59k-Mile Time Capsule: 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Wow. This is how you made a statement that you had arrived at the Country Club, on the street, or practically anywhere you went back in 1975. And when you have a black time capsule beauty like this (and gorgeously photographed against a California backdrop), words like stunning and scrumptious seem appropriate. Located in Costa Mesa, California, this well-preserved, low mileage Lincoln Continental Mark IV is for sale here on eBay. As of this writing, 33 bids had been made but the $19,700 had not met the reserve.

Not too many details are given about the car’s history (one can assume it’s been a California car since new), but the seller shares that the Mark IV was “purchased from an estate several years ago from a gentleman that owned many Lincolns and was prominent in the Lincoln Continental Owners Club.” Based on the photos, it was pampered and not driven a lot since only 59,369 original miles are on the odometer. I can’t spot any major flaws (or even minor flaws) and the paint is described as showing no swirls and there are no dings and no rust. The seller states that the car has been “fully maintained – needing nothing. Ice cold air and drives like a dream. New tires and every option works including the power antenna.”

The seller shares that this Mark IV has the rather rare Black Luxury Group Package with a power moonroof. This package came with the “Normande grain vinyl roof, heavy chrome trim and the premium bodyside molding.” Flipping through a sales brochure, I didn’t see a Black Luxury Group Package, but it could’ve been added after the brochure was printed. The red and woodgrained cabin in the Mark IV is, well, stunning, and is the perfect compliment to its glossy black exterior.

Lincoln aptly described their front seats as “Twin Comfort Lounge Seats” so you could ride in a full cloud-floating comfort mode. The extra-cost red leather and vinyl seats look to be in like-new condition as well as the red carpet and dashboard. These babies came fully loaded in ’75 with power and automatic everything: windows, seats, door locks, antenna, trunk lid release, speed control, plus two front speakers and two rear speakers so you could enjoy the Boston Pops Orchestra or Roger Whittaker in full AM/FM stereo glory. The only flaw the seller shares is that there are cracks in the door pulls which is apparently very common on these cars.

Like you’d expect, the engine bay under that long, long black hood is clean and tidy. No details are given as to any past or recent maintenance. The power plant that moves this 5,264 lb. luxury liner is the 460 cubic inch, 16-valve V8 that is mated to a Ford C6 three-speed automatic transmission. Like the rest of this impressive vehicle, I’m sure they’re quiet and silky smooth.

This is an impressive surviving example of one of the 47,145 Mark IV’s that sold back in 1975 for a hefty price tag of $11,082. Many were babied and survive today due to living extremely pampered, garaged lives from caring owners who knew more about Caviar than Cragers. Forty-six years after leaving the assembly line, these 228″ long luxury coupes still ooze class and presence – and make a statement. Wouldn’t it look great in your climate-controlled garage?


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  1. Sam Shive

    The lady down the street had one of these NEW and use to bring it by the house every Saturday for me to Wash and Detail when I was 16 years old. She paid me $12.00 to Wash it every week and $25.00 to Wax it once a month. Her business was 2 blocks from the house and when I was done I would drive it down and park it in the lot and walk back home. After about 6 months my old beater broke down and I was working on it when she stopped to drop it off. She said if I didn’t get it running right I could use the Lincoln for the weekend cause she was going outta town for a few days and she wouldn’t have to worry about paying for parking and knew the car would be safe. That weekend was a great one and the start of a few other things that can’t be posted here. I’ll always have a spot for these BIG GIRLS IN MY LIFE

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  2. luke arnott Member

    I had one 40 years ago,same colour & trim.One of the worst cars I’ve ever driven.

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    • 56 Olds

      Luke arnott, I’m curious: what was so terrible about the way this car drove?

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      • Will Fox

        Anyone whop bought one of these new expecting a Corvette ride and handling woefully fooled themselves. These majestic bests rode like a cloud; absolutely effortless. I did new-car prep at a Lincoln-Mercury dealer `78-80 and drove MANY of these. It’s fantastic to see these Lincoln marks enter the limelight with collectors now. I could see this one hitting $25K-$30K easy.

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  3. JW454

    It’s hard to deny the classic good looks of a clean, black and chrome car. This one may not be your cup of tea but, it does catch your eye.

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I bought a 75 model in 81. It was dark blue with white leather interior, moon roof and all that stuff. I loved that car. Rode like a dream.

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  5. Paul C.

    Personal Luxury in 1975’ was this or the Eldorado IMO. I remember driving a 76’ Mark IV down the freeway @100 mph and it literally felt like we were in slow motion.

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  6. FireAxeGXP

    Seriously? Who the F uses such a frilly pink frothy term to drscribe a car like this??
    Awesome car. Disgusting lack of proper vocabulary.

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  7. Bick Banter

    Never saw one go for this much. They were always sub 10k. Never got the love. This one is the creme de la creme of these in terms of colours, except maybe a Designer. Black hadn’t caught on so much yet in thie coupe segment so this is rare-ish. Whether this sale is a result of someone trying to dump cash for a hard asset or a true market turn for these American luxo barges remains to be seen. Not a bet I’d take with low historic values but nice car all the same.

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    • nlpnt

      As boring and overdone as black is today, it looks good on this car. How it must’ve stood out among the mostly metallic sage green and root-beer brown big ‘uns and jellybean-colored subcompacts of 1975 traffic…

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  8. Frank Sumatra

    I’m guessing $125.00 to fill that 24 gallon tank in Southern California. Have fun.

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  9. Erik

    Having lived through that era back then…Proper vocabulary to describe this car and many like it of that era…GAUDY… just like the pinky ring wearing man or overly made up woman back then that would have been driving one.

    As a result, when such cars are shown today in current movies and dramas, the drivers are mafia, pimps, pushers, and slimy lawyers or their “sleazy” girlfriend or wife.

    If one wants to be viewed that way driving this then bid away! And based on a car like this cracking $10k today maybe the “look” fits the driver who bought it.

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  10. Stevieg Member

    I had a twin of this car about 15 to 20 years ago. I bought it from a friend’s Dad, the original owner. I loved that gaudy girl!
    She had been neglected. My friends Dad had a bunch of Lincolns & Cadillacs he bought & stuffed away in a barn. Not sure why he did that. Pretty much all of his cars fell apart as soon as they were recommissioned. Some are still sitting there.
    The one I bought off him, as beautiful as it was, convinced me to NEVER buy another car from this man. As much as it was a pain in the ass due to the decades of neglect, it was still a great car. I would love this one. It looks like it is turn key ready.

  11. Tony B.

    I only recently parted ways with my Grandfather’s 1976 Mercury Grand Marquis. When asked about the handling of these cars, my best description is that of riding an old unbaffled waterbed. Fun, but not confidence-inspiring. They were good at what they were designed for.

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