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70 Original Miles: 1960 Corvette

Mecum auctions can get a little crazy. There tends to be a lot of yelling and sometimes bidding can get wild. We have a feeling this 1960 Corvette is going to cause quite a stir when it goes across the block in November. The 283/four speed specification will not be the cause of all the action though, it will be caused by the claim that this Corvette has only covered 70 miles since new.

The auction house claims that this Corvette sat in someone’s yard for over 50 years. The elements had their way with the exposed surfaces, but the underside and internals provide convincing evidence that the odometer reading is true. Still, it is hard to believe that someone would purchase a new car only to park it behind the house.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of documentation to prove the mileage. An original sales invoice is included with the car though, so maybe the original owner’s family could be tracked down and questioned. We are sure there is a good story and it would greatly affect the final bid amount.

This story is hard to digest. It could just be a high mileage Corvette that was parked 70 miles after the odometer rolled over, or it could be one of the best finds this year. Take a close look on the Mecum site and decide for yourself. A special thank you goes to Richard M for sending this in.


  1. J.D.

    If this is in fact a 70 mile car, where is all the rest of the ignition shielding?

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  2. Sam Berr

    the motor is clean enough to be a 70 mile motor but the seats look terrible and so does the paint, and did you notice the flat spot on the front fender its as tho something leaned against the car for the last 40 years

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  3. scot c

    ~ skepticism pending PPI. wanta believe.

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  4. Tarek hasbini

    I think there is a small mistake as they forgot to write the 1 next to 70

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  5. Horse Radish

    OOooooooooh, those darn 5 digit odometers.
    How can one know for sure.

    Wait, it doesn’t really matter , does it?
    If the car looks more the part of a daily driver with 170k or 270k or 370k……miles, after 55 years

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  6. Dylan Wills

    I think the sure way to tell would be to do a partial teardown into the suspension components. I wonder what the bushings look like, and the bearing surfaces wear patterns say?

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  7. Kjeld Varnsen

    It wouldn’t be too hard to authenticate whether any parts had been changed. For example, look at the hose clamps and see if they are original, look at the belt, check that all bolts had the proper plating process.

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  8. David Barber

    I’ll just say as for the 70miles pull a friggin bearing cap. As for it being a Vette and I’m not a chevy guy, but I’d bid on this one!!!!!

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  9. Peter

    How about checking the date code on the tires? if it really is 70 miles, then they should be the original tires too. But I’m not buying it – the tape on the seats looks well worn and used too. if it really at for that long with 70 miles, when did the duct tape get put on the seat, and how is it that it is obviously well worn also?

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  10. Dan

    If I remember right The valve cover bolts were staggered on early small blocks…Hard to tell but looks like a later Engine…Obviously the tires have been replaced…Looks like orange overspray on the back of the fan on the shaft…And even with 70 miles should not the intake be discolored in the center where the exhaust gas port feeds heat to the choke? Pull a brake drum that should settle it…between the bearings and brake condition you should have your answer…I believe it is 10070.0…Still sweet anyway…

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  11. Tom Butters

    “70 miles,” my patootie. Shredded gelcoat, duct tape, askew door panels. Tires should be hard as wood. Check hoses, pedal pads, carpet. It can’t be that hard to dismiss the claimed mileage.

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    55 years neglected and exposed to the elements, it doesn’t matter the mileage, this car needs total restoration to be driven.
    Once restored the “original” charm is gone, and then, each mile you drive it will cost some serious depreciation.
    Maybe interesting as a piece of conversation

    Axel Caravias

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  13. Jeff

    Documentation will determine the bid. The history, story whatever is much needed to make a difference between a 30K fraud or a 130K or more find.

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  14. paul

    The interior door panels look pretty good as compared to the rest of the interior. I agree the duct tape is hard to swollow, but they say the passenger seat belt, isn’t worn, but what about the other? Of course the only way to answer all this is to see it in person, that said, the car is basically intact, all chrome is all there, as well as everything else, accept as JD points out some shielding is missing, but I don’t see that. It all goes back to the same thing with me, who goes out to buy something like this, then park it behind a barn after only driving it for 70 miles?

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    • paul

      Oh & the hub caps & tires look new in the photo & the brake shoes look thin but I don’t remember how thick they were, new.

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  15. Larry

    Sorry, just can’t believe it 70 miles. Looks like to me like somone started to do a body on restoration and ran out of money or intrest. If it was sitting outside for 50 years there would be alot more surface rust on the the metal parts and lot’s of spider webs. Just can’t believe it.
    We all have a hard time looking past the DUCT tape !!!!

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  16. Larry

    One more thing, did they duct tape 50 years ago???

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  17. Johnd

    Yep, seats don’t get duct taped until after YEARS of hard use . .

