$5,500 Ford: 1971 Ford Galaxie 500


This two-owner green goddess has just 60,005 miles on it and it rests in a heated garage, as it should. It’s a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 and it’s listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $5,500! There is no “make an offer” tab to click on, but that’s what email is for. This beauty is in Lapeer Michigan.


It’s not too often that we get to see an original car that’s 45 years old and is still in this nice condition. The seller mentions that there was one small area on the RR quarter panel that was repaired at one time but I don’t see a square inch that isn’t perfect on this car other than a tiny ding above the LR wheel. They say that there is no major rust or rot. Unless it’s hidden underneath, I would agree with that.


This is one crisp, clean, beautiful car. I can’t dispute the asking price one bit after looking at the photos on the eBay page for this car. It has a custom dual exhaust on it and I’m so glad to see that it isn’t sticking a foot straight out from the rear bumper like so many of those are. This one is nice and discrete. I’m sure that it helps to give a little extra boost to the already-potent engine. In 1971, Ford updated the 1971 Galaxie from the 1970 models and by 1973 they had a totally different look. 1974 was the last year for the Galaxie name.


The seller mentions that a seam on the driver’s seat area is pulled away a bit but other than that this is a time capsule back to the LBJ era. The headliner and everything else inside looks like new. I love this olive green color, it really brings me back to the era of this car.


This is Ford’s 351 Cleveland V8 with 240 hp. The car has had a new water pump recently along with a new radiator and the original Motorcraft 2-barrel carb has been replaced by a 2-barrel Holley, but there’s no mention on if the original one comes with the sale or not. This is a car that I don’t see in a two-door configuration too often and that has to make it more valuable. What do you think about the price of this car? Right on, not enough, or too much?


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  1. Fishinsparkie

    Beautiful car $5500 if only my garage were larger.

  2. Joe Muzy

    Bargain .

  3. Boss351

    Great car for the price if it really has no rust underneath. I would insist on more picture and lots pictures of the underside of the Galaxie. Ohio and and Michigan are states that aren’t friendly to steel bodied cars.

    Engine and transmission combination is one of the best Ford made in the 70’s.

  4. moosie Craig

    E-BAY ad says 351 Windsor, Nice Car and price seems very fair, I’d buy it if the funds were available

    • Chris

      I had a ’71 Galaxie way back when and remember it being a Windsor too.

  5. Cassidy

    Bargain price but only if the tin worm isn’t chewing away at underside

    • Tirefriar

      Or under the vinyl top…

  6. RicK

    LBJ left office in January ’68, long before this ’71 Galaxie ever roamed the streets, pretty sure you eant it was a time capsule back to the era of everybody’s favorite president at the time (not!) Richard Nixon . . .

    • Vince Habel

      LBJ left in Jan 69 election for Nixon was Nov.68.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Just seeing if you were paying attention, RicK! (kidding, my mistake)
      LBJ seemed like a green Ford guy, maybe that’s what I meant..

  7. Sorted Corty

    Seems like a good deal – but not sure what one would do with it. The upside down fuel gauge is cool! It is the Windsor engine as the radiator hose goes horizontally into the manifold not vertically into the block. It is in remarkable shape but it is not a desirable model. I guess as a survivor it would catch some attention at shows but it won’t be fast and has a very smooth soft ride – not great for canyon carving. A daily driver? The mileage isn’t that great and safety would be a concern even though it is massive these were days before safety was a consideration (it would surely fail all the IIHS tests). Fun to take the family to the drive-in I guess. I like it alot and it is affordable but I just don’t know what I would do with it…

    • Ck

      Well you could always go to Arkansas and run moonshine Thats what Gator did with his

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    F$&@ me dead – someone grab it over there!

  9. Ck

    My dad had a 69 Galaxie just like this,same color inside and out.He bought it from the brother of a lady who had died. I remember when we went to look at the car at the guys house ,the guy who just hapend to be Greek and was a friend of my uncle,was pretty funny.Before we even saw the car we had to have the grand tour of the house and my parents had to have a shot of Ouzo,then we had to see his back yard ,with a fish pond,the yard was this guys pride and joy.Finally we went into the garage and saw the car.It was probably 5 or 6 yrs old at the time and had under 20 thousand miles on it .I remember when my dad sat in the car there were 2 2×4 blocks of wood taped to the brake pedal .Evidently the lady had one leg shorter than the other.My dad made a deal with the guy to buy the car for $2500.00 bucks,and they sealed it with another shot of Ouzo. When we got the car home my dad who is 6’tall wanted to take the blocks off the brake pedal.My mom who is all of 5′ didn’t. They compromised and left one on.We had that car for years.

    • The Undertaker

      @CK . . . LOVE the story. My Dad had a ’71 LTD coupe, blue with white vinyl top. Reliable, comfortable, and passed ‘everything but the gas station.’ My Mom plainly would not drive the behemoth Ford; she stuck to her ’64 Dodge Dart.

  10. Howard A Member
  11. Todd G.

    Had one just like it. Got 24MPG at highway speeds(55mph at the time). wouldn’t shift to 3rd if it was floored until 100MPH. Got totaled when a kid in a Pinto rear ended me. I loved that old boat.

  12. Mr. TKD

    Was the 390 still available? This would make a nice weekend cruiser.

  13. Rustytech Member

    I don’t think the 390 ci was available in 71. If my memory serves me it was 351w or a 400c or 400m Ford changed the nomenclature someware in the 70’s and I’m not sure what year that was. I think the 429 was also an option. This is a nice cruiser, but I have a garage that was built in 2010 and this thing would go from front wall to door with no room to walk around it.

    • Bill Owens Bill O Staff

      Yes, the 390 was available for 1971, but I think only for a little while because they came out with the 400 in 71. This really brings back memories, on September 26, 1970, when I was 15, my dad and I went to the Ford dealer and he bought a 1971 Ford LTD 2 door hardtop, a color similar to this, but called grey gold metallic. It had a black vinyl roof and a 390. It became my car eventually and he let me drive it to high school and later commuting to college. I thought I was cool, even though most kids had old Mustangs, Pintos, or a 4 to 10 year hand me down from their parents. I kept it until 1978 when I bought a new Thunderbird with a 351 Windsor, way under powered compared to that LTD. Here’s is the link for the 1971 Ford brochure showing the 390 was available. I think it was gone by 1972.


  14. Elrod

    We had a 72 version of this same car. It had a 400 engine and it would roll the tires up to 40 mph with ease. We put 260k on it and it was still going strong on the original tranny AND motor.. They don’t make em like that any more.

  15. Bob C.

    1970 was the last year the 390 was used in cars. They did continue using it along with a couple other fe s in trucks until the mid 70s.

  16. z28th1s

    Nice car!

    Definitely has a 351 Windsor motor, not a 351 Cleveland.

  17. Rustytech Member

    Hey Bill. I knew ford changed from 390 to 400 sometime around 1970 to 1972. Thanks for confirming with the brochure.

    • Bill Owens Bill O Staff

      You’re welcome Rusty; I wasn’t sure it was listed in the brochure until I checked. But I remember mine had the 390.

  18. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update, this beauty sold for $5,500!

  19. chad

    the grill looks like yesterday or day B4, I been asleep?
    What’s the 40 yr update? Oh yeah, my Focus…

  20. Paul Stern

    Once bought a 79 Mark V… Worst decision ever!!!

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