6K Original Mile Survivor: 1975 Chevrolet El Camino

Wow! Suddenly it’s 1975! That’s the only thing that I could think to say when I spied this fantastic 1975 Chevrolet El Camino, located in St. Catharines, Ontario, and available here on eBay with a current bid of $11,365 (U.S.), reserve not yet met. Thanks to local_sheriff for the tip!

El Caminos made between ’68 and ’72 have become very collectible, more so than the first-gen (’64 to ‘67) though they do very well for themselves too. How about the third gen, ’73 to ’77? Not so much. They are the pickup truck version of the Chevelle Colonnade intermediate and they just don’t resonate with collectors yet. The fact that the power was mostly gone and the four-speed manual transmission completely gone by ’75 has not helped their cause. There was a SS model still available, as well as the 454 CI V8 engine, but it was a shadow of its former self and ’75 was the swan song for the big V8’s inclusion in the El Camino, Malibu and Monte Carlo. As I cruise classifieds looking for El Caminos, I don’t see this third-gen model in any great numbers and never in this condition so let’s cruise this one more closely.

This El Camino is equipped with the standard V8 engine, a 350 CI version good for 145 net HP. It’s an adequate engine but hardly awe-inspiring. The description included in the listing is very limited and offers us little information about how well this Camino runs. It only has 6,000 miles on its odometer so I imagine it’s still a smooth and taught performer. A Turbo-Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission was the only gear-going connection available in ’75.

The interior is as one would expect with only 6,000 miles of use, it looks perfect. Of course, this Chevy must have been stored well as there appears to be no sun damage with which to contend. I prefer these bench seat equipped models as opposed to the bucket seat equipped version, there’s more room and you can squeeze in two riders, at least for a short drive.

The body and finish look like new. Robin’s Egg Blue was a popular ’75 Chevy color and while I always thought it was OK, I have to admit that this El Camino looks fantastic wearing it. It is further enhanced by the black vinyl top and rally wheels. I can detect no sign of rust or corrosion on this El Camino and the body panels align as originally designed. Again, the seller is mum regarding many aspects of this Ute but I have no reason to suspect underlying problems.

This El Camino is the best example of the old dilemma, “Having your cake and eating it too.” It would be great to own but I couldn’t bear the thought of marring that terrifically clean bed by hauling some kind of household detritus around in it. No, I think this is a collectible to be treated strictly as a collectible. What about you, if you bought this ’75 El Camino, how would you use it?


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  1. gord

    “might” be a repaint though….plugs in door sills are black BUT the latch hardware at the tailgate is painted… doubtful it would have been. More likely would be “raw” alum/steel/whatever. Maybe only tailgate done. And if whole car… they did an awesome job taking out the black trims/stoppers/etc. and putting back on… anyway… just a comment

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    • dave

      many cars during the 70’s had aftermarket rust proofing ( Ziebart) My Ford F-150 had the plugs

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      • 86_Vette_Convertible

        You live in the rust belt, you want to see IMO indications of it being Ziebarted (vs. other brand) to prevent rust. I’ve had very good luck with Ziebart, not so much with other brands.

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  2. dirtyharry

    I don’t see a classic. Yes, a great find. I would drive the wheels off it. These are great driving and you won’t miss anything using it as a daily. Is it a big deal if you enjoy it and loose a little money? If it is, I say you are an “investor” and not a car guy and I want you out of my hobby.

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  3. Tom Kolde

    NEVER did like those years of El Camino. The 68-72 models is where it’s at. Although I did have a friend who had a 66 that had SS interior and a HP 327 4 speed in it. He wishes he never sold it.

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  4. Arild Guldbrandsen

    I just dig it,aand i would buy new wheels for it..needs wider wheels for those huge wheelwells.

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Gotta admit, the condition is outstanding; I doubt you’ll find a better one. My guess it will be treated as any other low-mileage original, sparingly driven or maybe it will only be started to drive on and off a trailer. You could putter around in it, of course; and let’s be honest, with 145hp, you’ll just putter. The original mileage to this point is amazingly low so I’ll bet the new owner will be reluctant to add a lot of miles to it. Probably destined to be another over-sized static display.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      I’m with FordGuy on this one. Really nice vehicle. I think the next owner would do well taking it to local shows or cruise-ins, or on the occasional Home Depot run (with a blanket in the bed, don’t want any scratches). Maybe a few hundred miles per year would be fine.

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  6. PaulG

    Nice car, not sure about the $$ though…
    BTW, the top is dark blue, not black.

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  7. Stevieg

    As always, I want it.
    What is wrong with me lol? I want almost every car I see here. These things are my “crack” lol.

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    • Miguel

      Steve, it is a visceral reaction to such a stunning looking car.

      That is because there isn’t a new car on sale that will give you the same reaction, plus it has all the right options.

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  8. lc

    It’s very nice. I almost bought a 3rd gen. I think it was a 77. Had nice engine, and white paint. Though the driver door had to be slammed practically to close it. I think the seller had it listed for $5000. I test drove it, and it had good power, and sounded great! But for some reason or another, I opted out.
    Down the road, I ended up buying an 81 Ford Durango Ute. It needed work, but I couldn’t resist due to the rarity of it. But it needed too much work for me to keep. Got my money back, and I bought me a nice running 81 El Camino with a Crate 350/TH350. It’s not bad. I have used it to haul bush and tree clippings, and haul some furniture. It has American Classics 14s on front and 15s on rear for a slight rake. It wears tan, but has chips and a little top fade. Interior is burgandy, and isn’t too bad with a bench seat.

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    • Little_Cars

      @lc — lucky you with the Fox platform 81 Ford Durango! Have any pictures of it? That is one unicorn that seems to have made its way only to market in the Western US. Never seen one in the wild in Tennessee.

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  9. Jimmy

    I need this ‘75.
    I have a 70 now but it’s more a show car with a big big engine.
    This ElCamino would mage a nice spare for me.

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  10. lc

    My bad, this Robin Egg Blue is a 4th gen Elko. Mine is a 5th gen.

  11. A-body Fan

    Wow, such a nice car. The mid 1970s was just about the end of styling before aerodynamics became important. Now cars are nearly generic especially compared to just a few decades ago.
    A 454 drop in wouldn’t hurt either (there, I said it!).
    My wife would love this El.

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  12. CCFisher

    I find this one to be perplexing. For more desirable vehicles, there is potential value in preserving low-mileage examples to serve as examples for restorers. This, however, is not a terribly desirable example. Is there more value in preserving it or enjoying it? Will it be worth less in 10 years if it has 36,000 miles vs. 6,000?

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  13. William buhmann

    Look like the bed inside has been repainted over some dings and scratches

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  14. jeff

    LOVE these years a beautiful example
    Have a 77 SS el camino with 23,000 original miles

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  15. jwzg

    Beautiful vehicle. That interior is pristine.

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  16. Little_Cars

    The interior is indeed pristine, even has a spare tire cover in that common, boring GM striated blue vinyl. Could the analog clock be any bigger? Guess that was a cool thing to have–about half a foot of rectangular 1970s kitsch.

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    Nice car/truck. Haven”t seen one in years. A Guy I worked with in early 80’s had a ’78 that was real nice . Probably last one I saw.

  18. lc

    Little cars – give me your email, and I can send you some pictures of the 81 Durango Ute since I am not a member on this site. I sold it last February. And the person (that I sold it to) sold it on Ebay (provided the buyer went through with the transaction) 😊. I think he said the buyer was from Virginia.

  19. lc

    Big clock is sweet! Hopefully, it works, but usually they don’t.

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