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5k Miles! 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

Renowned car builder Carroll Shelby began his involvement with Ford Motor Company in 1962 by putting Ford 260/289 V8 engines in British sports cars called the AC that Shelby renamed the Cobra. A couple of years later, that relationship branched out to souping up Ford’s new “pony car,” the Mustang. In 1967, Shelby dropped 428 “Police Interceptor” V8s into what would be the Shelby Mustang GT500.  The seller has owned this example for 41 years and it’s been under wraps the whole time, contributing to a low odometer reading of just 5,365 miles. Located in New Haven, Ohio, this rarity is available here on eBay where the bidding is getting into some serious territory at $135,600, with an unmet reserve.

Based on the restyled 1967 Ford Mustang, the GT500 saw a production of 2,048 or 2,050 copies, depending on the source. The FE 428 cubic inch engine came with an aluminum mid-rise intake and twin 4-barrel, 600 CFM Holley carburetors, conservatively rated at 355 hp and 420 ft.-lbs. of torque. They were only offered in the fastback body style as the convertible didn’t come along until 1968 after Shelby and Ford parted company. Some of the GT’s body parts were made of fiberglass to help reduce weight, such as the front clip, hood, rear tail-light panel, and so forth.

The seller is a collector of Shelby Mustangs and is thinning the herd, so to speak. He/she took possession of the special car in 1981 and it’s been treated with kid gloves ever since. The machine is documented and listed in the Shelby Directory and could be one of the lowest mileage examples still around. The photographs provided don’t appear to do justice to the automobile, but what we can see of the body and original blue paint are nice.

From the seller’s description, it sounds as though the nose and hood were replaced as they were gone when he/she got the car (why?). The original hood may have survived, and it could go with the sale. We’re also told the seller has the correct intake manifold and carburetors, which suggests the ones on the car now are replacements. Tire kickers should stay away as the seller intends the sell the car at market value.


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    “Tire kickers stay away”, sounds ripe for another edition of “Crusty Ramblings”,,anyone else see the recent American Pickers episode, in Alabama, I think, some guy had a ’67 GT500 in a barn this “Mike” wet his pants over? To show how out of whack, and the power of a stupid TV show, it was in deplorable condition, no motor, partially disassembled, and the guy was firm at $75grand,,,okaaaaay, really? Again, shows the power of that silly “Shelby” moniker, I mean, it’s a ’67 Mustang with some cop motor, big deal. People have grand visions of flying over intersections, like they are Steve McQueen, well, I don’t buy it. No air filter, shocks not connected to what looks like aftermarket towers, and no brace, I’d say, everyone should stay away from this one, not just tire kickers.

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    • Avatar photo Big Bear 🇺🇸

      Howard.. I agree. Also driver door panel missing. The shocks disconnected so it will last longer in storage. But still the price and questions about the history of this stang. Single 4 bbl but they have the dual set up complete. Does it run? How’s the trans and rear end. It has 105,000 miles on it. For that much money I would want a complete car to look at start up and drive. Way too much money for the way it is..🇺🇸🐻🇺🇸

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      • Avatar photo George

        The Shelby tag is screaming fraud to me.

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      • Avatar photo Chuck C.

        If you look closely, the shock towers don’t match ! The right side is a “square” shape at the top where the driver side is rounded. It looks like the driver side tower is original, the passenger side is not. Buyer beware, this Mustang may have been in a serious frame related, right front collision !

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      • Avatar photo RSparks

        I’m as big a skeptic as the next guy and I do think this looks like a clone. The door panel being off probably means they swapped the door from the original car so they wouldn’t need to remove the door tag. Horn button and driver side mirror lens are missing and there are screws laying on the trans hump. This along with one rivet missing from the engine compartment tag send some red flags. Would definitely need to investigate some additional VIN locations. I do think the right shock tower probably looks squared off because of the lighting when the picture was taken. Probably purchased a basket case Shelby and cloned a clean fastback. Would have been more likely to sell it less questions asked if they advertised it with 105k miles.

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    • Avatar photo William H Tyler

      I have to disagree with you on this one. Carrol Shelby is performance royalty, there were others who made there name in racing overseas. But no one else came back home and kept pursuing more performance and then partnered with one of the big three. Then decided to take it back across the pond with a American powered car and show the world what we. (Americans) can do in 4 months. We didn’t have 100 years of experience and pedigree in Lamans, we had a good old boy who didn’t want to quit. And after coming in 1,2,and 3 place three years in a row a feat never achieved by any other race team before or since. He came back home and started his own automobile shop building cars for the regular guy. You think names like Ferrari, McClaren, Bugatti those are seven figure cars. Carrol built the machines that raced and beat them all on there turf. And a guy like you or me could purchase one of these cars back in the day for $800 over the standard cost of a mustang. To me sir that is nothing short of amazing. He had a arrangement with Paxton and you could get a super charger on your car back in the 60’s. Imagine where our automotive prowess would be right now if they all worked with him. i.e. general motors and dodge. We would be at the same table as Austin Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche. And our cars would be selling for millions as well. There were lots of big names in racing and performance back in the day, but none as big as his.

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  2. Avatar photo Mike

    A lot of money for an automatic…

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  3. Avatar photo Classic Steel

    The vin tag missing one rivet on a 5 k car is a lil troublesome.

    Its very gorgeous.

    Love Shelby’s!!!!!

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  4. Avatar photo U.K. Paul

    Does someone with a car “of that magnitude “ really put it up on eBay with such a poor advert?

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  5. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    I’m holding out for one WITHOUT Carroll Shelby’s autograph.
    Is this the one?

