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70’s Street Racer: 1965 Ford Mustang

1965 Mustang Street Racer

This crazy custom Mustang supposedly tore up the San Jose street racing scene in the seventies! Some proof of its past antics would be nice, but even if that can’t be provided, I love this thing! It’s been chopped and flared and the seller admits that there’s probably fifty pounds of bondo holding the body together. Still, it would be fun to bring this Stang back to its former glory and see if any old racers remember it. It’s located in Hayward, California and can be found here on eBay for $4,500 or best offer!

Side Profile

Here you can see a better shot of that chopped roof line and multiple spoilers and scoops. It’s doubtful that any of these tasteful mods actually made this pony any faster, but boy, do they look cool! The rust in the bottom of the doors – not so much. Nothing that a couple of junkyard doors couldn’t remedy though.

Engines Out

Wait, where’s the hot engine? Oh, yeah. It’s still sitting in the backyard where the seller found the car. They can get it for ya if you want though… Apparently, there used to be a souped up 351 in there with two four-barrel carburetors on top! Sounds like a lot of carb to me, but that’s how the street racers did it back then. Dontchyaknow?

Duck Tail

Checkout that duck tail spoiler! It created some much needed downforce during those high speed midnight runs. Sure, the huge fender flairs probably counteracted it all, but they were needed to cover the huge tires. Hey, wait a minute. I thought this thing raced Tully road in San Jose. So, what’s up with the Oregon plates?

Custom Interior

Wow, if you thought the exterior was wild, then you should get a load of the inside. Just like the race cars of old, there’s diamond pleated vinyl everywhere! The Pontiac shifter made banging through the gears a breeze during those boulevard drags and the tiny deep dish steering wheel was perfect for those twisty canyon roads. Well, at least there’s a couple of dune buggy seats in there and a full roll cage to protect you just in case something goes terribly wrong.

Hood Scoop

This Mustang may look more Mad Max than street racer, but this custom creation does have a cool vibe about it. It’s probably a good thing it’s not closer because I’d be tempted to drag it home and attempt to make it drivable again. I doubt it would win any street races today, but I bet it would turn more heads than any body kit wearing Honda ever could!


  1. PaulG

    Someone (NOT ME…) Should bring this back to it’s former “Glory”…
    Being a child of the 70’s, this was considered cool; at the time.
    Hey, Gassers are back so why not!

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  2. rdc

    Would have to a period restoration and a labor of love.

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  3. flmikey

    ….junk….with a capital JUNK!!!!!

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  4. Don

    I have seen some cool 70s customs and this is not one of them .

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  5. grant

    This is why the 70’s can never be allowed to happen again.

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  6. Scott Miller

    If my wallet was a little thicker I would have it

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  7. jaygryph

    Oh man…that thing in flat black, with wire mesh over the windows and machineguns bolted to the hood. Oh I’d rock it like a hurricane.

    Even have a 351 W and dual four tunnel ram sitting around! If only!

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  8. That Guy

    I need to save these pictures on my phone, so I can whip them out any time I hear some old fart (ie, someone of my generation) dissing today’s kids and their hot-rod Hondas. They sure aren’t the first ones to have questionable taste in car modifications.

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  9. jaygryph

    They make no mention of a title or vin number, there’s not one listed so I’m going to guess this is a pure race car at this point. You’d either need a donor car, or you likely just won’t be able to put this back on the street if the vin tag is gone.

    That car’s real rusty underneath and in the doors, and having had a lot of bondo cars from oregon, there is not going to be much left of that roof skin after water sat under the body filler.

    Much as I love that cars knife fighter looks, It’s price is pretty out there for what it is. The chop is cool as heck, but there’s also no mention of if it has working side glass.

    Don’t really forsee this one selling on ebay for them. Who knows, I’ve been wrong before.

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  10. John H

    I’d bet there’s a lot more than 50 pounds of filler on that thing. Love the pic showing the big chunk missing from the front “bumper.”

    File this to “what were they thinking (smoking?).”

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  11. whippeteer

    There are other, real ugly, “customs” out there…

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  12. Spridget

    Not very fast, but it makes purists furious.

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  13. Dolphin Member

    Maybe, but it’s been up for almost a week at $4500 and no takers. Would that happen if it were stock and in half decent condition?

    Maybe the market is full of only “purists”. Or maybe the line “The engine is sitting in the backyard we got the car out of, if you want it let us know” is just a little off.

    Whatever it is, something about this just isn’t working. It looks to me like the market has spoken, so far anyway.

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  14. Rando

    Just think – in it’s day it would have been a “hot ticket” – today’s hot ticket rods are pro touring and Pro Street isn’t too far in our collective rear view mirrors. I admit the older I get the more I like original,, but this one should be returned to it’s former customized glory. A set of wide tires and some period Vector wheels or minilites or something. Cloean up the body work with modern methods and materials. Paint it something fairly period but outrageous. Recent issue of HotRod had a 68 Charger that has the “today” version of these mods. It’s the ticket right now, but our kids will be looking at it wondering what they were thinking.

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    • grant

      Pretty sure WE’RE looking at it wondering what they were thinking!

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  15. brakeservo

    Love that bungee cord holding up the drive shaft – true “Billy-Bob” engineering at it’s finest!

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  16. Brian

    I’d be willing to bet a guy named Todd drove this… Picture it, it 1976, he’s in his 3rd year as a senior in high school, always has a pack of Marlboro reds in his torn jean jacket pocket, revs the engine to impress the freshman girls….

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  17. Dan h

    Personally, I dig it. Love the interior. Needs too much work but still, cheesy cool!

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  18. Doc

    70 Cuda in the back ground, Hemi orange

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  19. Steven C

    This thing is awesome. It needs slot mags asap.

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  20. roger

    Cool Car.

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  21. tugdoc

    Something went terribly wrong but the roll bar didn’t help! Tell me the rear bumper isn’t under the bondo and paint? True zombie car.

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  22. stillrunners

    The engine set back has me a little….this is no different than the 50’s when hot rods were home built and ran against Detroit’s finest newbies off the production line.

    At the time this was built the same could be said….the frame is tied together well and the 351 was a bad mother – maybe it was a Boss 351….anyway forget the bondo and just be glad it didn’t blow your doors off…

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  23. Steve B

    Once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it.

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  24. Anthony D Straughn

    That car is a 66 that took 2nd place in 07 at the mustang national show in mustang ok I sure miss her it started her new life as a 500 dollar back yard find when it was done it was completely rust free a drove faster and rode better than it ever did when it was new

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  25. David meichelbock

    Heck I would take it if they gave it to me

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  26. Mike Williams

    It reminds me of the Mustang in the movie Cherry 2000 with Melanie Griffith. <3

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  27. AW240Z

    I’m afraid not even 6 Fingered Jake wouldn’t touch this…….

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  28. RoughDiamond

    I think it’s kind of cool actually. Visibility could certainly be a problem for anyone over 6 feet. Someone on “Street Racing Outlaws” needs to do something with this.

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  29. scooter8

    turn heads? how about my stomach?

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  30. Robert_B

    JUNK, and the asking price, lunacy. There was a bare body [photo above] with top chop just like this for sale in Oregon for 300.00 and it stayed listed for months and no one stepped up. Probably went to the crusher. I am a mustang lover and lover of old cars but this one needs to be recycled via crushing. It does need to be saved digitally [photos] though so we can show people in the future what not to do to a car.

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