60K Miles: 2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic

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This 2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic is a final-year model of the beloved XJ chassis trucks, and with low mileage and outstanding cosmetics, it’s a smart buy as either a future collector’s item or a daily driver. The bodywork is beautiful and the truck looks particularly smart on a set of what I believe are Wrangler LJ rollers finished in hyper silver. It’s a great looking truck and it’s listed here on eBay with bids to over $16,000 and no reserve.

The XJ chassis trucks will forever be considered among the most treasured and revered of the modern SUV. The Cherokee really broke the mold wide open for four-wheel drive-equipped rigs that were just as at home crossing a muddy trail as they were dropping the kids off at school. And while some may say it gave birth to what became today’s crossover and mall-crawler segment, I don’t think you can blame the Cherokee for that: it has always been a first-rate 4WD machine that allowed owners to enjoy the best of both worlds.

This was also such a brilliant vehicle for Jeep to continue making. R&D was basically done way back when so the formula barely changed over its decades of production. Sure, the cosmetic touches were pretty basic, but that just made the interior all that easier to clean when someone walked their muddy boots all over the cabin. The Cherokee isn’t unlike the 4Runner, which has basically never changed while still racking up healthy sales numbers thanks to its devoted client base.

This Jeep Cherokee may have miles on the low side, but it’s still seen some use with almost 60,000 on the clock. To see an engine bay this clean suggests it belonged to an owner that didn’t exactly flog it on the trail every weekend. XJs have begun to climb the collector vehicle ladder to become a legitimate contender as one of the more desirable SUVs made in the last 30 years, so if there’s a nice one in your neighborhood, grab it before the market really heats up. I suspect this one will clear $20,000 – what’s your guess?

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  1. RayT

    I’ll guess this one’s going to get very close to $20K, if not exceed it.

    In comparison to today’s SUVs, the Cherokee is simple, rugged, and totally free of all the distractions and “driver assistance” features that clutter up the current crop. The big six is as smooth as an electric motor, and probably just as reliable.

    The only way this one could be better — and then, only for a few of us fanatics — would be if it had the five-speed manual. I could suffer with the automatic….

    The market for these seems to have heated up already. A clean, low-mileage example is definitely worth grabbing!

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    • JustPassinThru

      Fun fact: We can give VAM, the Mexican state-owned automaker, long gone….credit for the six in the XJ. VAM and AMC were very tight in the 1980s, with VAM making modified AMC products and modified engines – the larger-bore, lower-compression six.

      The XJ Cherokee with the Chevrolet V6 hit the market, including the Mexican market…and was a resounding splat. American buyers were just turned off. Mexican buyers found the low-torque engine unaccepable.

      The XJ, engineered in America, but with Renault’s parameters…was NOT to have that horrid, heavy, old-world AMC six in it! The French managers wanted NO WAY for it to happen.

      But the Mexicans, making their own bored-out version of the Rambler Six, got busy. They dropped it in, with the forward accessories and radiator pushed to the side. Tight, tight fit…but it worked, after a fashion.

      They were pleased. And, bringing AMC/Renault people in to test it…THEY were pleased.

      So, the Chevrolet V6 was gone, and a legend – the Rambler six, to be re-identified as the Jeep six, was born.

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      • Russell

        That engine VAM installed was actually a bored 4.2 liter (258) engine that ended up at 4.6 liters. Interesting stuff.

        I currently own a 96 with 255k and it still purrs. This one should bring a strong number. I noticed it has the optional 16 inch ICON wheels which I found a set of and put on mine.

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  2. Jpatrix

    Great vehicles. Had a fleet of them for my business 10 years ago. Biggest issue was the “death wobble” from the loose track bar attachment to the frame. Just had to eliminate the slop and they were good for another 100k. Looking for one like this but not at that price. Lot’s of them in the mid states. This one is really clean though.

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  3. Steve

    The eBay sell post includes a box that reads “You can purchase this vehicle immediately at our no haggle buy-it-now price of $15,700.” So why have the bids reached $16,100? Something smells fishy.

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  4. G Lo

    Since this is in the salt capital of Pennsylvania, any buyers should to a thorough check of the frame, body mounts, and transmission crossmember for rust. Use a ‘scope on the frame and pull out a bolt here and there. These can look amazing while also being secretly rusty.

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  5. FrankDMember

    Bullet proof vehicle. I owned 4 of these over the years and a Comanche pickup. I would not hesitate to buy another one. Jeeps best years, Today not so much.

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    • Smokey Smokerson

      I would love a Comanche pick up. Fella in my town has one in very good condition that he drives daily. Slightly modified (two tone paint and lifted a couple inches), but still a nice looking rig.

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  6. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This looks great. The view down under its never been off road!! Very clean then again the dealer could of power wash it.😂 I had a 2dr pioneer 5 speed stick in red. That was a amazing Jeep. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  7. Jack Barley

    I have owned four of these and still own two, a ‘01 with 79,000 miles and a ‘99 with 120,000 miles. I will always own one. The are bulletproof motors and trans I had a ‘93 that I sold with 250,000 miles. It ran great.

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  8. FocusExcursion

    Nice vehicle. I love reading the comments because they are so different from the owners that I know. Every Jeep owner that I know has issues with these. Namely transmission and electrical issues which were always hard to find.

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