One Family Owned: 53k Mile 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air

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The 1958 Chevrolets are noteworthy today for being a one-year-only design. After the Tri-Fives of 1955-57, the cars became longer, wider, lower, and heavier in 1958. But Chevy would throw that out the window with another all-new “batwing” look in 1959 and would make up ground lost to Chrysler for the new-for-‘57 “Forward Look” products. Our thanks to T.J. for another cool find!

Chevrolet would also rename its cars in 1958. The 150 and 210 were gone in favor of Del Ray and Biscayne. The Bel Air was still top-of-the-line except for the all-new Impala, which had distinct rear sheet metal and only came as a hardtop and convertible that year. In 1959, the Bel Air would slide into the middle slot and all top-dog Chevies would become Impalas. 1958 was also a year of economic recession, so the all-new ‘58s sold in fewer quantities than the leaner ‘57s.

We surmise this 1958 Bel Air 4-door sedan was a one-family car until recently. The seller may have acquired it from the 80-year-old son of the original owner. Other than faded two-tone paint, this machine looks to be in remarkably good condition and the actual mileage is claimed to be just 53,000. The matching interior looks good (though the fabric is a bit stretched), and the carpeting was recently replaced. It was purchased new in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, and resides now outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Under the hood lies a 235 cubic inch inline-6 with a 2-speed Powerglide automatic. So, this rather heavy car is probably not all that spritely. But lots of parts are new, including brakes and the driveshaft carrier hearing. Also, the vehicle has been treated to a tune-up and a fluids change, along with a rebuild of the carburetor. We’re told it runs and drives exceptionally well and is offered here on craigslist for $11,900 OBO. Assuming the paint is so original, isn’t this car the definition of “survivor”?

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  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    You could drive this one home. Just not in the rain unless you’re packing wipers.

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    • The Cadillac Kid

      Wipers? Wipers? Squirt some Rain-X on the windshield and
      you won’t need no stinkin in wipers!

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  2. Al camino

    Motor matches the blue on the car,but it’s still a grand pap car!

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    • Fox owner

      My feeling exactly Al. Four doors weren’t cool back then. It is in fantastic shape though.

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  3. RICK W

    IMO, 58 was a definite improvement over the tri fives. The OTT massive body, similar to other 58 GMS gave an almost menacing look. While I loved Exners fabulous finned fantasies for Chrysler, the 58 was the best until 72 Caprice, which I once owned. Often referred to as a baby Cadillac, it gave Cadillac luxury and panache at a lower price. This looks like it belongs in Bel Air! 👍

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    • The Cadillac Kid

      There was only one “Baby Cadillac”, it was the Seville. The Cimmeron was

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  4. Fox owner

    My feeling exactly Al. Four doors weren’t cool back then. It is in fantastic shape though.

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  5. nlpnt

    This post sedan is so much better balanced looking than the Impala hardtop which looks like it has a roof meant for a smaller car.

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  6. Bamapoppy

    Yes, I would give it a survivor award. As a paperboy I remember Jeff, a guy in high school who lived in my neighborhood and had a ‘58 all blue as this darker shade. He also had an orange ‘49 Ford 2-door. Both stayed super clean and perfectly tuned and roadworthy. GLWTS!

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  7. HoA HoAMember

    A heartfelt thanks to BFs and the author for another great memory. While some here push the bile to the tip of my tongue, and seem to enjoy it, it’s posts like this help me overlook that, and why I stay a member.
    In the early 90s, as a family classic/driver when my kids were small, I bought a ’58 Delray, 4 door, all the bottom color, same motor, only 3 speed column shift. The Delray was a spartan model,( no sun visors, I kid you not) and the Belair was a bit fancier, but same ‘ting. While aside for an atrocious appetite for oil, I don’t remember the 6 being underpowered in any way. It cruised right along and got attention wherever we went. I expect the same here simply because the ’58 was such a radical change, it will remain timeless.

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  8. rbig18

    Bigger, wider, heavier, uglier. Lost the feel and style of looking somewhat sporty. This is the beginning of the era where I have zero interest in what GM was selling until about 66 with release of the L79 Nova. Should off fired the design team that was there from 58-65.

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    • DN

      The buying public seemed to see otherwise with the record-breaking sales of 1965 full-size Chevys…

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    • David Michael Carroll

      The ’58 Impala will always be my favorite car. Way better looking than everything else on the road, especially those ugly Mopars!!

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    • David Michael Carroll

      Ugly??? You wanna see ugly, look at anything Dodge and Plymouth were doing in the early 60s!! Uglier than homemade sin!!!

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  9. Timothy

    No mention/no pictures of the chassis/undercarriage. What’s this snowbelt car look like under there ?

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  10. The Cadillac Kid

    Very nice looking car and colors.
    Don’t forget the old riddle.
    What time is it when 2 Chevys pass each other.

    Tin past tin

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  11. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. It’s too bad this was only a one year only body styling. The 1959-60 styling, while attractive to look at, could’ve waited until the 1960-61 model year.

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  12. al

    in 1958 bel aire was still the top model Impala was a option trim on the bel aire it didn’t become a model of its own till 1959

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  13. Robert

    What would a pretty 58 Chevy Belair 4 door hardtop loaded with chrome and very rusty but savable be worth nowadays? Any ideas.
    My neighbor has it in his garage. The rust is extensive, but dang it is so beautiful. I wanted to buy it but he wants me to make an offer. It has not run in 40 plus years. It just sits there.It must be the most chrome offered for a 58 Belair 4 door.

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  14. al

    also I didn’t realize until I rear end some one in my 1958 Impala that the Impala had different trim on the front fender the body shop could not find a Impala front clip so the told me they had to use one from a bel aire the difference is a small piece of chrome on the front fender that allows the bel aire to be two toned you can see it on this one where the light blue ends right above the front tire Impala didn’t have that piece

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  15. Mark

    Are the side mirrors in the right location?

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  16. Homer

    A friend had a 58 2 door hard top and that model will always be my favorite.
    I was born in 39 so have seen many models over the years.

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    • al

      when I was a senior in highschool i had a black impala 2 Dr hardtop 348 factory 3 speed loved that car
      that was in 1964 car was fast

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  17. Doug

    My father bought a 1958 Biscayne four-door sedan (between the Del Ray and the Bel Air) in 1968 for my sister to drive for work. I drove this car for school once I had my license. Ours was yellow and white, green interior. No radio.

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