkemeier

      …and it’s not a 3.92 gear either. Mopar never made a 3.92 gear for an 8 3/4 nor did any aftermarket manufacturer.

      Like 0
  10. Michael Berkemeier

    So, author, how do come up with the Super Bee being cheaper than the Road Runner when it was more expensive than the Road Runner EVERY SINGLE YEAR that it was produced???

    I really wonder why these “journalists are just allowed to make up their own stories…they should call this “Barn Finds Fiction” or, are these just “alternative facts”, lol?

    Like 0
    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Maybe you could do a better job? We will await your application…

      Like 2
  11. 370zpp 370zppMember

    On today’s episode, the part of “Howard” is being played by “Grant”, and the part of the generic, nit-picking and overly critical non-member is being played by m. berkemiererer.

    Like 3
  12. Mark

    Beautiful car! You could swap in a lowly 318 and I’d still have a smile on my face when driving it.

    Like 4
  13. PRA4SNW

    “My loss your gain”. I haven’t seen those words in a classic car ad in a long time.
    Now, if only it were true…

    Like 1
  14. Pete

    I couldn’t say this is a daily driver on my income, but I sure couldn’t let this get too cool either. Great investment no matter what.

    Like 1

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