7 Litre Four Speed! 1966 Galaxie 500 Convertible

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In dashing red and black, this fine-looking Ford has much to offer including the popular stacked headlight grille, 7-Liter (428 cid) V8, and (non-original) four-speed manual gearbox. Located in Media, Pennsylvania, it seeks a new owner here on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $21,500. The seller drove it 400 miles after a transmission rebuild and reports that it “runs great!”

We had one of these in light blue when I was growing up, with a black convertible top. It never had hub caps, just black painted wheels. Like many cars in rural Pennsylvania it rusted away, but this one has survived in good shape. The seller graciously includes some pictures of the car’s weak points including paint chips and wear and a small tear in the convertible top.

Though it left the factory with an automatic transmission, the Galaxie’s transplanted top-loader four-speed and Hurst shifter looks right at home.

Ford showed off its international side by badging the Galaxie’s 428 cid V8 as a “7 Liter.” While not a fire-breathing monster like the 427, the new-for-’66 variant represented refined power and prodigious torque, 345 HP and 462 lb-ft respectively. An option on full-sized Fords and the Thunderbird, many buyers overlooked it and only 2368 7-Liter convertibles were sold. The seller does not indicate if this was an original 7-Liter car, and buyers should not make that assumption. Thanks to hemmings.com for some details. Though not the ultimate find for a collector, this full-sized convertible is practically turn-key for a hobby-level or retired enthusiast who wants something to drive around and gradually improve. It should be equally comfortable cruising for soft-serve or french-frying the tires. Is that worth $21,500 to you?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    At almost 20 feet long, 14 sec 1/4 mile potential, this would be like watching the USS Ronald Reagan pass into another time dimension as it left the stoplight running against some unsuspecting Fart Can Accord off the stoplight!!! Boatloads of cool..until you have to corner and/or brake, you’d suppose..

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  2. NotSure

    I love this body style! This must be a blast to cruise in.

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    I know where one of these is, but I believe it’s an automatic. I don’t remember the lights in the grill though. Were those an option on Galaxie 500s?

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      As I remember yes the turn signals were in the grill on the ‘66 LTD’s and Galaxies. That photo looks like the front of a ‘65..

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    • CCFisher

      The grille on the featured car was used (with variations) on the Galaxie 500XL, Galaxie 500 7 Litre, and LTD. The car above appears to be a Galaxie 500.

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      • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

        Didn’t know there’s a difference between the 500’s and the upper end models but looking at some more old photos it looks like you’re absolutely right, CCFisher!

        Learned something new today-thank you.

        I’d say grab it, TCOPPS, and stick a Coyote motor with a 6 speed behind it in there!

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  4. LARRY

    Please don’t coyote swap it…big blocks rule! And I love the coyote just not in this car

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    • Miguel

      Larry, he was talking about the normal Galaxie in the picture above, not the 7 liter.

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  5. Jim in FL

    I’ve lived in my current house since 1998. There’s a guy who lives in a duplex down the street that had (what I remember) as the same car when I built my house. He daily drove the red one it for about seven years, then bought a 66 Olds in white with a black top. Drove that for a several years and now drives a 67 Galaxie in a pale green with white top. All convertibles, all daily drivers. Never puts the top down. I see the cars three or four days a week, but I’ve never actually talked to the guy. I guess he likes that 60’s look. I don’t blame him.

    What I’m saying is, this would make a great daily driver. I did it with a 75 Grandville convert for 10 years. Why not?

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  6. Kenneth Carney

    7 litre or no, I still like it. Would make a satisfying family driver any way you slice it. But for God’s sake, before you plunk down that hard-earned 25K, have the entire frame of this car inspected! ’65 to
    ’70 Ford models are notorious for frame rot–especially over the rear axle where the Panhard Rod meets the frame itself.
    When left unattended, rust in this part of the frame could indeed cause the car to rip itself to pieces. When in doubt, check it out!

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  7. Chris M.

    Nice car but those triangular air filters have to one of the worst designs Edelbrock ever produced!

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  8. Uncle Hulka

    Great write-up! Ford did market the 428 with a Euro-centric badge, but I believe it was spelled “7 Litre”, not “7 Liter”. I remember that from a new car, side-by-side comparison between a ’66 Impala SS with a 427 and a ’66 7-Litre Galaxy in “Car & Driver” (if memory serves.

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  9. Todd FitchAuthor

    Uncle Hulka – You are 100% correct. I got it right in the title and engine size description, but any mention of the badge or package should use the “7-Litre” spelling. Details like this help us all learn, especially us feeble-minded writers. Thanks!

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  10. TimM

    Great car I have a 65 charcoal grey with red interior!!! It’s a 289 with an automatic and it is a great driving car!! I can’t imagine this beast and the price seems reasonable!!!

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  11. Oldgeezer

    These cars handle pretty well. Coil suspension in rear when most others had leaf springs.
    Sold my coupe with 428. This one looks like fun. Wish I still had mine.

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  12. Troy s

    427 was for racing 428 was for quiet effortless street driving. But man, once fiddled with those Four Twenty Eights could really scream. Great street engine, looks right in this big Ford especially with the Hurst shifter sticking up there.
    The price is what it is, still lower than the ’87 442 I’ll be checking out for laughs in a minute…it’s the car itself that interests me, not how much one is willing to pay. Why I like Barn Finds so much, lots of cool cars and loads of knowledgeable folks.

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