63k Original Miles: 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix

Barn Finder Jack M has spotted this really nice looking Pontiac Grand Prix for us to look at, so thank you so much for that Jack. The owner is claiming that the car has covered a genuine 63,000 miles. If this is true, then the car certainly has plenty more to give. If this car ticks enough of the right boxes for you, you may have to pop on down to Bonita Springs, Florida, to check it out, and maybe drive it home. The Pontiac is being sold with a clean title and is listed for sale here on Craigslist.

This Pontiac presents well, and there are no obvious signs of rust or body damage. The Roman Red paint has a nice shine to it, and the Cameo White padded landau top sets it off really nicely. The car was originally fitted with wire wheel covers, but I think that the Pontiac Rallye Wheels look just right on the car.

When it came to the interior, the original owner certainly was busy ticking boxes on the options sheet. As well as ticking bucket seats and a floor console, he ticked off a custom sports tilt wheel, air conditioning, cruise control, rally gauges, left-hand and right-hand remote adjust mirrors, front and rear floor mats, and an 8-track player. The interior is in really great condition all around. The only things that hurt it are the fact that the 8-track has been replaced with an aftermarket CD player, and they’ve also fitted an aftermarket satellite navigation system. To do this they’ve driven some screws into the plastic on the lower dash, which is unfortunate.

The original owner specified the standard 301ci V8 and Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. The car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. Everything looks really tidy under the hood, which is really not surprising given the condition of the rest of the car.

In their description in the ad, the owner describes the condition of the car as “excellent.” To my mind, that seems a pretty fair description. The lack of original wheels may, or may not, impact the value of the car, and the aftermarket stereo and sat/nav (with those screw holes) may have some impact as well. The fact that the car is fitted with the 301ci engine rather than the optional 400 has some impact, but not a huge amount. Really good examples continue to sell for around $20,000. This one is priced at $18,500. Given the overall condition of the car, I think that the price sounds pretty fair.


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  1. poseur Member

    dang, now that’s a beauty.
    Love it!
    don’t recall them ever looking this good.
    the wheels & stance make it stand proud.
    i would be seen in this, no question.
    just want some more torques than the 301 could ever provide though

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    • TimS Member

      Agreed. I don’t like red and I really like this Pontiac. But the 301 in anything bigger than a Firebird is a buzzkill.

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      • Fla finn

        301 in anything is a buzzkill.

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  2. Cattoo

    I miss my 1976 blue on blue on blue 400 powered Gran Prix.

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    • TimS Member

      I never saw it and I miss it for you.

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  3. Superdessucke

    I had the 301 in a 1978 Bonneville sedan back in the day and it was pretty much a slug. These engines also had issues with knocking. Of course, most motors from this era wern’t exactly setting the world on fire but I’d be much happier if this had the 350 or 400.

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  4. Rock On

    Easy upgrade to a 400 cubic inch swap. All of the motor mounts and accessory brackets bolt right up.

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  5. markp

    This looks like the Gran Prix Carrie Fisher was driving in the Blues Brothers!

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    • Rob John

      That’s what I was thinking.

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  6. Rich

    MarkP you beat me to it!

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  7. redwagon

    it sure does look sharp but as noted at the top of the comments this car will not be getting out of anyones way very fast. the vin identifies it as a 301 2bbl making 135 hp from the factory. axle ratios were performance ‘challenged’ at 2.93, 3.08, 3.23 or 3.42. i do not see the axle ratio called out on the window option sheet but having lived through the times my guess is that this was outfitted with the 2.93. this combo of 301 and 2.93 axle helped GM meet its corporate fleet averages while the healthy option sheet helped out its dealers (of course GM benefited there too).

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  8. Chebby Staff

    This type of car is perfect for an LS engine swap.

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    • Jett

      Yeah, let’s destroy yet another really nice original car. So what if it can’t do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds? It was designed as a personal luxury car, not a pavement-stomping muscle car.

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      • Ralph Andres

        Jett, if you don’t like the idea of an engine swap, then perhaps you should buy this car to prevent it from happening.

        If anyone else buys it, they can put a slant 6 in it and it’s none of our business. To each his own.

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      • Pat.

        It can’t go 0-60 in a half a day. Way overpriced for this engine.

