Almost Converted: 1977 MGB

1977 MGB

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Lot’s of rubber bumper MGBs have been used for V8 conversion and I bet more have been started than finished. Luckily, the owner of this clean example never got started on the job. The car has been sitting for about 15 years, but looks to be in impressive condition with only 46k miles on the clock. The seller mentions that it will need all the standard stuff that any car would need that has been sitting in long term storage. It’s located in Athens, Alabama and is listed here on craigslist for $3,500. Thanks goes to Dolphin for the tip!

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  1. z1rider

    The rubber bumper cars don’t get a lot of love, but I can say I actually like the looks when painted certain colors. This is one of them. The green and black just seem to work for me. I could also go with orange.

    I know that it’s more than just the bumpers, but I’ve thought many times that with little prospect for price appreciation, at least compared to the chrome bumper cars one of these would make a good daily driver.

    I wish this one were closer to me.

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  2. DolphinMember

    I have been in the market for an MGB V8 for a while. When I started searching for one I found that nearly all the affordable LHD ones in No America are later year rubber bumper versions. That’s because the construction of the front end makes it much easier to do the swap with the rubber bumper cars. That’s probably why the seller chose this car for a conversion to aluminum V8 power.

    The trouble is that, in addition to the swap involving a lot of work and cost, it leaves you with a rubber bumper car. It can be converted to chrome bumpers, but that requires cutting the front and rear ends of the car, then fabricating, welding, and painting the chrome bumper mounting points on the converted car. Then you have to source good chrome bumpers.

    The alternative is to buy a car that’s been converted. But done right, and with the right equipment under the hood, they tend to be expensive……in a price range that gives you a choice of lots of other cars that offer a lot for your money.

    My guess is that this car will remain with its 4-banger, and that someone will get what looks like a nice low-mile MGB for cheap, that will only need recommissioning and tires after sitting for 15 years.

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  3. Rick Ingram

    I have a 1974-1/2 MGB/GT V8 conversion – Rover 3.9 litre bored/stroked to about 5 litres, BW World Class 5-spd transmission, Ford 8″ diff, Wilwood discs on all four corners, custom IFS and four link coil/over rear suspension. I kept the rubber bumpers.

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    • DolphinMember

      Looks great even with the rubber bumpers, especially body color. I’m guessing it goes even better.

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  4. Rick Ingram

    The car weighed in at 2391# with a full tank and no driver.

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  5. Rick Ingram

    One last shot. The cylinders were bored .010 over. I used a Buick 300 crank and Ford pistons. Buick 300 aluminum heads. Crower cam. RV8 style headers. Edelbrock 500 4bbl. Estimated 300bhp at the flywheel.

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    • BMW/Tundra guy

      That engine bay is a thing of beauty!!! Absolutely art in the exquisite detail that went to into the detail!!!! I’ll bet you raise that hood with a heart full of pride, wallet full of moths, and a head full of gray hairs!!!!
      Oh, as for the one featured. Already gone. But at that price I think I would have been Alabama bound. It would probably stay banging four cylinders. Unfortunately I have only a few things Rick has. Wallet full of Moths and a head full of gray hairs but neither from a peice of artwork such as he built!!

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  6. Chris

    Quality conversion, with A/C too. Nice one.

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  7. rjc

    Ok Rick, now we need a you tube link to hear this beauty!!

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  8. Rufus

    @Rick (Mowog)
    Now you’re just showin’ off.

    Have fun

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  9. S.Brodie

    If British Leyland would have built a car like this they might be still around. This is shades of Carroll Shelby and his Tiger Sunbeams,. and you know what they are trading for ($40,000 plus). I’ve owned both an MGB and a new TR6 and most everything on the road beat me up, and always wanted to do a V8 conversion,. but somehow the time just slipped away. This is a beautiful car Rick hope you get to enjoy it for a long time.

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