6,050 Original Miles: 35th Anniversary Corvette

There was a time when all it took was liberal amounts of white paint to make a car stand out from the crowd. This largely occurred in the 80s and isn’t seen much now (though all-black seems to always be popular), but cars like this 35th Anniversary Edition Corvette still make it look pretty killer. This example wears just 6,050 original miles and is equipped with a desirable manual transmission. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $40,000. 

Check that out: white leather buckets, steering wheel, door panels – even the console lid. Keeping an interior like this clean would likely test the mettle of even the most robust detailing shop, but this example’s low mileage means it remains in unmarked, clean condition. The seller points out that this is one of just 180 35th Anniversary cars equipped with a manual transmission, making it more desirable than the more common automatic transmission cars.

The requisite window sticker shot reveals this Corvette is about as new in the wrapper as it can possibly get. At the end of the day, though this Corvette was indeed limited in number, is it worth $40K? To the right collector, I suppose it may be. But you’d have to justify the premium cost by really, really wanting a stick shift car. The photos show the Corvette parked in what appears to be a dealer parking lot; is this perhaps a Chevrolet dealer trying to cash in on a recent trade?

Whatever your preference for investments is, this anniversary edition Corvette is certainly more interesting for having a conventional manual transmission. The color scheme represents an era we’ll likely not return to, and the low mileage would make a car like this right at home in the national Corvette museum. As per driving it – well, that sort of defeats the purpose of an investment like this. What do you think – is this yet a $40K vehicle, or do the 35th Anniversary cars have a ways to go?

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  1. Superdessucke

    How many of the Seven Dwarves would fit in the back?

  2. Sunbeamdon

    Value – in a word – “NO”! In several more words – drive, enjoy, put away dry and keep the miles low and the smiles high – a stick shift can do that for you!

  3. Steve R

    Last week the high bid was $8,463. It seems like they are a bit optimistic.

    Anniversary models have become a marketing ploy, there are so many versions I don’t think many people care about them anymore.

    Steve R

  4. Pa Tina

    Why am I having visions of the Man From Glad driving this car?

    • Sam

      Or Mr. Clean

  5. DAN

    WIFE MUST HAVE said sell it!
    so he listed for 2-3 times it’s worth………….so he can keep it,LOL

    • ccrvtt

      Nailed it! That in a nutshell is the “Ask” side of the Corvette market, especially C3s & C4s.

  6. Woodie Man

    Somebody dig up Liberace.they found his Vette.

  7. CCFisher

    I can’t imagine someone will buy this to drive it or for investment potential. Seems to me like it’s destined to go into the collection of someone who takes pleasure in merely owning things rather than experiencing them.

    • LAB3

      Well said

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Id love to see an abused one – that steering wheel

    • C5 Drop Top

      Luke, there’s a guy just down the block from me that has a C4 coupe sitting in his yard rotting away to nothing while birds crap all over it as it sinks into the ground. Trust me, it’s a sight you don’t want to see.

  9. Joe Nose

    It was a better investment than the money the owner gave to Bernie Madoff. At least he got to keep the car…

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    Let’s see: a L98 with a 4+3 – Not bad. 6K in 30 yrs – not so good. BIN $40K – no way. For that kind of $$ you could by a low mileage GS or ZR1 and have change left over. Add to that, white is a bear to keep clean. Sorry – better use for $$ than that one.

    Did anyone else note they didn’t even have a shot of the engine? If they’re expecting that kind of $$ they should darn well show everything. It’s a L98 so there are those detractors too.

  11. LAB3

    This seems to be the time of year when the “I don’t want to sell it price” vehicles hit the market. If it’s still for sale the weekend after Labor Day my bet is it’ll be more reasonably advertised.

  12. PJ

    I personally like it but it looks like something Boss Hoggs’ son would own.

  13. Tony S

    WAY out of line. I have a ’96 Collector Edition 6-speed/LT4 and it only books out at about 25K I think.


    Three of these all white Anniversary cars sold at Barrett Jackson Palm Beach. One in 2016 (hammer price approx. $ 17,000) and two in 2017 (hammer prices $ 13,000 and $ 15,000) Two of these three had standard transmission and, although mileage about 45,000 miles, appeared to be mint. Given that there is no collector demand for these cars – buy this one for $ 20,000 and drive and enjoy.

  15. C5 Drop Top

    I was watching Barrett-Jackson a few years back when they brought one of these up on the platform. The only difference was it had a body color top and not the glass one. They made a big show of the fact that it had been Johnny Carson’s personal daily driver. Bottom line? It was just a used C4 and only brought $8K.

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