  9. Lance Platt

    Beautifully conditioned car. Last year of the stylish Grand Prix models. I think the Rally II wheels are an upgrade. Nice color combination; just pray that I could buy a red exterior with white interior today. Now it’s black or gray or beige inside..if you even get a choice. I do agree the 301 isn’t strong enough for the heavier 1977.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I had a 301 4bbl in my Grand Am. Honestly, it wasn’t a bad performer at all. If I floored it I had no problems breaking the tires loose. My friend had a GP LJ with a 400 and I have to say that it was somewhat of a disappointment compared to my 301. I love this car, 301, and all. I’d better close this comment before I do something I might regret.

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  11. N Steven

    I believe the owner has added satellite radio – no navigation.

  12. Brian Scott

    Sure is a sharp car! Love the window sticker showing “custom” air conditioning (as in, what, a one-off A/C unit?). Semantics. Sticker also shows that they paid you to take the spare tire. Haaa. I wish I had that sales job.

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  13. Mark P

    301 or 400, what’s the difference, my wife’s Sonata would blow the doors off it. It’s a nice cruiser, neither it’s get up and go or handling is going to impress anyone today. Don’t get me wrong I like old cars. Even safety wise, we’ve all seen the head on video of the 58 Impala ‘s a 08 Impala, dummies were very dead in the 58, surviving in the 08. My father in law used to say they don’t make them like they use to, I’d always reply…Thank God for that.

    • 32PSI

      In the offset video you refer to the 2008 Chevy was a Malibu.

  14. Dj

    Id pay the original sticker.. Good luck getting 18k.

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  15. Del

    Nice car but with that engine he will have to drop the price….

    By about 1/2

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  16. Alex

    I had a white on white 76 GP. Beautiful car. I paid 2900 for it and a year later I traded it in for a 79 Suzuki GS1000L. The Suzuki dealer wanted the car so badly he offered me an even trade for a 3600 dollar motorcycle. We did the deal and 3 weeks later he totaled the car.

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  17. Mike

    I don’t know why comments about after market sound systems and an extra hole or two in the plastic dashboards are always mentioned as a flaw. I bought a new 1976 GP that came as a radio delete as the stock GM systems were terrible with the antenna in the glass of the front window. For a little more money you put in a decent system with a power antenna and speakers. Yes it made some holes but I didn’t care at the time and wouldn’t care now if I still had it. It was original to me.

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  18. Todd

    Sold this one for $17k. It’s a ’69. Didn’t have the original 428 but a 455 replacement. Billet pullies, AC, factory four speed car with factory hood tach, driven very easy and in near mint condition.

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    • Johnny Joseph

      Why in the world would you let a 4 speed, from the factory no less, and a big block 455, AND a black 69 Prix go for $17,000? I had the same car but mine had the born in 428/4 speed too. I would have KILLED to get a black 69 with a 4 speed again. You had to need the money really, really, REALLY bad. I’m still kicking myself for selling mine for $20k. The guy who bought it, changed out the interior color from factory gold to black carpet and white seats and it looks 100% better. Problem is, he wants $100,000 for it now. Yeah, he’s a bit high, but it is worth $50,000 all day long! You can see it when I owned it in the September, 2011 issue of Muscle Car Review, titled Pamela The Pontiac. John DeLorean knew what he was doing when he designed the 69 Grand Prix. It was an homage to the Duesenbergs, even using the Models J and SJ, exactly like the “Duesy’s”. You can read the entire story in Jim Wangers book Glory Days.

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  19. JP

    I had a new ’77 GP Berkshire Green wht landau roof w/green int. 301 4bbl & wished I kept it! At night under the lights the metallic paint looked blue & it was a great car.

  20. JoeNYWF64

    Could you get a tachometer instread of the huge silly clock?

  21. Karl

    Gosh I like the looks of this car but the 301 would be gone and yes some of you don’t like it and I respectfully say “to bad” but it would have an LS in it within days of my ownership, I would keep the 301 in case someone actually cared. Beautiful vehicle and the one big detraction is easily fixed!

  22. David G Trott

    I have the grill from one on the wall in my man cave

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  23. Bobby

    Way way over priced. Barn finds has a 77 with half the miles and a 400 cid for 12900. These 301s dont even make good boat anchors.

  24. Bob

    Just sold on Mecum for 13K

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