61k Original Miles: 1988 Ford Mustang GT

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Many motoring journalists initially believed that pony cars would be a passing fad that would disappear from the automotive radar as quickly as they appeared. History shows that those individuals got their predictions catastrophically wrong, with the sector enjoying a solid following and a market presence six decades after the first cars hit the showroom. Ford’s Mustang has been the stalwart, and while many will argue that it wasn’t the first, it seems it could be the last. This 1988 model is a GT that is a survivor. A close inspection reveals flaws and imperfections, but it is loaded with options and is a turnkey proposition for its new owner. The GT is listed here on eBay in Palmetto, Florida. Bidding sits below the reserve at $5,100, although there is a BIN option of $20,995.

Ah, the Fox-Body. This was the generation that saved the Mustang from extinction. Ford scored a home run with its original pony car, although the Mustang II never ignited the same passion in buyers. It sold in resectable numbers, but the styling was considered a caricature of the original. The Fox-Body, which appeared on showroom floors for the 1979 model year, effectively reinvented the Mustang. It bore no styling similarities to its predecessors, with Ford adopting a clean, European look. It proved a sales hit, evolving through the years until production ended in 1993. Our feature car is a 1988 GT the first owner ordered in Medium Cabernet over Titanium. This survivor presents quite well, with the paint holding a healthy shine and the panels free from significant bumps and bruises. It isn’t all positive news because the rear bumper has developed a strange look, suggesting a repaint is on the agenda. The seller supplies a comprehensive image gallery that confirms this classic is rust-free. A welcome touch is the factory sunroof, which will win the favor of those who prefer fresh air to A/C. The 16″ chrome wheels are a later addition, but they don’t look out of place on this pretty pony.

I am willing to stick my neck out by saying that the Mustang II wasn’t a bad car. Its perceived issues had less to do with design than the era in which it was released. The Mustang II was effectively the difficult second album, and emerging when tight emission regulations were slowly strangling engine power did it no favors. There was light at the end of the tunnel when the Fox-Body emerged. Ford joined many domestic manufacturers by embracing fuel injection and electronic engine management systems to control emissions better and push engine power in the right direction. The 5.0-liter “HO” V8 in this GT demonstrates this, sending 225hp and 300 ft/lbs of torque to the 2.73 Traction-Lok rear end via a five-speed manual transmission. The ¼-mile ET of 15 seconds and a top speed of 143mph proved that Ford had rediscovered its performance mojo. The seller is sparing with their information beyond the fact the odometer reading of 61,900 original miles is verified. However, the listing provides the impression the car is in excellent mechanical health and should be a turnkey proposition for its new owner.

One weakness with Mustangs from this period is that interior trim and hardware can become tired and damaged. This car has avoided that fate, and while I wouldn’t describe it as showroom fresh, its condition wouldn’t cause shame at a Cars & Coffee. The seats wear Medium Gray cloth covers, with the remaining upholstered surfaces featuring a mixture of Gray vinyl and cloth. There is no significant wear, damage, or evidence of prolonged UV exposure. The factory stereo made way for a Kenwood CD player, which appears to be the only aftermarket addition. The first owner wasn’t afraid of wielding their pen on the Order Form, equipping the interior with air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, power lumbar support, cruise control, and the previously mentioned sunroof.

Years of involvement in the classic car sector mean that few things surprise me today. However, this 1988 Mustang GT achieves that feat. I acknowledge the car isn’t perfect, but I would typically expect more bids than the ten submitted at the time of writing. Admittedly, plenty of time remains in the auction, so the situation could change dramatically. I would be amazed if the price didn’t top $15,000, especially considering how rapidly values are climbing in the current market. This could be an affordable Fox-Body at a time when these cars are becoming less so. That makes it worth a closer look.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Thank you Adam. Looks like a clean Fox Body in good shape, which is a good thing. Well-equipped. I like the two-tone look. Manual transmission. Dealer sale, so not much history but lots of pics. I suspect your estimate of the final bid price is ballpark correct.

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  2. explodingpinto

    These cars were the desires of late 80s teenagers such as myself. Nostalgia can run deep for many. $5-6k for a nice but well-used ’88 Mustang GT sits about right.
    But for the BIN of $22K? My neighbor just sold his 45k mile ’08 C6 Corvette coupe that he bought new w/6 speed LS3 430hp black on black for only $20k. I’m nostalgic but not crazy.

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    • Jeremy Gagnon

      Sadly he’s right in the ballpark on the mustang.They have exploded in the last 5 years.As for your neighbors Vette,well that’s still depreciating in value.It too will bottom out in a few more years like the mustangs did about 15 years ago,then it will come back around and appreciate in value to ridiculously high levels

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      • Patrick Mullaney

        I had an 1988 5.0 GT convertible with 23,000 miles on it which I gave to my son 2 years ago. He’s put 5,000 miles on it. It’s a wonderful car and I believe it’s a $25k car. My 2001 Vette with 35,000 miles is a $22k car

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    • ExplodingChevySideTanks

      If you find a nice, gently used Fox Body GT for $5,000? Buy it immediately. Before the seller sobers up.

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      • leadbetter

        gently used isn’t well used

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  3. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    Gently used??? I just had a mental picture and a laugh. I pictured some young kid feathering the throttle and short shifting it….. Instead of bragging about quarter mile times bragging about what great highway mileage they’re getting, especially if they keep it under 55.

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  4. Scrapyard john

    I had an 89 model nearly identical to this, except it had red interior. Red interior! Never looked quite right with the maroon body in my opinion. Mine had the turbine wheels, which I prefer. Everyone replaced the turbines when the pony wheels came out, but I always liked the old turbines.

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  5. Fox owner

    Nice GT. Never liked the silver (Titanium) paint on the lower body. Looked cheap somehow, and with all the ground effects too. But if all the accessories and AC still work you can really cruise.

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  6. steve robert flynn

    the ashtray door is crooked… :D mustang people will get it… ;)

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  7. Olshool62

    I raced these things and worked on plenty if it’s Loaded with options It’s a turn key.
    Running car Grab it up while you can

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    Adam.. you bias against the 2nd Gen Mustang is showing again. Your commentary about the Fox body saving the Mustang brand is one generation off. The 2nd Gen is the one that saved the brand from going away. It was the right car at the right time. Were they the best Gen? I say no but they sold better than any other model up to that point. I have owned many 1st gen Mustangs with my 69 Mach 1 being my favorite. I have also owned 4 Mustang II’s and with a little help they were good runners that handled better and were perfect for me at the time. The II is like my El Camino.. either you love them or you hate them.
    At least this time you did not say that the MII was just a gussied up Pinto. Anyone that has done any research knows that only a few body parts are interchangeable. Just like the Falcon and 1st Mustang. One created the brand.. and 10 yrs later.. one saved the brand.

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    • jwaltb

      Good job. You’re convinced!

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    • 428CJ

      Wrong, the fox body had to come in and rescue the model. The Mustang II was a debacle for enthusiasts, lol.

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    • 428CJ

      What’s the GM equivalent to the MII, the gen that tried to kill the Mustang? A Monza? Maybe a Pontiac Sunbird? Etc.. at least people would respect those cars enough to garage build a decent 350 and slap in. Not so much with the Mootang II.

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  9. Jeffrey

    Yes buy it,I have trouble with narrow bodies, got wide shoulders,too Big guys get in , rubbing together?

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