61k Original Miles: 1986 Chevrolet C10

The 1973-1987 Chevy C-Series trucks (and GM K-Series) have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks in part to increasing prices in earlier trucks, their simplicity and availability of parts, and ease of customization. Often called Squarebodies, for obvious reasons, it’s not uncommon to see them as used-up farm trucks, with LS swaps, or on massive lift kits. However, it’s less common to see them in clean original condition, but that is exactly what appears to be the case here. This 1986 Chevy C10 has a claimed 61k original miles and is in generally very good shape. It’s listed for sale here on eBay in Alexandria, Virginia. Bidding at the time of writing has reached $7,600, with 4 days left.

One of the more unique features of this C10 is the short bed step side feature. This can be a love-it-or-hate-it look, but for those who love it, this will often fetch a higher price. Speaking of the bed, you can tell this truck has been used as a truck. There are some scratches and surface rust, but nothing serious. I don’t know if the wood has been replaced, but it certainly looks solid. The rest of the body is overall pretty good, with minor wear around the rear fenders and the beginnings of rust bubbling in the bottom rear cab corners. However, the brown paint still is shiny, there are only a couple of minor dents on the chrome bumpers, and surprisingly the front valence appears undamaged. One thing that will probably annoy some people – the mirrors don’t match! The driver’s side has a larger one, and the passenger side has what looks to be a small aftermarket sport-type mirror.

This is a pretty bare-bones vehicle, but vinyl seats and floor coverings are great for a work truck since they’re easy to clean. The original AM/FM radio is still present, though no word on whether it works or not. The dash and door panels are in good shape, as is the seat, although there is some wrinkling on the driver’s side. The dash is simple – there is a speedometer and fuel gauge, but all other options for gauges (oil pressure, charging, coolant temp) are warning lights instead. I know brown can be a boring color sometimes, but I actually like the combination of dark brown dash, light brown doors and seat, and medium brown paint.

The engine here is GM’s popular 4.3 liter Vortec V6, paired to a 3-speed manual transmission. There is power steering but that’s about it. No A/C, and it also looks like it has manual brakes.  Everything looks clean and organized from above, but a few of the underside photos show grease, oil, and some surface corrosion. If you look at the alternator bracket and some of the labels on the inner fenders, you can actually see a pretty thick layer of dirt, which makes me questions the claim of 61k miles. What do you think?


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    It’s in Alabama,not Virginia.
    Love the style of these.

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  2. George Simpson

    The mirror on the passenger side is the standard mirror. Not much good for towing or anything else for that matter but they look better, to my eyes, than the big elephant ear mirror which was an option. The one currently on the driver side appears to be aftermarket.
    I know this doesn’t apply to this pickup but there was no C or K series for 1987 only… they were R and V because the OBS (old body style) was actually being sold at the same time the last half ton squarebody was finishing up and they were given the C/K designation.
    Looks pretty good, especially for the money. I wouldn’t let my 87 stepside go for less than $5k and it’s got the usual rusty places and needs the bed wood replaced lol. They are getting harder to find in decent shape.

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  3. Jamie

    Prices on these have gone nuts and they’re not worth it. I have an ‘85 SWB Silverado that was appraised at 32k last year. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t pay that.

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  4. 70SuperSport

    What is the story of the underside of the hood?

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    • Johnny

      Looks as if the hood was on another truck and had been burnt buy a fire or this truck had caught fire . . Id look at the wires good. I been through that and was almost burn up. Very scarey feeling. I hope whoever buys it.Checks it out good. Looks can be deceiving.

  5. Steve R

    The brown paint on the rubber bumpers on the inner fenders suggests it’s been repainted. A smart buyer would inspect it before purchase since the description doesn’t line up with the pictures in several areas.

    Steve R

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    • Steve Weiman

      A repaint is a good sign on this particular truck. 86 would’ve been in the nightmare year(s) of flaking GM paint. A lot of vehicles had a complete Warranty repaint. The fact this truck HAS paint on it is a good sign!

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  6. Steve Clinton

    When you consider what the cost of a new pickup is, this is a real bargain!

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  7. Evan

    Last year for a column-shifted manual transmission on any vehicle sold in the US, I believe.

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  8. Howard A Member

    Wouldn’t it be great if those yahoos would offer a basic truck like this again? What this was, was a shop truck for some company, more than likely, a service truck. I worked for companies that had fleets of these basic trucks for their mechanics field work. They were always the most bare bones one could get. Don’t be fooled by todays hype, these aren’t as rare as most make you think. I see a different one almost everyday out here(CO). Okay, not near this condition, which tells me, the company that had this, didn’t do a lot with it, but every company needed a pickup, and here you go. Great find, but if you are used to things like a cup holder or intermittent wipers, you’ll have to improvise.

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  9. Connecticut Mark

    They had vortec engines back then? Simple truck, but prices are gross now.

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  10. Troy

    4.3 V6 3on the tree not a power house but a fun ride she has some cancer starting on the lower fenders I’m sure someone will V8 swap it

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  11. Mark from Atlanta

    Correct! I have an old shop truck, a ’68 Dodge Utiline. I had to look around for it for a bit, but not too long. It is a bare-bones, no-nonsense machine. I fancied it up with a radio and a transmission-hump console, then converted it to electronic ignition — oh, and replaced the wood, which was pretty much shot. Those trucks are still out there if you’re willing to do some prowling.

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  12. chrlsful

    any step side I like (yes, 10 & 20 yrs earlier is preferred) the i6 just adds to the package, swap inan auto for a street “car” as that’s how I’d use it. For real work a long bed (2 WD any motor, auto/mani) on st; or this shortie w/4WD the i6’n 4 speed. I like the wagon for st car (just picked upa fox-bodied ltd). Lill better MPGs, no need open box/bed, & a lill better style (subjectively).

  13. Paul N

    right turn Clyde

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