54k Mile 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Have you been on the hunt for a low mileage classic 4×4? If so, you might want to have a closer look at this Toyota FJ40. These are great rigs that are known for their dependability and off road capability. This one’s seller purchased it from the original owner’s family and has managed to get it up and running. It will drive onto a trailer, but is going to need work to be safe for the street. You can find this FJ here on eBay in Benton City, Washington with a current bid of $3.25 and reserve!

These classic Toyota Land Cruiser have become quite sought after and can fetch serious money. This one is going to need work, but it looks to be solid and with some polishing you could probably even get the paint looking good again. There does appear to be a few spots where rust is starting to develop, so you will want to inspect it closely and take action to keep it from getting any worse. It sure would be fun to get this rig back on the road!

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  1. Rustytech Member

    I love it, this might be an upgrade from the Jeep Cj. Great off roader, and you couldn’t get any more reliable. This on scares me though, If God forbid, one would ever get into a front end collision, those two axe heads sticking out of the dash in front of the steering wheel might hurt ( BADLY! ).

  2. Luki

    Liar liar pants on fire.

  3. Jim Marston

    You can depend on RUST 👀

  4. Jake

    Gotta agree with Rustytech, what are the axe head looking things on the dash???? Looks like a headache and more!!!! Short wheelbase equals rough ride, but could be a great project. I don’t think that paint could be rubbed or buffed out tho!!!!

  5. Howard A Member

    As of 4 am CT, it’s “only” at $3,000 bucks, which makes this a heck of a deal. I bet it will go to $10g’s easy. You think THIS is rusty, tis’ nothing compared to what happened to them in the Midwest. http://i.pinimg.com/736x/32/1b/75/321b75b5aba3ea7d1b043f74f6d3225d–so-sad-mehari.jpg
    These early FJ’s were on par with the other utility 4×4’s of the time, ( Bronco, Scout, Jeep CJ) all of which were pretty good, but certainly lacking any creature comforts one may be used to today, like a heater, or decent seat. The Asian “Stovebolt 6” knockoff was a great motor, very popular , it powered everything from bigger cars to trucks, and many industrial applications in Japan. Buyers be advised, this ain’t your new FJ, for sure. Axe heads, that’s funny, those are mounts for some kind of gauge or radio speaker.

  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Not one, but two gun racks! I like it. A buy it now of $9500 firm. But I see no reserve. I agree with Howard on the axe heads, I was thinking a CB radio.

  7. Ian

    Benton City, WA. Buyer beware. Many IH8mud threads on this seller.

  8. JNorton

    I was going to say this was a no brainer, but Ian scared me off. These things are worth their weight in gold around here. IH8MUD guys know what they are doing. Something’s doesn’t smell right.

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:US $7,700.00
    [ 28 bids ]

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