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    • Avatar photo Fran

      Yes. My cars all have the signature delete option.

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  6. Avatar photo Tntbird

    The original owner ran out of talent and wrecked it. Sat wrecked for years and is being sold with more questions than justifications for price.

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  7. Avatar photo grant

    The sports car was called an Ace, it was built by AC Cars in England.

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  8. Avatar photo David Sawdey

    The internet car auction judges have spoken !!

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  9. Avatar photo Scott Walker

    My dad bought a mustang fastback 390 in 1967. I have the car now. My son’s and I are restoring it. It’s awesome to get to work on something like this. It runs and drives just needed some body work. These cars had an amazing amount of torque!

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  10. Avatar photo Dennis

    Wow there’s a bunch of red flags here!! Door panel missing, the Shelby horn button is gone, it doesn’t have a correct Shelby shift handle on it. And to top it off that Shelby number tag under the hood looks like it’s just been put on, and not even correctly!! NOPE!

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  11. Avatar photo David

    It’s fake, it’s a scam and it’s fraud!

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  12. Avatar photo shelbyGT500 Member

    Jim Morrison had the same year and color that was called The Blue Lady , he didn’t remember what happened to her .

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    • Avatar photo Rob S

      Morrisons shelby had a parchment interior. It is still “at large”

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      • Avatar photo RSparks

        Maybe the same guy in the Middle East that had the James Bond DB5 has Jim Morrison’s Shelby too.

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  13. Avatar photo Larry

    “Tire kickers should stay away”. Serious investors should stay away, too. I don’t believe a word this guy has set down in his ad, right down to the 41 years of ownership / storage claim.

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  14. Avatar photo Howie

    $135,600 and reserve not met, do we look that stupid?

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  15. Avatar photo Geoff C

    Must be fun to change the spark plugs on this one… but worth it, of course!

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    • Avatar photo Rallye Member

      I worked on one of these in the 70s and still remember the Master cylinder/rear plug relationship. It was worth it because it needed plugs and a bunch of other stuff.

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  16. Avatar photo johnmloghry

    I know a guy who has a Shelby GT 500 that has a factory installed 427. He has a Mustang wrecking yard in North east Texas. Over the years he has collected many other cars including but not limited to 57 Chevy, 52 MG and Dodges. He also has some trucks, including a really old fire truck. He’s a good guy and inherited the place from his parents. The one for sale has been critiqued to the end so there is nothing left to be said, except Merry Christmas to everyone.

    God Bless America

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  17. Avatar photo Steve RM

    I’m just leaving a comment so I can follow this thread. I know very little about Shelby stuff but this should be fun to follow.

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  18. Avatar photo Rob S

    Wow! Lots of “personal opinions” about this shelby. But no facts…..
    Here is the skinny……
    This was stolen in 68. Recovered and stored until 79, with 4572 miles on the clock. It was sold and stored for another two years until being purchased by the seller. It was repaired and driven until 87. A FULL RESTORATION was started in 90 With 5300 miles on it.
    That is the history of this car and it tells a different story.
    If this car was restored why is it missing so much? There are several non original parts on this car and it is in, dare I say, less than ideal condition. I would “guess” several items were taken from this car, like the engine and the fiberglass parts, horn button etc when it was stolen…..
    Mileage claim is documented all the way back to 79.
    If he thinks he’s gonna get truck loads of cash for this one he’s gonna be waiting awhile.

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    • Avatar photo angliagt Member

      Where did you find that information?

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      • Avatar photo Rob S

        I have a Shelby American Registry book. Breaks down every shelbys history. I used to own 67 GT500 as well.

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  19. Avatar photo william stephan

    I dont usually comment, but it looks like the dude swapped the Shelby tag and F’d up one of the (2) $200 rivet set. Very amateur job. Run donr walk!

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  20. Avatar photo JT Member

    No shade on Barnfinds, but isn’t this forum better suited for the 2000.00 to say maybe 45,000 dollar range for cars for sale and not necessarily the “ high end “ cars that we see at the auctions??
    Maybe that’s why this questionable vehicle is here— just a thought.

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    • Avatar photo UK Paul

      Seems to be some GT500 owners here commenting though?

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  21. Avatar photo Idiot Boy

    Somebody who can plunk down $135K or more on eBay is probably NOT as stupid as commenters here (who obviously cannot) insinuate. 60 high-dollar bids in this case don’t necessarily equate with “sucker”. Anyway, it’s their money, not yours. Good luck to the seller and the buyer. Nobody’s holding a gun to anyone’s head here.

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  22. Avatar photo $ where mouth is

    Ya, ive seen multiples of these in person and worked on and drove a 68KR.. im a lil taller than 6′ and the car is not comfortable to drive, its quite cramped and the cranks, controls, etc are poorly located.
    The ‘cool’ stuff thats fiberglass typically got cracks and just wasnt laid well.
    Too much engine for that platform anyway, a 428 in a mustang.. ya impressive on paper, but when i got on it, kinda unsteady, too easy to break loose, even scarey.
    The tiny tires one must run on these to be ‘correct’ are not uhm ,, correct. Nor does the body allow for more appropriate sizing.
    In short, great to look at, but unless someone really goes through it and sets it up proper.. id rather use that kinda money on something fun to drive like a 2017 Mustang and still have money left over to .. i dont know,, a down payment on a house !

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    • Avatar photo Rallye Member

      The body without flares allows pretty wide tires on the Mustangs that race in vintage group 6.

      Does that mean some of the photos are of a nicer car?

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      • Avatar photo U.K. Paul

        I think they mean the pictures form part of the the description.
        The whole advert is a car crash though honestly.

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