Crusty Cutlass: 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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I’d love to have a real 442, but the ever rising values of classic cars have made lesser models like this Cutlass look appealing. It has some rust, but the asking price does make it tempting. It’s supposedly been sitting in that barn since 2007 when the engine was rebuilt. No explanation is given of why it was parked, but if the cancer isn’t too bad underneath, it might be a nice project for someone near Lyle, Minnesota. Find it here on eBay where bidding ends tonight!

Oldsmobile 350

Why someone would rebuild the engine and then park the car is anyone’s guess, but I’d want to make sure it isn’t seized before placing a bid. The brakes need work, but that can be expected with any car that has been sitting for a while.

Cutlass Interior

The interior needs help too. The front seat is shot and the carpet is gone. The floor was patched when the engine was rebuilt, but no photos are provided so there is no way to tell if the work was done properly. With the patch job and rebuilt engine, I’m guessing this was an amateur restoration. Let’s just hope they didn’t do more harm than good.

Rusty Quarters

As is usually the case, rust is the biggest concern here. The limited photos make it hard to determine how much damage the tin worm has inflicted. It’s best to assume the worst when dealing with rust and considering the car’s location, it is probably worse than it looks. Okay – so maybe this project isn’t the best idea, but if you can keep your costs down, it might be worth saving.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. James

    I do have a soft spot for a 442 cutlass. My sister has a newer one which I used as my wedding car. I do prefer the older style front end though.

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    • Kevin

      I like the waterfalls grill like that one

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  2. Rick

    just put 442 emblems on it, nobody will know its a clone except for you.

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    • hhaleblian

      and the guy next to you at the stoplight

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  3. randy

    The “restorer” missed an opportunity to drop in a 455. It looks like the fixer-upper was a little too much. It happens really easily. He was in over his head, and there is no better time to cut your losses than right now. I hope it goes high, as I have vested interest in this year Cutlas.

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  4. Wayne Thomas

    Only people who care about money care about being an original 442. Swap in a LS2/LS3 engine and update the bushings and rest of the suspension and drive the hell out of it as a sweet sleeper.

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  5. Mark S

    There is a pic. Of the front of the engine and from what I’m seeing there is no way that this a old oily grimy thing is rebuilt, more like a bone yard swap over. Boy you’d sure have to want a 442 to want this rust bucket, also looks like the price was to high as there were no takers. I think our seller needs to rethink his reserve.

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  6. MartyMember

    By Minnesota standards, it has a decent body, and SS1 wheels. I agree with Mark, it doesn’t look like much of a rebuild on the engine, and done by an Olds non-enthusiast. This appears to be one of those cars that at first looks like a decent original, but a closer look reveals every part of it that was worked on, was screwed up somehow. Wrong engine parts, wrong transmission (for what gain?) and more. I would have liked it more, if the previous owner had worked on it less. And it’s full of trash, to boot. The seller doesn’t say if any of the missing parts are included, heater box, manifolds, carburetor, etc. Did not meet reserve at $2175, and can’t imagine how much more than that the seller thinks it’s worth.

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  7. Jim Marshall

    Love these cars. Here’s mine I had 10 years ago.

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  8. piper62j

    When these were new, we all thought the body style made them look big and bulky compared to the 68 – 60 model years.. They just didn’t seem to sell as quickly..

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  9. Norm Wrensch

    I prefer the 64-67 models myself, the 68-up where to bulky looking.

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