6,288 Original Miles: 1980 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta

While a low-mileage Z28 is the car collectors pine to find, this 1980 Berlinetta with just 6,288 original miles may be a close second. Said to have come out of long-term storage a few years ago, the Camaro remains in excellent condition with no obvious signs of use and lots of original details that are impossible to fake. Find it here on eBay where bidding is around $5K with the reserve unmet. 

The integrated rear spoiler gives the luxury-oriented Berlinetta some added attitude, and I dig the cross-lace wheels it’s riding on. The attempt to move the Camaro upmarket with the introduction of a luxury-oriented model always seemed like a strange move to me, only serving to soften the image of a car that was already facing downgrades due to new fuel economy and emissions standards. As seen here, the Berlinetta’s stripe kit and badges still show nicely.

Still, this looks like a nice place to spend time, no doubt thanks to its completely preserved condition inside and out. What would you have noticed if you bought a Berlinetta off the showroom floor? Chevrolet would have you believe a new world of quiet, with heavy-duty insulation, front spring isolators and special shock absorbers to give it a smooth, quiet ride. Chevy also highlighted the instrument binnacle and “distinguished grill treatment” in Berlinetta marketing.

A 3.8L V6 came standard; optional was a 4.4L V8. The seller notes that included in the sale will be the original spare, tires and GM-sourced Fix-A-Flat kit. While the Berlinetta isn’t the car you take to the drag strip, one this nice is certainly an example you can feel good about bringing to the local Cars & Coffee. Even with the low mileage and impressive condition, will this time capsule Berlinetta break $10K?


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  1. Steve R

    It’s a nice looking car, but how desirable is it? The last time he ran an auction for this car on eBay, which ended with a high bid just over $6,000, there were several additional pictures, some that showed potential blemishes in paint and interior. It would be nice if he had documentation to support the mileage as well as more detailed pictures.

    Steve R

  2. edh

    I’d pass, it would at least have to have a 305 to get my attention.

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    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      Ex had one of these, with the 305. Not a performance car at all. Not great fuel economy. Not a great ride. Interior comforts were tolerable, but not comfy. It was the style that sold the cars, and the reality did not live up to the expectations. I wouldn’t trip over myself getting one, unless it was a steal that I could realistically expect to turn for a profit. Yep, I’d be a flipper for this, not an owner.

  3. JW

    Never cared for the looks of the later 70’s early 80’s Camaros, considered them the step child Camaro like the Mustang II was to Mustangs. JMHO

  4. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Put it back in storage. Yawn.

  5. eggsalad

    What do you do with this? It’s a clean original car, and “they’re only original once”, but it can’t cash its own checks. Do you destroy the originality and put in a decently-perfoming powertrain? Do you drive it as is, very slowly?

    I have no answer.

  6. Vegas Vic

    you need to love this beast to buy it, even if you get it for 6k… then you decide, either high torque it up OR keep as is and enjoy a different boulevard cruiser
    It will turn heads for sure, which is not a bad thing

  7. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    This car would probably be the closest I can get to owning my first brand new car – an ’81 Camaro, V6 automatic, non-Berlinetta. I still think they are sharp looking cars.

    This one seems to have an identity crisis: Is it an ’80 or a ’79? And when did they switch to the 80 MPH speedometers like my ’81 had?

    • JamestownMike

      I agree with PRA4SNW, seller lists it as a 1980 and a 1979!…….which is it?? Seller doesn’t list the vin, so you can’t decode it! Looks like it might be a 79!…….which is a good thing! The 79′ still had the 130mph speedo and the optional 5.0 liter 305 V8 for the Berlinetta. The Federally mandated 85mph speedo debuted in 1980 and featured the optional 4.4 liter 267 V8 for the Berlinetta.

  8. Jack M.

    Berlinetta Camaros are some of the best deals around. Typically they were secretary cars and were not modified or beat on. This one is heavily loaded. Even the rear spoiler was rare on Berlinettas. Tachometer was standard equipment.I bought a 1980 with 50,000 miles on it.It has a 305 with 4 barrel carburetor. I removed all the exterior badges, added a rear spoiler, removed all the badges and painted the grill and headlight buckets flat black. Then I upgraded the wheels and tires to 15 inches.Look fine for the money that I put into it. BTW the 80mph speedo was added in 1980.

  9. JamestownMike

    You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer example…….but it’s a Berlinetta with the lowly 4.4 liter!

    • Dan

      305 engine

  10. Rock On

    No one says that you have to keep that 267 two barrel in there. A 383 stroker will bolt right in just fine.

    • Henry Drake

      Why not a small block 400 😎

  11. Maestro1

    You’re going to have to replace the gas tank or have it cleaned, all the fuel lines and if the thing is FI or normally aspirated you’re going to have to look into that as well. Then the brakes will have to be done. While you are in its bones, anything that looks suspicious probably is and will have to be rebuilt or replaced.
    It’s a 1978. I’m not saying it’s a bad car. It probably isn’t but be ware of very low mileage cars and their needs to become viable transport. Figure North of $2000.00. It’s a good investment.

    • Henry Drake

      78s have the old curved dash. This is a 79

    • Miguel

      Why would you have to replace the gas tank. The write up says the car came out of storage two years ago. I assume that means they have already gotten it back on the road.

      It also looks like it is licensed.

  12. JamestownMike

    MYSTERY SOLVED! I contacted the seller and IT’S a definitely a 1979 model!……..which is a good thing! Seller provided a screen shot of a MN registration (attached above). Seller confirmed it has the 5.0 liter 305 V8. Vin is 1SB7G9L538896.

  13. Bish

    Interestingly his wife’s yellow ’80 Firebird Esprit is also listed for sale. Similar type upscale F-body.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Pretty funny, four bids on the bird, $60.00.

  14. ccrvtt

    Certainly a far better-looking car than the 1974 ersatz GTO featured previously. But it still doesn’t have the cachet of a Z28. I always liked the first few and last few years of the 2nd generation Camaro.

    But this car just doesn’t excite anyone. And I can’t think of too many cars from that era that would. The 10th anniversary Trans Am is the only one I’d consider.

    With an LS transplant, of course.

  15. johnfromct

    Maybe I don’t get it, but to me if I could get this for $8K, put another $4K into making it safe, cleaning up the little stuff and perhaps some minor engine tweaks, I think that’s a very nice car for the investment.

    But if seller’s expectation is likely high teens or even $20’s, that’s not practical.

    • Steve R

      It has a BIN of $12,500.

      Steve R

    • JamestownMike

      Seller has a buy it now of $12,500. I’m assuming they’ll take something close to that.


    A “luxury” Camaro like an LS or Berlinetta always appealed to me.


      OOPS!! I meant LT. :)

  17. Ted Marriner

    I had an 80 with a 350 that I built from the block up to run fast. Loved that car.

  18. Jason

    It would be more appealing without the white walls but nice old camaro but i think the 12.5 is a little over inflated but i live in az so probably worth tgat on the east coast maybe??

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