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  18. Rick L.

    I agree with JD and Paul. There should be verticle ignition shielding over the plug wires and more shielding over the spark plugs. Where are the pics of the soft top? In most states it is easy enough to do a title search and discover a lot from previous owners. I am very skeptical about this one, although it would be a great restoration project car. I love the old vettes and would like to own this one.

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  19. Rancho Bella

    Even “if” it has 70 miles……….so what. This looks like a pile of worn out bits. I don’t quite understand that if the mileage is correct what then? Stand around it and look at duct tape because it shouldn’t have more miles added.

    Just like on Shark Tank…………”I’m out”

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  20. Dan Farrell

    The mechanical odometers are easy to manipulate to reduce or eliminate mileage so it is the least reliable method for determining actual miles driven.

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  21. g schwarz

    Typical Mecum………

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  22. twwokc

    Lets see, you buy a new Corvette, drive it 70 miles and then park it? Outside?? No way.
    Disregarding the 70 mile claim this looks like a pretty nice Corvette, Just bid accordingly.

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  23. Jack

    I grew up the son of a used car dealer in the 50’s and 60’s and my father taught me how to pick a speedometer. Trust me, the odometer is not a reliable way to determine milage…

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  24. NO WAY

    70 miles my behind its 170k for sure just look at the duck tape on the seat tells it all !!

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  25. TVC15

    I agree with all the coments about the speedo , never believe them , you need solid documentation to back up this crazy milage claim , and why is the passenger seat back a different colour than the drivers seat back ? I would love to see the car in the flesh

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  26. T. Pat

    I’m not buying any of those claims w/o seeing authentic documentation . The car would have to be put through a through inspection. however it looks like a complete 1960 vette.
    Based on the photos 35K tops. However, accoording to the Mecum site the mechanicals look good and there is documents. If is is legit 70-80k Depending on how much you want it and how much you are able to put into it.

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  27. Gnrdude

    What a LOAD, The odometer Undoubtedly was replaced at some point Very early on during the LIFE of the car. This Car has WAYYYY to much Wear to hold the Mileage it claims. The Seats REALLY give it away the car has at least a few thousand miles on it. Plus you can see where parts have been Mixed & Matched. Typical for the CRAP the Mecums want to shove down buyers throats with more $$$$ than Knowledge of what there actually buying.

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  28. Horse Radish

    on the topic of Mecum :
    what auction house would you take your car to, that eliminates buyers by charging $100 or more to bid ? (and then sale price it ’til Nov. 1 ??)
    I guess in the big scheme of things that will keep out the looky-loos, but it’s the principle….and a buyer’s fee and and and.
    ……and 3/4 of the cars don’t even sell

    in this particular case:
    How much can we insult the potential buyers’ intelligence and get away with it.

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  29. FRED


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  30. TMP

    The fact that it sits amongst Ferraris screams odometer fraud. I would say that only about 10% of 3x8s have their true mileage reading on their odometers…..I would like to see a good pic of the pedals and any other control surfaces that would show wear and tear hidden from the elements. Really wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

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  31. Torre's Chris

    Most likely they unplugged the speedo when new to keep the miles down to use it as a trade in later and get a good trade in value.

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  32. Mark

    No way. Look at the exhaust manifolds. No freggin way. Can’t believe the auction house isn’t questioning this. They should be. They should be held as responsible as the seller making the statement that this has 70 miles. Oh, but of course they want as much commission as they can get.

    Buyer beware baby.

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  33. Don McCrea

    In Arizona sits a 65 convertible that has sat there since about 1970 as I remember, its is in direct sun all day long a not for sale sign on it. I was raised in the area that its in and from time to time drive by it and almost cry at the site of what was a pristine car. Now it is just a pile of fiber glass and rig top. Looks nothing like this jewel. Its now hidden from site but is still in the same spot. I would love to bid on this car, but I don’t buy into the scam of 70 miles. Regard Don

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  34. 2vt

    Sorry, all you nay sayers. I was at the Mecum Auction in Anaheim and I had my hands on this car. I opened the drivers door and can tell you the push button door handle, the door latch mechanism, window mechanism and the door hinges felt brand new. I then turned the steering wheel back and forth and there was not only no play, it was perfectly smooth. While the carpet, seats and plexiglass were NFG, the pedal pads looked new and there was actually no wear on either the seats, carpets or knobs or anything. I then looked under the car to see if there were oil leaks or and signs that the car had traveled down the road and it was perfect. In fact, I even checked the oil dip stick to make sure there was oil in it (there was). I did notice that one thing was disconnected (drum roll please) the tach-drive is driven off the back of the generator and was disconnected. I thought at first that it was the speedo cable and had an “ah Ha” moment but sorry, it’s real and it sold for $70k.

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