55k Mile Survivor: 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I was a high school senior when the new 1973 Monte Carlo was introduced. I remember falling in love with the style of the new colonnade coupe. Since I was going to college, I knew it was out of reach for me to own one. In the fall of 1973, my dad decided he wanted a new car. I tried to talk him into a Monte Carlo, but he ended up buying a Buick LeSabre instead. This beautiful 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau is for sale here on eBay in Lexington, North Carolina not far from me.

In my opinion, 1973 was the most beautiful year of the second generation Monte Carlo. The rear bumper had a little more style than later ones and the front with the round headlights and classic looking grille are more appealing than some of the later models. The Landau model added a landau vinyl roof, turbine II wheels (which are included) and dual sports mirrors. What makes this one so interesting is the story of the car with all the supporting documentation. The seller bought it from the original owner in 2014. Documentation includes original window sticker, build sheet, original sales documents, and inspection receipts from 1999 to 2004 that shows the original owner only drove it 110 miles in five years.

This is a well equipped Monte Carlo. It has power windows, tilt steering wheel, and AM/FM stereo radio. Most importantly, it has swivel bucket seats with center console. Air conditioning is included but will need to be recharged. The interior appears to be in excellent condition.

The engine is the optional Turbo-Fire 4 barrel V-8 mated with the standard Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. The best part is the low mileage of 55,978. The fuel sending unit will need to be replaced, however. There is also a small place where the paint is cracked and missing between the rear window and trunk lid.

I know there are a lot of arguments for the first generation Monte Carlo over the second generation. I tend to like both of them. While this is a nice car, the seller is going to want something in the neighborhood of the Buy it Now price of $19,000. Has the time come for a second generation Monte Carlo in good condition to bring this price?

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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looked at one new back in 74 and IIRC it was around $4K+ They sure have gone up in price since those days.
    I like the car otherwise why would have I looked at one in the first place?

  2. Newport Pagnell

    I’m definitely appreciating these more as time goes by.After seeing a Garage Squad episode where they resurrected a later model,I check those out on the street with more than a glance.

  3. Steve R

    There was a very similar 1973 Monte Carlo that recently sold on eBay, Black, buckets, 53,xxx miles, but in better shape. It went for $18,000. The opening bid is $11,000, that probably not far off from what the seller should realistically expect to get. These are nice looking cars, but don’t have much collector appeal, at least with those willing to spend significant money to bring one home.

    Steve R

  4. healeydays

    I had a 1975 back in the day. Great car back then, but I really wanted a gen 1 with the bucket seats and the center console. Today, I wouldn’t want one as they are land yachts.

    • JoeNYWF64

      & where could you park one today with such small parking spots? Some are even too short for a Nova!! Many highway lanes are too narrow, especially in construction zones. 4 lanes are now squeezed into what was 3, for ex.!

      • adam

        You just need to find a Superduty F350 to follow and you’ll have it made.

  5. Mikey8

    I had a 73 and loved it. One of the nicest cars I have owned. It was like this one only white with red interior. I sold it and the guy did a dukes of hazard with it. Shame…

    • Lawyer George

      Dukes of Hazard? Come on Mikey8. Who U trying to fool. Chevys can’t fly. Only a Dodge Charger can fly.

    • John

      I flew my brother’s 1975 Monte on a street that had a huge launch hill. Not smart and still wonder how I didn’t die or at least damage the car. Did it more than one time. It was stolen within months of that craziness. 17 years old and my frontal lobe wasn’t connected and the testosterone was off the charts.

  6. Superdessucke

    Had a ’74. Baby bleep brown she was, with tan vinyl top and interior with swivel buckets. Car ran like crap and leaked tranny fluid and oil. Turns out the redneck who owned it before me put a 400 harmonic balancer on its 350 engine and the wrong rear main seal, among other things. He sold it to me to get money to work on his ’67 Chevelle. I shudder to think what he did to that poor car.

    I sold it after about 4 months. A friend who was selling used cars took care of the sale. The guy who bought it came back to him very mad a few weeks later. Threatening to administer beatdowns. My friend held it over me that he saved my life by not telling them who the owner was.

    Miserable experience. That car was a real POS. One of the worst I’ve ever owned. I’m sure this one is fine but that will always be stuck in my memory.

  7. The_Driver

    I’ve always loved pontton fendered Montes!!!

  8. Lroy

    Those impact bumpers suck. Government take over is killing the industry. These are the last of the design department cars unfortunately fited with those mandated bumpers. I would love to see the original drawing of this beautiful automobile.

    • JoeNYWF64

      At least they protected the car – just bump a new car’s “bumper” today & you have thousands of dollars of damage!!

  9. Michael

    Many of my high school classmates had Monte Carlos or Grand Prix’s. In the late 70’s in NY you could always tell which we’re into disco or rock just by the rims. Rockers kept the factory wheels or added Cragars or Keystones. The disco pukes added wire rims. I was a rocker and still am. Always loved Monte Carlos.

  10. 427Turbojet Member

    In 77 bought a 74 black/black Monte. The original owner didn’t miss any option boxes when ordering- 454, 400 Turbo, posi, swivel buckets, tach and gages, windows, locks, AM/FM 8 track, rear window defroster, sunroof, etc. I was working my way through college, came out of class one day to find some numb nuts had parked in the only driveway to the lot. I had to get to work-figured my 5 mph front bumper matched their 5 mph rear bumper. Lined up, smoked the tires a little and parked their car in the middle of the street, to the applause of 2 or 3 others stranded in the lot. Wonderful car, one of my favorites.

