7 Liter Goliath: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

Parked for several decades, this Goliath of a Galaxie is in need of some work to be revived. Packing what is thought to be its original 428 V8, this sweet Galaxie has loads of torque to pull you anywhere you want to go. With an opening bid of just $0.99 this 7 liter beast could end up being a good deal! Check it out here on eBay out of Redding, California.

At some point in its past, this 428 suffered a failed timing gear. The seller installed new gears and a new chain, and this Goliath came back to life. Upon its awakening, the exhaust gaskets blew out possibly due to rats nest in the exhaust. Although this engine runs, there is definitely other work to be performed on this Ford. The brake master cylinder is locked up, so the brake system definitely needs attention. I would also wager that the fuel system, and engine itself need some tlc.

We don’t get a clear view of the interior, but we can see a few key details. A few cracks are in the dash, but the seats seem fair. The most noticeable concern with the interior is the rust in the floors.

The seller thinks there is a possibility of this Galaxie being a California car, but there is too much rust for me to think that is the case. According to the seller there is evidence of repair to the rear quarters. Also there is a substantial amount of surface rust in the fender wells, and well as several areas of the under body. Despite the rust in the floors, and the previous repair to the quarters, this 7 liter Galaxie is a sweet big block classic that could be a good restoration project. Of if you are savvy, you could likely clean up and repair the floors to enjoy this classic as a driver. Are you a fan of this big block classic?


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  1. mark

    I expect the bidding to go through the roof for this one if that is in fact the original motor.

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    • jdjonesdr

      With a buy it now price of 7500 I have my doubts. Somebody is going to get a good deal on this one.

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      • Chris

        No doubt, thats a great deal for a 428 Galaxie in this condition.

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  2. Dan

    Neighbor had one years ago, maroon 7 litre, and a 4 speed….tried for years to buy it but wouldn’t sell…finally moved away, and I am a Chevy guy but loved that big ole Ford…..original owner too….sigh…

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  3. doug

    BIN is way too cheap.

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  4. Troy s

    Yessir, always a fan of the big inch FE powered Ford’s. This one here is no exception. Strong low end torque and much civilized compared to the hot rod 427.
    I like how Ford designed the Galaxie and Fairlane to look very similar in ’66, despite the difference in size.

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    • Jett

      If you squint in low light, maybe they resemble each other a little. I’d take a ‘66 Fairlane over the Galaxie, but make the Galaxie a ‘63-64, and I’d have difficulty choosing…

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      • Troy s

        ‘631/2 fastback Galaxie with the 427, dark maroon paint and torque thrusts or a ’66 Fairlane…same color and wheels with the dual quad 427, now that would be a painful coin flip.😉

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  5. Thomas Monaco

    Car has an old inspection sticker from Texas on the windshield.

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  6. Neil

    Unless my eyes are playing tricks it looks like the drivers side footwell has a couple of holes in necessitating a repair panel, and for a sunny climbs car theres a LOT of surface rust… Still – nothing that time and $$’s wouldn’t fix and for the money it looks, from the photos, to be a good buy.

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  7. Southbound

    The Carb is on backwards.

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    • Harry A Hodson

      Yep. Dropped on for the photo. Also a mounting stud is broken/missing.

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  8. Miguel

    Along with the Continental Mark II, this, in good condition, is anther dream car for me.

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  9. Howard A Member

    Hard to believe, and sad to see in this condition, in ’66, this was top of the line for Ford. They lost some of the brute force, and leaned more towards the gentleman’s cruiser. This setup would pull an Airstream. With the extra supports while on the lift, makes me think this car is bending in half. I think it’s fixable, better have deep pockets, they were nice cars.

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    • Boatman Member

      Ford offered the LTD in ’66, Howard.

  10. Mark S

    My Dad sold Fords in 1966 and a candy apple red 7 Litre was his demo. this has all of the indications of an original rig, Hopefully the stock steering wheel, but a lot of the original elements are there down to the very correct pin striping. I have fond memories of that car. Cruise control, albeit primitive, the very first 8 track tape player I had ever seen at the time. It would respond to anything you asked of it and reply “is that all?” I very much agree, this car is going to take a lot to restore, but even though I have a soft spot for vintage Mustangs, I’ll take this 7 Litre any day

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  11. ACZ

    Many years ago a buddy bought one of these new. His had a 4 speed. Similar to Dan above, I’m a GM guy but I loved that big Ford. That was a sweet car that would bury the speedo with ease. Don’t know if you kept it, Glen, but if you didn’t, you should have.

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  12. Pete in PA

    Something about this car doesn’t look right to me. The 7 Litre was a separate model of full size ford and should not have “galaxie 500” badging on the rear quarters. Just as you will not find “Fury” anywhere on the Plymouth VIP of 1966.

    I wonder if someone with a Galaxie 500 found a wrecked 7 Litre and transferred a bunch of trim items. The grill badge, trunk badge, and seats sure do look like the ones on a real 7 Litre car that we had in the junkyard back in the early 80s. Sure wish I had saved that one… It was a maroon 4-speed car with a blown up engine.

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    • z28th1s

      The Galaxie 500 badging on the rear quarters is correct for the 7 liter.

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  13. John P

    Says right in the listing it is possibly a “Texas Car”.. the rust under that car and in the floors is consistent with a western or southern car.. I wish I could see the “repairs” spoken of in the quarters..

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  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep the Texas inspection is from the 80’s….possibly 1984 ? Neat car but that seem in the trunk over the wheel well – is it busted open – from to many launches ?

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  15. John Holt

    the vehicle warranty number can be decoded which would tell where it was manufactured and the vehicle data can be decoded to tell district in
    which the car was ordered , the vehicle data appears in a line across the top of the warranty plate which is located on the rear (lock) face of the left front door panel. there is also an engine code , info came from the socal Galaxie club website where a lot of charts are online , good way to verify authenticity.

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  16. SumtingWong

    Looks like a ‘Field Find’ to me. Nice car .

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