63k Mile 1983 Volkswagen GTI

1983 Volkswagen GTI

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One of our first projects that we featured here on the site was a Volkswagen GTI that we found in a field. Josh and I tracked down the owner, paid him $400, and dragged it home. It was clapped out and even though we got it cleaned up and running again, I can’t imagine that it drove anything like a new one. Since that time, I’ve wanted to take a nice one for a spin just to see if they really are as great as the automotive press claimed they were when new. Well, if any of you have wanted to what made these hatches so hot, this could be your chance. This one is listed here on eBay and it looks like a nice one!

Clean Interior

The seat fabric used in the GTI never did anything for me, but it doesn’t even look faded in this one! The interior looks clean with minimal wear and that is a very good thing because replacement trim is hard to find. There are no photos of the engine provided in the listing and that is a shame. There’s a fuel injected four cylinder out front and when combined with alloy rims, tight suspension, and a golf ball shift knob, the GTI really became something special.

Hot Hatch

The paint always flakes off those bumpers, so they could use some cleanup, but other than that, the exterior looks great. I’d even leave the mud flaps in place to protect the paint and lend an air or purpose. These cars were built to be a Swiss army knife for enthusiasts. They could haul the kids and groceries through any weather all while keeping the fun dial turned up. It wasn’t a sports car, but it was the closest thing you could get with this level of utility. They are quickly becoming collector cars now though, so it will be interesting to see how hot the bidding gets for this little hatch.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. jim s

    now included in the photos on bottom of listing is the motor photo. at $7600 with less then 9 hours to go. someone is going to get a very nice GTI. i test drove one of these when they first came out. i thought the gearing was to short for me to live with, not sure what it would be like at today speeds. great find.

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    • Mikey

      Sold for $11,100

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  2. saintmike

    I worked at a VW dealership in sales and the financing for about 9 years, 1974 to 1983 and saw lots of changes in VW products.

    We were all excited for the GTI to be introduced and it didn’t disappoint the sales staff or customers. We sold all we could get at full sticker price plus “dealer prep” of $225.00.

    I took one home for a weekend and was coming to work on Monday and got nabbed doing 45mph in a school zone. Got a nasty ticket, IIRC I had to pay $300+- and had so many points it took me years to get them to drop off. My wife at the time had been in several wrecks (all her fault) so between the two of us, we were almost uninsurable for a few years.

    Glad that’s past me :) But I sure like the look of the new GTI, especailly in that dark blue.

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  3. Jubjub

    Nice to see one not all “Eurod out”. My sister had an older “boyfriend” with one just like this. He let her keep it one weekend when he was out of town, probably as long as she washed it. Funny, as she was washing it in the driveway, “Baby You Can Drive My Car” was on the radio.

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  4. Joe Howell

    Sweet little hot rod. Wish I had kept my 87 Scirroco 16V.

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  5. jim s

    sold for $ 11100.

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  6. David Frank DavidMember

    I bought a new Diesel Rabbit in 1984 that had problems and the dealer offered to trade it for the only other diesel he had available, a factory demonstrator. It was white but otherwise looked exactly like this one without the GTI badges and had all the other GTI upgrades. The special plate “IM8 IM8” was taken, so I got “SLO GTI”. It was really fast, at least down a steep hill. Those were the days VW used the little non-turbo diesel used in refrigerated trailers in Mexico in their rabbits. I still have the plate somewhere.

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  7. Andrew

    Worst car I ever owned. Made in Mexico, and inferior quality, to say the least. The front vent window felt off while driving, and the tail light lenses would fall off by the square, a red one, and amber corner, etc. It stalled on me twice while on the freeway out in nowhere. Never again. Gave it away to the wreckers for free when it was 10 years old.

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  8. Norm Moquin

    I had a red ’83 GTi with a Callaway Turbo, just as long as the pavement was dry and the drive wheels had traction, it surprised lots of folks as they saw my rear end going away. Up here in Connecticut when it snowed I got real good doing hand brake turns as the light weight and stock size tires added to the FUN of driving my GTi.
    I really am sorry that I parted company with it. Oh well, we don’t always make the best decisions, do we?

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