    • 68custom

      Way back a guy I barely knew showed me his 73 which was well equipped like yours. It als had 454/400, sunroof, swivel buckets, all power, etc. Never really appreciated these second gens till then. I do prefer first gens though. That 73 was a silver green color with green interior!

    • Steve

      This reminds me of the time I was at college and my car broke down, right in the driveway to the parking lot. I went for help, but when I returned, some douche had pushed my car out in the street!

      LOL Just kidding! I would have done the same thing you did, and have done similar.

  11. ChevyTruckGuy

    Seems to be quite a nice car. I love these 2nd generation Montes. Especially the round headlight models of 1973-1975. I was born in ’73, and my Grandma had a 1974 model. The car was a real looker. This 1973 is well equipped. Someday, I’d like to own one! Hope it goes to a loving home!

  12. Carla Hernandez Member

    Jeez, could the seller have taken just an extra moment to proofread? This car caught my attention, has meaning to me, yet to slog through such a poorly written ad is depressing.

    • Michael Groves

      Go and relax Carla. Not everyone is as smart as you are. We can’t help it your a genius. Have you solved World Peace yet? No? I thought someone as smart as you seem to be would have. You’re letting us all down.

      • Boatman Member

        Funny how she got four more likes than you did.

  13. Classic Steel

    I like the pre 73 models now but back in the day drove a 69 camaro rally z28 with hidden headlights to high school.

    Let’s just say the joke was “ a MC was like an a@@ as everyone has one”…

    I know it was harsh but the lot was full of them …and now that the herd has thinned they grow on one a little more.👀🙃

    Maybe I didn’t read enough but some of these had the “swivel buckets” as a buddy had one with
    a 454 black on black etc.

  14. jdjonesdr

    Had one exactly the same as this one, with the swivel front seats.
    That baby could go through a tank in record time.

  15. Mark Hoffman

    A neighbor girl bought one when she graduated college. Triple black. Had the turbine wheels and General Radials with the thin stripe.

    The center caps popped off the wheels so often she gave up trying to replace them.

  16. Bfree24

    Own a 1974 when I was 22 in 1982. Blk on blk. All elect. Bucket swirvel seats. Half landau roof. 454 with dual exhaust. If I’m remember correctly, 750 Holley double pumper carb. Electric fuel pump. The thing was a beast. Burn outs were a piece of cake. Back in the day we didn’t do quarter runs. We did miles. First one to the spot win.

  17. Duaney Member

    I’ve been so used to seeing fully beat up versions of these, but seeing this clean one really impress’s.

  18. Madmatt

    I’ve always liked these 73-75 Monte’s,and they have grown more on me,
    since my teen years,late 1970’s/early 80’s.This is a gorgeous example,
    but even so,I can’t see almost $20g..,but they will eventually get there,
    I believe,that like Darts and Dusters/Mavericks/Gremlins/Pintos/Vegas,
    or any other “orphan” autos,that they will always have at least a small following,of rabid fans.These were really great/comfortable driving cars,
    and It is very rare to find one this nice,A very nice Monte indeed…!

  19. mainlymuscle

    This is a great looking car.Land yacht ? Off the shelf upgrades will take the handling to today’s standards,an LS5 transplant takes it to real muscle power,in an inexpensive,era correct, way.I’ve been wanting to add a triple black 68 Charger to the collection,but my building days are over,and one in the shape of this Monte, would bring $75 k (sold my vastly inferior burgundy 68 Charger for 50 in the spring).To my eye,on this day,this second gen Monte Carlo has as much eyeball as the Big Mopar,for a fraction of the coin.

  20. Steve Moore

    The first car I purchased out of college was a new 1973 Monte Carlo, midnight metallic blue with white vinyl top, bucket seats. Prettiest car I’ve ever owned. Lost control and ran it into a concrete culvert. Totaled at 23000 miles.

  21. Bob C.

    Back in the day these were considered mid size, how times have changed. My 2012 Charger is classified as a full size by today’s standards. Hope this beauty doesn’t get swallowed up by the hurricane they’ve been talking about down there.

  22. Russ

    This is my favorite year, too. They’re hard to find.

  23. Clint

    A buddy of mine had a Monte exactly like this one…his had Cragers. I grew up in western NC. I know this isn’t Jeff’s car, but the memories were all brought to the fore front.

  24. 72 Monte Carlo

    The 73 Monte Carlo was the 1973 Motor Trend Car of the Year. As a First Gen MC Guy, I think of course my 72’s are better styled. IMO, the 73’s and the 77’s are the nicest 2nd Gens.

  25. Anthony

    I have almost a twin to this car, mines got a 454 though and bench seat. Really is a great driving car and FYI a big front sway bar from an F body makes it handle much better. Fits right in there. He wants a lot of money for it . I hope he gets it.

    • Joe

      What year(s) F body sway bar?

  26. W9BAG Member

    My Grandparents bought a ’73 brand new, but a funky color: Persimmon (see orange). They really enjoyed that car. I bought a ’77 in ’78. Swivel seats, console, gauges, including the “Econominder” gauge. Metallic brown with Camel landau top, and camel interior. Wonderful car. It was a real “chick magnet”.

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