’70s Gasser: 1931 Chevrolet 5 Window

Someone started building one mean gasser back in the ’70s. They started with a nice all steel Chevy 5 window, they then added a V8 and a Jaguar independent rear suspension. And for whatever reason, they stopped working on it and left it in their barn. It’s been removed from the barn and needs a ton of work. Not only does it need to finished, but it likely needs some restoration work for sitting. That being said, it would be one cool machine once put together. You can take a closer look at it here on eBay in Thousand Oaks, California.

Here is the V8 engine that was added. It looks looks like a 283 to me, but I will let those of you who know more about engines weigh in on that. Whatever engine it is, it looks like it is going to need some work before it will be running again.

I’ve seen plenty of hot rods with Jaguar rear ends installed. It’s a novel upgrade that not only give you an independent rear end, but also in board brakes. It looks like this one is in good shape and likely hasn’t seen many miles since being installed.

I really like the looks of this hot rod, but it’s going to need a lot of work just to be a driver. That’s alright though, these are relatively simple to work on and you can build it how ever you like. Personally, I’d try to get it going with what’s already here. Get the engine going, replace any cracked rubber bits and install an interior. That’s just me though, what would you do with it? Oh and I wonder if any of their other cars are up for sale (specially that Pantera)?


  1. Chuck Sibio

    3 PANTERAS ! Mamma Mia Henry !

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  2. Eric Hare

    It’s a cool car, but for $17,500 it needs a lot of work. He didn’t mention if the engine ran, or even turned over.
    The Pantera looks like it will be for sale one piece at a time. You can buy the wheels right now for $5,000.
    He also had a 58 Triumph chopper on a rigid frame, with a springer front end for $6,900.
    I would have to take all of the money out of my monopoly game to buy any of this.

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  3. Rod

    Nice looking project. They have put considerable time and effort into this but will have a hard time getting that much for it in present condition. I think they should either finish it or consider lowering the price. Love to see what it looks like when done. Might be a 327.

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  4. Joe Haska

    Its not that bad ,but probably overpriced. Appears to also have jag IFS also, this is 1970 hot rodding at its best, and we found out it wasn’t the best. These cars infrastructure was all wood. That was why Fords were a better choice. If the SBC is good it looks to have a trans, so lots of parts for the money. Question is what is a fair price, I don’t think 17K, to finish it will still be a money pit, especially if you don’t do most of it yourself. Then you have as much in it as you would a 32 Ford, but the re-sale is not there, so if you love it and want it, same old story, knock your lights out. Just don’t think you are going to make money!

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  5. Kevin

    Gasser? I think not. Jag rear points to a 70s Street Rod build.

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  6. Dan10

    The engine needs to be set back at least 6 inches to run a fan. Lots of work needed for that amount of money.

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  7. M/K

    Like Kevin said, street rod. That jag irs would not hold up under extreme launching over and over. If I had to bet on the engine i’d say a 350 just by the exhaust manifolds and the thickness of the harmonic balancer.

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  8. 70kingswood

    I like it but it certainly is no gasser. looks like its been a rod since the 70s with the Jag suspension work, as others have said. I think it is fair to say all gassers are running a straight axle or at least lifted in the front,

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  9. RandyS

    That’s a mid 70’s SBC (balancer, ex maniolds, accessory heads) likely from a truck. Those rear wheels are from the mid 80’s

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  10. Andrew T. C. Wilson

    OH man …
    I want that Pantera…

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  11. Andrew T. C. Wilson

    No … I need that Pantera .. In my life …

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  12. whippeteer

    Definitely not a gasser. As somebody said, with the jag suspension, it’s a typical 70s or early 80s street rod. Tilt steering column too.

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  13. Steve

    You can have the Pantera, I want the old ford…..

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